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Combine photos, text, and shapes to create your own custom collages in minutes with PixTeller online collage maker. It makes everything fast, free, easy, and you open it directly from your browser.

With so many pre-made collages templates, shapes, photos and unique filters, our collage maker has cover all your collage's needs. No design skills are necessary to create a stunning photo collage in minutes! An image is worth a thousand words, so you're equipped to make your photo collage priceless.

Create Photo Collages for Free

Boost Your Pictures for Free with PixTeller Photo Collage Maker

Design beautiful picture collages that tell stories and keep memories alive, with the free PixTeller photo collage editor.

This easy to use photo collage editor lets you upload your pictures and create a beautiful and nicely fitted collage photo for free. Use unique filters and effects for your image, change colors with just a few clicks - make it pop or make it look retro - and impress your audience with your own awesome photo collage.

  • Online Collage Maker Tool

Custom-Made Photo Collage Templates Ready to be Customized

If you're looking to have your own collection of pictures into one single image - you can browse through, use, and personalize any of the hundreds of pre-made collage photo templates that PixTeller collage editor provides.

Just replace the predefined pictures with your own, save and you will have your own photo collage ready to be shared on social media or downloaded in PNG, JPG or PDF format.

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Make a Photo Collage in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Choose and Start With the Perfect Collage Layout

    Browse PixTeller's gallery of free templates and find a professional collage layout that you like. Click the USE button and start modifying it to create the custom collage photo you want.

  2. Customize the Collage Layout with Your Own Photos

    Using PixTeller collage maker, you can easily and rapidly add and replace the pictures with your own.

    You can also add amazing effects to the images and even customize your photo collage with your own personal messages, icons, logos and more. Get creative!

  3. Save to Download, Share or Print

    Save your present photo collage and download it in PNG, JPG or PDF format. If you want, you can share it with your friends or family online, or maybe you prefer to print it and have a beautiful photo on your desk.

    You also have available an editable version of your personalized photo collage at any moment on any device.

  4. Note: With PixTeller collage maker, you can create a photo collage from scratch in minutes. Just choose the desired size, add your pictures, resize and position them, then choose a nice background color that will fit as a border. Lastly, save and you'll have a single design that combines all of your favorite photos.

Collage Maker Features

  • Professional Made Layouts

    Professional Made Layouts

    You can pick and "USE" any editable collage template that fits your needs. Customize them to perfectly fit your visual preferences.

  • Photos & Illustrations

    1,500,000+ Photos & Illustrations

    Choose from a great variety of beautiful, free pictures and illustrations, and add them on your collage. You can also upload your own photos.

  • Clipping Crop

    Image Clipping Crop

    Resize your photos at any size without ruining the aspect ratio. Change the picture's clipping position by selecting one of nine predefined points.

  • Folders


    Organize your collages in folders and subfolders, so it is easy to find any of your visuals. Copy or move multiple designs at a time, in any pre-created folder, to track your work with ease.

  • Photo Effects

    Photo Effects

    Preset photo effects to beautify your collage pictures - Vintage, Old Boot, Nostalgia are just some examples. Also, you can always adjust the brightness, hue, saturation or lightness values of your photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I make my own photo collage, online and free?

    You can create a Free photo collage with PixTeller collage maker tool. It is very easy to use and has many picture collage templates that you can start from, so your work will only take a few clicks to finish.

    There is a limit of how many free photo collages can be created in one month as a free user. More details can be found on the pricing page.

  • Can I use other elements beside pictures in my photo collage design?

    To make a photo collage that is well framed, you can use different shapes to achieve the desired result. Using Pixteller collage maker you can add your own messages styling with beautiful fonts, colors and filters.

    You can also add other funny elements, like hearts or flowers, to enrich your images.

  • In which format can I download my photo collage?

    For best quality, you can download your collage photo as PNG. JPG is another option if you need a smaller sized file, but it has a small loss in quality.

    For multiple pages collages, we recommend PDF as a download option.

  • Can I share an editable version of my photo collage with others?

    You can share your collage photo with others by providing them the design source URL. They can USE it as a template and start their own photo collage based on your creation.

  • Can I use my own pictures in my photo collage design?

    Yes, you can upload your own images and graphics to create your unique photo collage.

  • Can I change the background of my photo collage?

    Any element of your photo collage can be changed. The background is the easiest one.

    You can replace it with any of our over 1.5 million free photos and graphics, or simply upload your own. Or maybe you just want a simple colored background. Either way, the choice is yours and you're free to explore.

  • Can I customize each picture used in my photo collage design?

    You can change any picture from your photo collage with ease. Select one from our database, or upload your personal images, to make a beautiful family collage photo.

    Also, you can apply nice effects or change each image's filter values.

  • What is the perfect dimension for my photo collage?

    The perfect dimension for your photo collage is 1080×1080 pixels. This will work on any social media sites if you wish to post it and also is a good choice for print.

    With PixTeller editor you can make photo collage posters (800×1200 pixels) or photo collage card (1200×630 pixels).

    Also if you want a custom dimension for your photo collage, you may select any preset size or enter the desired values into the width and height page properties inputs, from the collage editor.

4.8 out of 5 stars

Collage Maker Reviews

  • Silvia
    Silvia CFO
    I use PixTeller because of the ease it is to make such quality collage images for the products I need. It is a time saver and it gives me professional graphics every time. Collage maker
  • Dean H.
    Dean Manager
    A very useful program for a variety of uses - website, picture editing, collages and social media posts. ie Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. A handy editor and organizer. Collage maker
  • Pradipta C.
    Pradipta Founder Director
    I use it mostly for collages. The images library is big, with such nice templates. In a single word, it is an awesome tool for every business. Plus, the text designing section is innovative. Collage maker

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