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  1. Design in cloud

    Forget about installing expensive software!

    PixTeller is a way to improve and simplify the design process from start to end, so anyone can create images for personal or commercial use without having technical or design skills.

  2. Customize any template

    Lack design inspiration?

    Forget about installing expensive software! Check out PixTeller's easy-to-use premade templates!

    The best part is that you can sort and filter by category, colors, orientation and others for design templates that will be easily narrowed down to your preferences.

  3. Download your images

    Save and make the most out of your PixTeller designs!

    Download as JPG, PNG, GIF or PDF files and use them in any scope you want!

  4. Gradient colors

    With PixTeller, you can set beautiful gradients to your design images!

    Go to our Editor page and click on the "Color Square" (Change Color Button) under the "Page Properties section".

    Select between our solid, linear or radial gradients and get an outstanding look for your designs!

  5. Smart resize

    Have you created an amazing Facebook cover, but would also like to use it on Twitter and the sizes just don't match?

    As always, PixTeller anticipated your needs and came up with the best solution: the "Smart Resize" function.

    Go to "My designs" section, choose the design you wish to resize and click on the "Use" button.

    Starting here, you will just have to click on the "Smart Resize" function that you can find under the "Page Properties" section and simply choose a new format for your design.

    Save it and share, download or print!

  6. Multipage attributes

    Want to create a photo album or business presentation and more?

    Once you choose to create a new design or customize an existing one, you will be redirected to our Editor page.

    In the right side of your design, you will find the "Add new page" or "Clone page" options.

  7. Over 100,000 shapes

    Go to the "Shapes" section you will find on our Editor page and click on the "Heart" button to search for the best shape that perfectly fits on your design.

  8. Over 1,000,000 images

    Need a representative image to start your design idea from?

    With PixTeller you can search and choose from a great variety of beautiful free images.

    Go to our "Photos and Graphics" section on our Editor page, click on the square to add an image and search for the one that best fits your idea.

    Also you can even upload your own photos.

  9. Best fonts

    The most popular and cool fonts for eye-catching images!

    Click on the "Text" section you will find available on the right side of our Editor page. Add your text and click on the "Fonts" section below, then search or scroll through our cool collection of fonts.

    Also you can even go to "My fonts" sections and upload your own fonts.

  10. Unique text properties

    Apply unique text filters like:
    Circle, Concave, Convex Mode and make your graphic images remarkable.

  11. Masking techniques

    PixTeller's masking technique allows you to crop your pictures into various shapes.

    So many amazing shape layouts to frame your images and create unique designs!

    Go to the "Photos and Graphics" section on our Editor page, select a picture you like, click on the "Mask" option and choose the perfect shape to frame your photo.

  12. Clipping crop

    Have you faced this situation when you ruined your design image while trying to resize it?

    With PixTeller clipping-crop function your photos will look great at any dimensions.

  13. Use/Edit anytime

    With PixTeller you can easily add or remove a design item and give your graphics a fresh new look!

    Just go to "My designs" page, choose the graphic you want and simply click on "Edit" or "Use" buttons.

  • 7,000 Templates Easy to Customize
  • 30,000 Designs to Get Inspired & Use
  • 100,000 Happy Users
  • 1,000,000 Photos & Graphics
  • 100,000 Customizable Shapes

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