Person,                Letter,                Face,                Knife,                Scared,                Bestinlife,                Beautiful,                Intime,                Loveyou,                Dontknowyou,                White,                Black,                 Free Image
1 year ago 800×875 Public Image

Jz #person #letter #face #knife #scared #bestinlife #beautiful #intime #loveyou #dontknowyou

  1. Rykia

    Rykia 1 year ago
    This would be an amazing message if it weren't for the other pic about leading a girl on with you friend and not caring about her feelings...that could be the person with the knife. But even then, this is true-and thank you honestly- it reached me in time. ({})

  2. Jz

    Jz 1 year ago
    It means the absolute world to me to know that this helped someone. I know you are strong enough and I love you (({}))

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