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Bring life to your idea and use pre-designed graphic templates to turn words, photos and illustrations into marvelous images and animated videos in minutes. Use our free design tools to create, download, share - anytime, anywhere and blow your readers away with beautiful visuals.

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Photo Editor

The world's most powerful online graphic design editor design.

Easily use & customize any design and give your photos a fresh new look at any moment! NO design skills or technical knowledge required.

Animation Maker

Animation editor tool to make animated videos, banners, social media posts, video stories and download them as video or gif.

Triple conversion rates by using GIFs & Videos - a Gold mine for any content creator or online marketer.

  1. PixBot

    PixBot will shape the design world by automatically creating image & animated video templates that anyone can use and customize.

  2. +100,000 Templates

    You can pick and "USE" any graphic image template that fits your needs and personalise it according to your preference.

  3. +5,000 Animations

    Choose any premade animated video template and customize it easily with PixTeller Editor to create awesome GIFs & Videos.

  4. 1,500,000+ Photos

    Search and choose from a great variety of beautiful free photos and illustrations. Also you can even upload your own photos.

  5. 100,000+ Shapes

    Search for the best shape that perfectly fits on your images or animated videos directly from PixTeller online graphic editor tool.

  6. Gradient Colors

    Select between solid, linear or radial gradients and get an outstanding look for your visuals! You can even make images with transparent backgrounds.

  7. Animation Timeline

    Make videos or animated gifs using our animation editor timeline. Between two instances a video motion is automatically created.

  8. Inspiring Features

    Clipping Crop · Folders · Multipage attributes · Smart resize · Custom fonts · Unique text properties · Amazing filters

+2.500.000 Designs Made by over 370.000+ Happy Users
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  3. Digital Trends - "Newly redesigned web app aims to make social media graphics simple"
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  • Kathleen
    Kathleen Sundance On Success Founder
    I love Pixteller photo editor! I use it every day for my business and personal needs. It's the best online design program in the market! PixTeller image editor & animation maker
  • Sebastian
    Sebastian Online shop owner
    PixTeller I'm addicted to this online graphic software! A must for writers and bloggers who want beautiful pictures & short animated videos for their posts. PixTeller image editor & animation maker
  • Olly
    Olly Social media marketer
    PixTeller simplify the design process from start to end. Making pictures & animated gifs has never been easier before! PixTeller image editor & animation maker
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At PixTeller, we know a better way you can make your own graphic images & animated videos, and its faster, easier, and not-at-all complicated. Choose from hundreds of free pre-design graphic templates, professionally crafted, easy to use and customize with the help of our image editor and animation maker tool.

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