Free Icons - Full List of Websites Where You Can Download Them

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This article is the top free stock icon website where you can get free icons, png images, graphics, and illustrations for all your visual projects.

Free Icons - Full List of Websites Where You Can Download Them Animate your icons with DanceLogo and download them as a GIF

Nowadays, most of the current licenses require attribution of the original author (the BY component), which consists of citing the author's name, the work's title, the specific CC license of the work, and mention if this is a derivative work or adaptation.

If you're looking for icons, png images, graphics, and illustrations to use for a design or video animation and want to keep yourself out of copyright restrictions, you need to locate websites that explicitly define the copyright for each of their images. There are two types of license you're likely to find on most of the sites:

  • 1. Creative Commons Zero (CC0): you can use the icons in any scope you want without any attribution.
  • 2. Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY): allows you to distribute and re-use the icons, illustrations, as long as you follow the license condition. One condition is attribution, which means that you have to make sure that the original author is appropriately credited.

Below you will find the top free icons websites where you can get free icons, png images, graphics, and illustrations for all your visual projects. Most of them are free! *HOWEVER, you must check to see:

  • • what license the icons are released under and how that means they can be used (creative commons [of which there are several types] vs. public domain vs. that website's own standard free license);
  • • if you need to buy an extended license for commercial purposes;
  • • if you need to credit the original artist with a backlink or something else;
  • • what you can and can't use the icons, illustrations for (e.g., not able to be used for a gambling site or something).

The icon website list below is ordered by the number of visuals you can find, traffic and relevance.

  • 1. FreePik

    FreePik screenshot

    FreePik it's by far one of the biggest websites for free vectors, stock photos & PSD downloads. On FreePik, you can explore millions of high-quality visual content: illustrations, photos, icons, mockups, and presentations templates, but also charge a monthly subscription for premium resources.

  • 2. FlatIcon

    FlatIcon screenshot

    On FlatIcon, you have access to over 2,500,000+ free vector icons, downloadable in SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS format, or as ICON FONT. FlatIcon website is the largest database of free vector icons in the world. For premium downloads, you need to subscribe to a monthly paid plan.

  • 3. PNGTree (search 'icon')

    PNGTree screenshot

    PngTree provides a free download of png, png images, backgrounds, and vectors. Millions of high-quality free png images, PSD, AI, and EPS Files are available for download without attribution as a free or premium account.

  • 4. Vecteezy

    Vecteezy screenshot

    On Vecteezy, you can choose from over a million free vectors, clipart graphics, vector art images, design templates, and illustrations created by artists worldwide! Created by the world's most talented design community, all the icons and photos are fully guaranteed images for personal or commercial use.

  • 5. IconFinder

    IconFinder screenshot

    The Iconfinder website is one of the leading search engines and market place for vector icons in SVG, PNG, CSH, and AI format. For premium resources, you need to pay a monthly or yearly fee.

  • 6. Icons8

    Icons8 screenshot

    If you need a good place to download icons, photos, and UX illustrations, you may try to Icons8. Unlike designer marketplaces who resell the files, Icons8 produces the content. They tag it and create the custom tools to keep it at hand. Also, on Icons8 for unlimited access to the resources, you need a premium monthly or yearly plan.

  • 7. TheNounProject

    TheNounProject screenshot

    TheNounProject websites have over 2 million curated icons, created by a global community. TheNounProject is not totally free, you need to add credit to have access to all resources.

  • 8. IconArchive

    IconArchive screenshot

    On IconArchive, you can search through more than 500,000 free icons. You can browse icons by category, artist, popularity, date, organize, and share your favorites directly on the IconArchive platform.

  • 9. GraphicBurger

    GraphicBurger screenshot

    The GraphicBurger website is a tasty design resource made with care for each pixel. All the icons are free for both personal and commercial use.

  • 10. IcoMoon

    IcoMoon screenshot

    IcoMoon provides a package of vector icons and a free HTML5 app for making custom icon fonts or SVG sprites. On IcoMoon, you can browse among thousands of perfect pixel icons or import your vectors.

  • 11. IconScout (search 'free icons')

    IconScout screenshot

    On IconScout, you can browse over 2 million+ high-quality Icons, Illustrations, and royalty-free stock photos. You should search for "free icons" to see only the free collections available on IconScout.

  • 12. Pixeden

    Pixeden screenshot

    Pixeden is hard at work, providing quality premium and free web resources and graphic design templates.

  • 13. MaterialDesignIcons

    MaterialDesignIcons screenshot

    The MaterialDesignIcons collection allows designers and developers to target various platforms to download icons in the format, color, and size they need for any project, with no attribution for free.

  • 14. IonIcons

    IonIcons screenshot

    Ionicons is an open-sourced and MIT licensed icon pack that free to be download and used for any personal or commercial project.

  • 15. PixTeller (inside the app)

    PixTeller screenshot

    Search for the best custom shape that perfectly fits for your personal or commercial project, directly from PixTeller Editor. You can set the size, color event combining shapes using the PixTeller editor. There are over 100,000 icons available.

  • 16. FreeIconsPNG

    FreeIconsPNG screenshot

    On FreeIconsPNG, you can find and download daily updated free icons and png images for your projects. All icons are free to use for personal or business projects.

  • 17. IconMonstr

    IconMonstr screenshot

    On the IconMonstr website, you can find over 4000 icons in 300 collections. IconMonstr it a free, monstrously big, and continuously growing source of simple icons run by one creator. All the icons are free to use for any commercial or personal project.

  • 18. FindIcons

    FindIcons screenshot

    On FindIcons, you can search on over 500,000 vector icons. You can download and use them in ICO, ICNS, or PNG format, and multiple sizes are available.

  • 19. FeatherIcons

    FeatherIcons screenshot

    FeatherIcons is a collection of simply beautiful open source icons. Each icon is created on a 24x24 grid with an emphasis on simplicity, consistency, and readability. They can be downloaded only in SVG format, and are free to use for any personal or business project.

  • 20. DaFont (search 'icons')

    DaFont screenshot

    DaFont is one of the biggest font resources, but you can also find fonts who embedded characters as icons. This is great for websites and apps by loading just one file and have access to multiple icons.

  • 21. IconsDB

    IconsDB screenshot

    On IconsDB, you can search through more than 4000 free icons. IconsDB lets you customize and download icons, browse icons by category, and download as ICO, ICNS, PNG, GIF, or JPG.

  • 22. screenshot claim to be one of the largest databases of free icons available for download in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, and BASE64 formats. On FreeIcons, you'll find a wide selection of icons in various styles, sizes, formats, and Themes. All icon sets are completely free for personal and commercial use.

  • 23. Fribly Icons

    Fribly Icons screenshot

    On Fribly, you can find inspiration and resources from all around the web, as well as toolbar icons, social media icons, OS icons, pixel icons, web icons, vector icons, and many more, downloadable for free.

  • 24. Fontello

    Fontello screenshot

    Fontello is a tool to build custom fonts with icons by selecting from a huge collection of free icons. The final result is great to use it if you want to embed icons on your website or web app via one single file.

  • 25. IcoFont

    IcoFont screenshot

    IcoFont is an icon font application that contains 2000+ icons in a single font. Download the font for free or build icons bundle and download custom build font. It's free to use on your web-based projects.

  • 26. Iconspedia

    Iconspedia screenshot

    Iconspedia is one of the best selection of high-quality free icons. On Iconspedia, you can search for any icon you need or browsing on their predefined categories like animals, art, brands, business, cartoon, computer, food, games, holidays, internet, media, movies, nature, objects, phones, sport, and more.

  • 27. LinearIcons

    LinearIcons screenshot

    Linearicons is the highest quality set of line icons, matching with minimalist UI designs in iOS. The Linearicons icon pack was designed on a 20x20 grid with a lot of care, resulting in crisp and pixel perfect icons. Both free and premium versions are easy to use in any platform, including Web, iOS, and Android.

  • 28. DryIcons

    DryIcons screenshot

    On DryIcons, you can find over 5000 high-quality web and vector icons in 77 Icon Sets, and more than 1700 vector graphics for designers and developers. All the resources are downloadable for free with or without author attribution, depending on the set.

  • 29. IconShock

    IconShock screenshot

    IconShock website has a collection of over 2 million stock icons and over 800+ icon sets. Over 400+ icon sets in more than 30 styles, including Flat, Material, iOS, Glyph, Colorful, Window 10, Revamped Office, 3D Realistic, Isometric, and more! For premium download, you need a yearly or lifetime subscription.

  • 30. 1001FreeDownloads

    1001FreeDownloads screenshot

    On 1001freedownloads, you can download free vectors, photos, icons, fonts, wallpapers, and more. You can also explore curated icons by categories like animals, buildings, business, Christmas, computers, flags, food, games, Halloween, health, holidays, kids, love, mascots, music, nature, objects, and objects. social, sports, technology, transport, travel, Movies, vintage, and more.

  • 31. VisualPharm

    VisualPharm screenshot

    On VisualPharm, you have access to over 400,000 free icons available for download in SVG and PNG format. Most of the icons are free to use.

  • 32. Game-Icons

    Game-Icons screenshot

    On Game-Icons, you have access to dozen new symbols weekly updated and organized in intuitive categories to offer both a comfy browsing and let room for serendipity. Most of them are great for people who design video games.

  • 33. IconStore

    IconStore screenshot

    IconStore is a library of free vector icons for personal and commercial projects, designed by first-class designers. Each icon pack published on IconStore can be used in personal as well as commercial projects, with no attribution required.

  • 34. FreeIconShop

    FreeIconShop screenshot

    FreeIconShop is a large collection of beautiful free icons in vector formats. All icons are commercially free to use. FreeIconShop icons can be downloaded in PNG, SVG, Ai, or PSD formats.

  • 35. EndlessIcons

    EndlessIcons screenshot

    EndlessIcons is a free and small icon library only with solid colors downloadable in PNG and SVG format.

  • 36. Entypo

    Entypo screenshot

    Entypo is a suite of 411 carefully crafted premium pictograms by Daniel Bruce. All icons can be used for free, with no attribution required for any personal or commercial projects.

  • 37. IconDeposit

    IconDeposit screenshot

    At the IconDeposit, you can post your icons, designs, code, and screenshots to promote your work and gain new clients. You must signup to download the icon sets.

  • 38. RoundIcons

    RoundIcons screenshot

    On RoundIcons, you will find over 40,000+ Icons of all styles for your apps, software, and websites. For commercial use, you must buy the premium icon pack, but also a free pack is available from the header menu.

  • 39. Illustrio

    Illustrio screenshot

    Illustrio is a smarter icon library. You can build something great with 100% customizable Illustrio icons. All icons are 100% free to use and downloadable in SVG or PNG format.

  • 40. Zondicons

    Zondicons screenshot

    Zondicons is a set of free premium SVG icons for you to use on your digital products. Whether you're designing a social application, a music player, a content editor, or need a detailed map, Zondicons has every icon you will need.

  • 41. MobiriseIcons

    MobiriseIcons screenshot

    MobiriseIcons is an open-source and 100% free icon font and SVG icon set for web design. You will have access to 150 elegant, pixel-perfect linear icons downloadable in SVG format for free. You can use this icon font with any of your projects, and you don't have to pay for it! It's totally free.

  • 42. IconBros

    IconBros screenshot

    On IconBros, you will find over 8000 free icons grouped in 190+ collections. All the icons are solid and can be downloadable in SVG or PNG format for free.

  • 43. Jam-Icons

    Jam-Icons screenshot

    Jam-Icons made by Michael Amprimo has 890+ free handcrafted, pixel-perfect icons to make your website awesome. Vectors, icons, JavaScript, and Font are also available. You download or use them directly from CDN.

  • 44. Icon54 (Free Trial Pack in Menu)

    Icon54 screenshot

    On Icon54, you will find over 2,000+ unique icons for iOS, Android, and Website. All Icon54 icons are drawn by the best designers around the globe.

  • 45. Free-Icon-Rainbow

    Free-Icon-Rainbow screenshot

    Free-Icon-Rainbow is a website for icon materials, where you can download icons for business use. Downloaded materials can be used for webpages, apps, and DTP designs!

  • 46. ICOJam

    ICOJam screenshot

    ICOJam icons are notable for the high quality of drawing and grace. It's easy to scale icons to any sizes or adjust outline weight with vector scalability to adapt them to your project needs. ICOJam created the first outline icons using patterns to indicate the icons' texture, form, or color. That makes them more detailed and interesting.

  • 47. CreativeTail

    CreativeTail screenshot

    On CreativeTail, you will find crafted creative icons and design resources made by the best designers worldwide. Most of the icon sets or design materials are downloadable for free.

  • 48. SmashIcons

    SmashIcons screenshot

    Smashicons is one of the world's largest and most complete icon set with over 200,000 icons for designers and developers. Smashicons comes in 8 styles, and you need a premium account to access all Smashicons resources.

Final thoughts

You can use the PixTeller graphic editor and edit or modify any icon, illustration or picture you find above. If you think we missed an icon website, you can mention it in the comments below.

Combining any icons, png images, graphics, and illustrations from the above websites on PixTeller editor tool, you can easily design: engaging social media images, stunning social media animations, promo visuals for local businesses, animated GIFs, logos, animated logos, video thumbnails, animated banners, flyers, posters, event visual graphics, or any other images and animations for clients.

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