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Highlights of our program
  • 50% Lifetime Commission

    You'll receive a 50% LIFETIME commission each month for everyone you refer via your affiliate link. Each referred user will be bringing you the commissions as long as they keep their subscription active.

  • Payments via PayPal

    Direct commission payment to your PayPal account sent at the beginning of every month. You must have a valid PayPal email address to join the PixTeller affiliate program.

  • 90 Days Cookie for High Conversions

    More than 75% of users who subscribed to one of our premium plans decided to do so within the first 20 days after signing up. This means that if someone purchases later, you still get credit.

  • No Approval Process

    You will be automatically approved as an affiliate after register so you can start promoting PixTeller right away. Just copy the link you'll get in the affiliate program dashboard section.

+2.500.000 Designs
Made by over 370.000+ Happy Users

Astounding Benefits

PixTeller Editor is a powerful, user-friendly tool to create images & short animated videos for social media, digital ads, websites, blogs, print materials, covers, headers, business & more.

It's used by people & small businesses who need visual assets - from teens to marketers from the digital industry, bloggers or website owners, small and medium enterprises.

  1. PixBot

    PixBot will shape the design world by automatically creating image & animated video templates that anyone can use and customize.

  2. +100,000 Templates

    You can pick and "USE" any graphic image template that fits your needs and personalise it according to your preference.

  3. +5,000 Animations

    Choose any premade animated video template and customize it easily with PixTeller Editor to create awesome GIFs & Videos.

  4. 1,500,000+ Photos

    Search and choose from a great variety of beautiful free photos and illustrations. Also you can even upload your own photos.

  5. 100,000+ Shapes

    Search for the best shape that perfectly fits on your images or animated videos directly from PixTeller online graphic editor tool.

  6. Gradient Colors

    Select between solid, linear or radial gradients and get an outstanding look for your visuals! You can even make images with transparent backgrounds.

  7. Animation Timeline

    Make videos or animated gifs using our animation editor timeline. Between two instances a video motion is automatically created.

  8. Inspiring Features

    Clipping Crop · Folders · Multipage attributes · Smart resize · Custom fonts · Unique text properties · Amazing filters

4.7 out of 5 stars - More reviews
  • Kathleen
    Kathleen Sundance On Success Founder
    I love Pixteller photo editor! I use it every day for my business and personal needs. It's the best online design program in the market! PixTeller image editor & animation maker
  • Sebastian
    Sebastian Online shop owner
    PixTeller I'm addicted to this online graphic software! A must for writers and bloggers who want beautiful pictures & short animated videos for their posts. PixTeller image editor & animation maker
  • Olly
    Olly Social media marketer
    PixTeller simplify the design process from start to end. Making pictures & animated gifs has never been easier before! PixTeller image editor & animation maker
Frequently Asked Questions
  • [1] What is PixTeller's affiliate program?

    PixTeller affiliate program helps you make money by placing our tracking text, link, or a banner on your website, blog, or any other web spaces. By doing this, we allow anyone to earn money passively.

    We're continually creating new layouts, adding new features, tools, and content, so there's a lot of stuff to get your readers jazzed about.

    Everyone like website owners, bloggers, social media publishers, marketers, and online forum moderators, all have the opportunity to make a passive income through PixTeller!

  • [3] How much can you earn?

    We pay you a 50% ongoing annual or monthly lifetime commission until the customer cancels his subscription. It also applies to any current promotion we have.

    ▸ $72 for the Diamond Annual plan
    ▸ $9.5 for the Diamond Monthly plan

    ▸ $42 for the Pro Annual plan
    ▸ $4.5 for the Pro Monthly plan

  • [6] Are there any restricted affiliate activities?

    Any abuse, gaming the system, or generally questionable behavior will result in banning your PixTeller account.

    Self-referrals are not allowed. The point is referring to new people - not a way to get a discount on your own account.

    Using misleading or incorrect information (non-existent discounts,etc.)

    We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of our affiliate program at any time.

  • [2] How it works?

    You must sign up to get your own dashboard, keep track of traffic, leads, and conversions. We provide logos, banners, images, content, or any advice, basically everything you need to start promoting PixTeller!

    ▸ You can email us any time at support[at]pixteller[dot]com

  • [4] What you get when you partner with PixTeller?

    ▸ You get your dashboard to keep track of traffic, leads, and conversions.

    ▸ Receive a 50% lifetime commission each month from every person you refer!

    ▸ Support, advice, logos, banners, images, and everything you need to start promoting PixTeller - drop us an email. on support[at]pixteller[dot]com or use the contact form.

  • [5] When do I get paid?

    Payouts are made on or before the 20'th of every month, regardless of the amount.

    Affiliate commissions are approved within 30 days. There is a minimum delay of 30 days before accepting pending commissions (to account for any refunds since we have a 30-day money-back refund policy).

  • [7] When the affiliate cookies expire?

    Our affiliate program depends on cookies to properly track referrals. The person you are referring must have cookies enabled for you to get credit for the referral.

    The referral cookie life is 90 days. If a user purchases the product after 90 days since the first referred visit, the conversion won't be tracked anymore.

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