How can I fix an error which caused PixTeller to stop working?

The PixTeller Editor can stop working due to your local settings and/or configurations of your computer. It could also be a result of your network preventing PixTeller from working properly.

Below, you have compiled some information where you can find the solution to your problem:

  • Personal Internet firewall or antivirus software could block your access to PixTeller. Please try allowing access to in order for these programs to stop blocking the PixTeller website.
  • If you are using a public Internet connection (like the ones in schools, libraries, restaurants, etc), the upload or save files options might be blocked. You will have to ask for help from someone who works there.
  • Try refreshing your browser. If you can clean your browser’s cache, please do so and try again.
  • If you are using Firefox, please disable add-ons like NoScript, Flashblock, Adblock. These add-ons might cause PixTeller editor not to work properly.