Getting started with PixTeller Editor

We built the PixTeller Editor mainly to help people create their own amazing designs in the easiest and fastest possible way.

Not all of us have technical design skills, therefore, we didn’t built PixTeller just as a design tool, but also as a great source of inspiration.

All PixTeller designs are created based on the engagement between the world, mind, spirit and culture.

Here are the main Editor sections you must acknowledge before you start making your own designs:

  • Work Area
  • Header
  • Top section
  • Right section
  • Right click
Main editor panels/sections

Work area
Here is where your design is displayed and you can find the Design Page area, which includes all elements that you use in your design, like the shapes, texts, images, groups and more.

On the Editor header you can find the Title input, Design status option (Public or Private) and the Save Design button.

Top section
The top menu can be found just under the Editor header. This section includes the most common functions you can apply to your design elements using the the icon buttons: Clone element, Delete, Order, Rotate, Opacity, Align, Flip, History (Undo, Redo).

Editor top menu

Right section
On the right section you will find most of the Editor functions: Page properties, Shapes, Photos & Graphics, Text, Drawing, Groups and also the Zoom options.

Right click
You can speed up the design process by using the right click over your design elements or design page, that will quickly redirect you to the Editor main functions.

Understanding the above functions will smooth the design process, so that you can create a bunch of engaging images, social media covers, banners, graphics for print, or any other design with PixTeller.