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Instantly create your own, splendid posters with PixTeller's free online poster maker! Choose from over 100 stunning poster templates to effortlessly create amazing posters, or start from scratch and create plenty of new looks.

Pick any pre-made poster template, change words, replace photos, change colors, save, and you will have your unique, custom poster that is ideal for your goals. You don't need additional, complicated software programs to make beautiful poster designs. PixTeller is all you need!

Make Your Own Poster

Create Astonishing Posters in Minutes with PixTeller Free Poster Maker

Design awesome posters for print, online shops, websites, blogs, emails with PixTeller poster maker tool. No design experience is needed, it takes minutes to create and save, and then simply download your own posters in PNG, JPG or PDF format - it's a walk in the park!

The Best Poster Templates Ready to be Personalized

Have access to hundreds of stunning poster templates for any occasion - parties, quotes, events, invitations, and you'll have your custom poster ready in minutes if not less. Just select the one you like, and modify it as you wish.

No need to worry about losing your poster elements, all your files like photos, illustrations, fonts, design source will be stored securely in the cloud and will be available at any time.

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What are the 3 Steps to Make a Poster?

  1. Choose a Professional Poster Layout

    With PixTeller, you can find hundreds of unique poster templates. Browse and select the poster that matches your desires, or find one for the special occasion coming soon, by pressing the Use button.

  2. Update Background, Words, Images, Shapes, Colors and More

    Once the poster maker editor is open, you can easily update the background color, add your own words, change the photos, shapes, colors and more, all to suit your requirements.

    Don't forget to add your own message or a logo to give your poster a personal or branded touch.

  3. Save to Download, Print or Share

    Press the Save button and your personalized poster will be ready to download as a PNG, JPG or PDF format. Also, your poster will be available for Use or Edit at any moment and any device. Don't forget to share it and go viral.

  4. Note: You can use PixTeller poster editor to design your own poster from scratch by combining photos, words, fonts, colors in a beautiful way.

Poster Maker

  • Photos & Illustrations

    1,500,000+ Photos & Illustrations

    Choose from a great variety of beautiful, free pictures and illustrations, and add them on your poster. You can also upload your own photos.

  • Shapes

    100,000+ Shapes

    Search for the best custom shape that perfectly fits for your poster, directly from PixTeller Editor.

  • Image Clipping Crop

    Image Clipping Crop

    Resize your photos at any size without ruining the aspect ratio. Change the picture's clipping position by selecting one of nine predefined points.

  • Custom Fonts

    Custom Fonts

    On Pixteller Poster Maker, you have over 120+ free fonts available, ready to be used along with the option to upload your own fonts.

    You can also use special fonts like Arabic, Chinese or Hindi.

  • Layers


    Each element is a layer that can be either locked into position, made visible or hidden.

    You can also change its position in relation to the other layers - above or below them. You have total control over your poster's design elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use PixTeller to make posters for marketing?

    Yes, you can. With PixTeller poster maker tool, you can make any type of promotional material that perfectly fits any of your business or personal needs.

    The only limit is your imagination, but get a blast of fresh inspiration from our many free poster templates to help you get started.

  • What is the recommended poster size?

    For online marketing purposes, we recommend using the 800×1200 pixels size. This size is ideal to promote your business and events.

    If you want to have a printed version of your marketing work, you can use a bigger size as a starting point, and this means using 8.3×11.7 inches.

    You can find pre-design poster layouts for both sizes.

  • Can I share an editable version of my poster with others?

    You can share your poster with others by providing them the design URL. They can USE it as a template, and start their own poster based on your design.

  • Can I use my own branded elements in my poster design?

    Yes, you can. Simply upload any picture, logo, font or replace the existing ones directly in the poster maker editor, and you can brand any of your visuals, and make it look as you want.

  • How to make a proper and attractive poster?

    People are attracted to visuals that have a powerful impact and send a strong message. In order to ensure that your poster will blow viewers away, you need to use images and content that are meaningful and valuable to them.

    PixTeller has thought of everything and has you covered, as it provides hundreds of professional poster templates in order to achieve great results with less time and effort.

  • How can I make a multiple page poster?

    It's very easy. Open our poster maker editor, and start from here. Then simply use the menu located on the right side of the canvas in order to add / clone or remove pages. You can use the pagination from the right, or you can scroll down to access them.

    Also, from the same editor menu, you can easily change your poster page order.

  • What are the most common formats to download my poster?

    For the best quality, you can download your posters as PNG as all major social media sites and browsers support this format. If storage space is an issue, you can download your posters as JPG and not notice the quality loss.

    If you want to print your poster, or if it has multiple pages, we recommend to download it as a PDF file.

4.8 out of 5 stars

Poster Maker Reviews

  • Arth D.
    Arth Entrepreneur
    Pixteller is very good for beginners and has loads of features to create beautiful images, posters, animations and other kinds of marketing posts. Poster maker
  • Spoorthy A.
    Spoorthy Designer
    Amazing tool to make posters and animations. By far the best tool to make posters for your social media and blog posts. Poster maker
  • Frank M.
    Frank Small business owner
    Easy to use poster maker. The images are royalty-free, so I can find an appropriate image for my posters without having to spend additional money. Poster maker

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