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It's so intuitive that anyone can use it. PixTeller animated logo maker helps you create engaging and unique custom video animated logos for your business or personal brand.

With the help of our free logo editor, there is no need for complicated software or technical skills to create an animated logo. Browse and use any of the pre-made animated logo template, customize them by choosing from thousands of fonts, shapes, colors, and even update the video motion timeline.

The final result will be a logo animation, downloadable as MP4-video or GIF format.

Animate Your Logo

Increase Your Brand Visibility and Turn Eyes with Animated Logos

Be one step ahead and use animated logos to catch your audience's attention. Animate your logo with the help of the most used, free animated logo maker.

Use your animated video logo on your social media channels and double your audience engagement. Download your custom logo as an animated GIF and embed it on your website, blog, or online shop. You will impress your customers and users.

The Best Pre-Made Animated Logo Templates Easy to Use and Customize

If you're not sure where to start from, you can browse through our carefully created collection of animated logos, select one, use and customize it. Change words, colors, fonts, filters - switch to animate mode and change the element frames properties.

Once you save and render it, you'll have an animated logo downloadable as an MP4 video or GIF format on any custom size.

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4 Steps to Animate Your Logo

  1. Select a Pre-Made Animated Logo Layout

    Browse through our hundreds of professional premade logo animation templates and pick the one closer to your business brand needs by pressing the Use button. The logo animation editor will open and you'll be ready to start the personalization.

  2. Change Words, Colors, Shapes, Fonts and More

    Customize the selected logo animation by adding your own company name and slogan. Also, you can adjust the text size, letter spacing, position and even add your own fonts. You can put in or replace any shape by choosing from over 100.000 customizable shapes from our editor.

    Don't forget to add your own branded colors and give a personal look to your logo animation.

  3. Check the Logo Animation Timeline

    Once you've finished the design process, switch to animate mode. Check the timeline and modify it if you have to. You can change the motion between frames and even update the acceleration type.

    Between two frames with different properties, a video motion is created, and this is how you can make your own logo animation. It's everything you need to get your ideas up and running.

  4. Save and Render to Download Your Logo Animation

    Once you've finished customizing and animating your logo, you can Save and Render it. The rendering process may last a few seconds to minutes depending on the animation length, resolution, complexity and your internet connection.

    Download your animated logo in video or GIF format to easily embed on your website, blog, email header or just share it on social media.

  5. Note: Using PixTeller animation logo maker tool allows you to create custom motion for your logo. How? By customizing the animation timeline. If you already have a logo, you can add it on the editor as PNG, and change the frame properties to make beautiful video motions for it - by doing this you can animate your pre-existing logo.

Animated Logo Maker

  • Animated Logo Layouts

    Professional Animated Logo Layouts

    You can pick and "USE" any editable animated logo template that fits your needs. Customize them to perfectly fit your visual preferences.

  • Shapes

    100,000+ Shapes

    Search for the best custom shape that perfectly fits for your animated logo, directly from PixTeller Editor.

  • Frame by Frame Timeline

    Frame by Frame Timeline

    Create custom, frame by frame tailored animations using the PixTeller Animated Logo Editor timeline. Any video motion is automatically created between two instances.

  • Unique Text Properties

    Unique Text Properties

    Which filters can make your logo animation words look great?

    Letter spacing / Line height / Text Shadow / Text Border / Warp / Concave & Convex

    Along with many more useful filters that will make your animated typography unique.

  • Download as MP4 video or GIF

    Download as MP4 video or GIF

    Save the animation as MP4 video or GIF, depending on your needs. Any of them can be shared on social media or embedded on a webpage.

    Also you can quickly set a new size for your animation on download by keeping the aspect ratio.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of animated logos can I make?

    With PixTeller animated logo maker, you can create a video brand identity for any type of business. You can make GIF or Video logos for your website, shop, band, restaurant, education, automotive and many more.

    You have over 100.000 customizable shapes available that can be combined in unique, abstract animated logos, animated mascots, etc.

    Also, with our animated logo maker, you can create unique video motions for your text, or colors like curved text motion, circle or triangle video effects, and even advanced animated motion scenes.

  • Where can I use my animated logo?

    With Pixteller Editor, you can use your animated logo on your social media channels, blog, website, online shop and even on your branded email header to impress your viewers, increase conversions, engagement and sales.

  • Can I use the animated logo maker for free?

    Yes, you can create your own animated logo with us for Free. All it takes is a few minutes and no previous experience needed.

    For users that need constant animation editing and more advanced features, there are premium plans, PRO and DIAMOND, that provide unlimited access to the editor. You can find more details about each plan on the pricing page.

  • Can I edit my animated logo after the download?

    Yes. You can edit, modify or use your animated logo whenever you want. Just click the Edit button, make the changes on the design or video timeline, save and render them.

    If you want to keep the original version of the initial animated logo, just click the Use button.

  • In which formats can I download my animated logo?

    You can download your animated logo as MP4 video or GIF. MP4 has the highest quality and works on all social media channels and can be embedded on any website.

    GIF has a lower frame rate, resolution and quality, but it is a fun way to embed it as an animated logo on your website, blog, email header or online shop.

  • Do I have the full usage rights for my animated logo?

    All video logos created with PixTeller animated logo maker can be used for commercial purposes, without legal issues, as long as the fonts and other elements like shapes, icons or illustrations included are from PixTeller's database or from verified sources.

    All our resources have a CC0 license so are safe to be used by anyone. For your own materials added via the animated logo maker editor, you are personally responsible.

  • Can I animate my own pre-existing logo graphics?

    With PixTeller animated logo maker, you can easily animate your existing logo in just a few clicks.

    For the best experience, upload your logo in the editor in PNG format and start changing each frame properties and filters for amazing video motion effects.

    Any old logo you have can be modified and transformed into an awesome, fresh one using a frame by frame animation, then rendered and downloaded it in video or GIF format.

  • Can I share an editable version of my animated logo?

    You can share your animated logo with others by providing them the source URL. They can USE it as a template and start their own movie logo based on your design.

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Animated Logo Maker

  • Theresa T.
    Theresa Blogger
    PixTeller saved me by adding the animations. I can now save a lot of time, and create great logos for my customers in their editor. Animated logo maker
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    Sendy Designer
    I needed a tool to help me animate my logos and graphics. PixTeller is the one that any designer should use. It's super simple to use and the animations are unique in the market. Animated logo maker
  • Danny D.
    Danny Promotional marketing
    An amazing editor that helped me generate more traffic by converting my logos and images to animations. Animated logo maker

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