How do I get my Public designs featured on "Stream" page?

On our Stream page (PixTeller Homepage) you can only find the public designs that are approved by PixTeller Administrators.

In order to get your design published on the Stream page, you have to make sure that your design is public, appealing to the public at large and doesn’t contain explicit adult materials, offensive or illegal content.

Why make your design public?
PixTeller is not only about creating, but also about inspiration. Like you, many of our users share their graphics with us or their family and friends for inspiration, fun or feedback. This can also be great if you want to promote or advertise a product through your designs.

All public design are indexed by Search Engines. Make your design Private and it will only be visible to you.

If your design is approved on the Stream page and you edit or move it from Public to Private, your design will be removed from this page.