7 Web Design Mistakes that Will Lead Your Business to a Disaster

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You can't really succeed in life if you don't make any mistakes. It's just necessary, it's part of life. A mistake is a vital part of experimentation, of curiosity. In order to advance and achieve results, you need to make mistakes. Note that if you are curious, if you are experimenting, then you will be making mistakes.

However, some errors really are problematic, they can be so serious that can actually sink your business. Rarely do they sink it instantly? Rather, if you accumulate these same mistakes over time if you just let them fester, not even thinking about minimizing them, about removing them entirely from your business dealings and your company system.

7 Web Design Mistakes Be creative and make marvelous images for your website
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Today, we will be dealing with mistakes that pertain to web design. Letting the below mistakes happen over and over again, or not resolving them the moment you notice them can spell disaster. So for this reason, we suggest you check out the article below.

1 Not thinking about on-site optimization

Remember that your website isn't just its physical, graphic elements. For example, you need to work on metadata. Tags, keywords, slugs, snippets, and much much more. Now, this can be overwhelming, but with some practice, you should get it under control.

Namely onsite optimization can account for 25% of your traffic. That is huge! Imagine such an increase in your profits, your paycheque? Then why would you let your website lose that much traffic?

Staying thorough with things like these, or hiring someone to help you, is vital for any further success.

2 Not utilizing psychology in web design

You might be thinking...
What does psychology have to do with your business and your website?
Well, a lot, honestly.

Namely, our choices are all informed, they are affected by our psychology. The very reason we like certain things, to a greater or lesser degree, can be understood through analyzing our psychology, how our brains work.

So, things like choosing the right color can be a good choice. For example, the color red is the color of aggression, while bright yellow can be inviting, joyful. Light blue is the color of energy, its electric, it gets people moving. Deep reds and browns will, on the other hand, will slow people down.

3 Giving people too much choice

The agony of choices. Also known as paralysis by choice, this is an all too common phenomenon caused by well-meaning website owners. Namely, when people face too many choices, they will freeze, they will come to a decision much more smoothly, or not at all.

The agony of choices when it comes to web design

For example – let's say that you have several shopping options on your website. People, however, find it very difficult to make a choice because – what if they make the wrong one? There are so many options, all of them look enticing, and they become overwhelmed with the information and the options.

We advise you town it down on the options, or simply try to get it expertly set up so that they have clear and simple data and categories.

4 Disregarding speed

Another grave mistake is simply forgetting about speed. Namely, speed is a vital part of any website. If it takes too long for your website or pages to load, people will simply move on, take part in some other website, and ignore your hard and dedicated work completely.

When speaking with the guys from web design Sydney company, they point out that loading speeds matter... a lot.

We suggest you do some changes, like getting better hosting, and minimizing the size of your images, among other things. Don't forget you can always use PixTeller online photo editor to resize and optimize your visuals.

5 Copying someone completely

Listen – it's one thing if you learn from somebody else. It's vital you understand things completely before they emulate them. However, going too far means you will lose yourself in the mix. On one level, you can end up with copied content, content that is stolen. This will just get you in trouble with Google.

However, on another level, you will be lost yourself in a sea of identical companies and stores. You need to stand out, to carve your own place in the market.

6 Ignoring feedback from users (or not getting it at all)

Get feedback about your website

You need to regularly get feedback from users. In fact, you need to get as much information on how your website is doing as possible.

There is only so much you can figure out yourself, there is only so much you can do on your own. So, if you receive any feedback or comments from your users, you want to actually apply it.

7 Beware of perfectionism

If you focus too much on your website, on trying to be perfect, you will fail. While this entire article is actually about not making mistakes you will invariably make them.

In fact, perfectionism has its own dangers and issues, no matter how useful it can be. So, try to keep an eye on it, work your best to avoid it.


And there you have it folks – the core mistakes when it comes to web design. These mistakes by themselves are problematic, but not the end of the world.

However, if you let them fester, if you let them get way out of control, then you will get in trouble. Your efforts will pretty much end up being null and void, and retracting the work you did will become necessary.

Until next time, Be creative! - Pix'sTory made by Nick Brown

Photo & Animation Maker

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