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About us?

It's actually about you, about us empowering you.

About us helping you unleash the power of your imagination through beautiful and creative designs.

Still, we do have a great team and a "PixsTory" to tell. Even though we are a small team, we are all talented and passionate about our work.

Meet the people on our team

Yes, we are a great team. Not because we work together, but because we are driven to perform above and beyond our limits, to expand our vision and creativity.

This is how PixTeller started!

You often hear the same story about successful startup entrepreneurs and investors who believed in their million dollar ideas. Not PixTeller, we did it ourselves!

Someone had the vision and then we came together because we believed in how we can optimize and why not revolutionize the design field across the globe.

  1. Alex Alex

    Remember we told you that "someone" had the vision? From his bedroom, in Romania, by the end of 2013.

    Well, let us introduce you to Alex, the founder and CEO of PixTeller.

    Besides sharing his vision, he drives PixTeller's overall business strategy. Being a Technology lover, he started coding in high school and now he is one of the best designers and web developers out there.

    Along the years, he experienced both success and failures.

    Alex first designed PixTeller to create Picture Quotes & Posters. Then, he realised that people need a better, faster and easier tool to create graphic designs - not just for fun, but for business or commercial purposes also. This is how one of the best online design tool was born.

    When he is not working on building the next generation of design tools, he is most probably riding his bike in the deepest forests around, exploring the unknown (space, aliens) or spending time with his family and friends. Interesting guy, isn't he?

  2. Florin Florin

    They say that every believer needs a follower. And this is Florin, who believed in PixTeller's great potential and decided to join our team at the beginning of 2015.

    In his journey of becoming the developer he is today, Florin was eager to learn and get involved in PHP projects, starting from scratch and having great results. Behind the PixTeller's interface, there is remarkable PHP and JavaScript clean code written by Florin.

    When he is not coding on PixTeller, he likes to spend time with Iuli (his wife), his awesome little boy and let's not forget about Thor – the dog! Happy guy!

  3. Anton Anton

    Anton was the missing piece to our puzzle. Since he joined our team at the beginning of 2016, he stood up and found the best solutions for our Editor, turning our ideas into reality.

    Anton started developing web applications in 2012 and has his own mobile app on Iconic-Angular. He also made a plugin for backbone. Needless to say, Javascript is almost native language to him.

    Besides his passion for coding, he enjoys exploring new cities, islands and civilisations, along with his wife and his two awesome children.

  4. Georgiana Georgiana

    Georgiana is the youngest member of our team. Despite her early age she’s keeping up with the other members and her assignments.

    Her job at PixTeller is to manage all social media profiles and to maintain connections with different publications and bloggers. Currently she’s studying Communication and PR in her final year and she also loves to plan business events for The Grape Business Hub, in Iasi.

    Being such a busy girl doesn’t stop her from spending time with her close friends and family. "I am happy, responsible, forever young and a dog lover!"

  5. Oana Oana

    Oana went to the George Enescu University of Arts of Iasi and furthered her studies at the Bucharest National University of Arts. She proceeded to work in advertising, as an account executive, while still being involved in creative decisions and design.

    With a penchant for online marketing, alternative fashion and dark fantasy, she started her own online affiliate store geared towards promoting edgy and elegant apparel.

    She joined the Pixteller team as a designer and she loves every minute of it. She's also kind of into wine - not saying that to make her appear more human, just FYI.

Perfect blend of creative and technical people who helped and stayed with us:

  1. Marian Marian

    Marian started working with Alex since 2007. From software to computers to servers, he offers great support to the team in regards to any issues or server errors.

  2. Silvia Silvia

    A great team member to PixTeller since its very beginning, Silvia always finds the best solutions to any financial or legal issues. She is the best adviser on how to invest and helps us comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

  3. Andra Andra

    Andra started working with Alex in July 2016. Even though one of the last to join the team, she is the first when it comes to communication, copywriting and marketing.

  4. Irina Irina

    As a Java developer with strong developer skills, Irina offers great support to the team from early stages. Naming the Editor "PixTeller" was actually her idea (first name was - Image-Burner).

  5. Smurf Smurf

    Yeah, you guessed it right. That's his nickname and he got it from his PapaSmurf tattoo. When he is not gazing at PixTeller tests, analytics or marketing tools, you'll find him exploring the surroundings, capturing perfect moments and people in beautiful pictures with his camera.

  6. Ovidiu Ovidiu

    Ovidiu started working with Alex in 2007, on different web applications. He was one of the main developers of the first version of PixTeller Editor. Even though he couldn't get involved full time in the project, we can always count on him.