Why use PixTeller instead of a regular design software?

Why choosing PixTeller instead of other design app? Here are some specific benefits of using our product:

  • Time saving – no software installation. You can create any design you want directly from your browser, without using additional software to edit them.
  • Money saving. You can use our app for free with the PixTeller watermark, or you can easily upgrade your account to Pro at the lowest cost on the market and copyright your images. Just imagine how much money you can save by using PixTeller, instead of hiring a designer for business or commercial purposes. We can all agree that some designers charge too much and you can end up paying lots of money on designs that don’t meet your expectations.
  • Easy to use. The key features of our service combines our Editor performance and easy to use functions. We have a great variety of templates and public graphic images that you can use to create your unique designs.
  • No technical or design skills. Anyone can benefit from our product and service, either they have the technical and design skills or they don’t, just by using and customizing any template or public design with PixTeller Editor to create engaging images, from social media covers and banners to graphics for print.
  • Fun. Use funny quotes, pictures, the fonts and colours you want in order to customize your designs according to your preferences and needs.

We are continuously working on improving our services and products, so that PixTeller will remain one of the most powerful design tools available online, as it is today.