How to Discern Graphic Design Ideas for Inspiration

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How to Discern Graphic Design Ideas for Inspiration Make marvelous graphic images in minutes using PixTeller graphic maker

Coming up with graphic design ideas can be one of the biggest struggles in a designer's life. Inspiration is always seen as the most important role, and it is. But it's not some magical power that just suddenly creates ideas out of thin air. Inspiration is an entire process that designers use to brainstorm ideas. Top designers understand that they must sometimes drag along when stuck with a problem.

Seeking inspiration for ideas sometimes means that artists must study their target market and its expectations for hours. But everyone has a different method of finding inspiration, so there is no one-size-fits-all method here. However, there are some fundamentals that will help everyone.

Before moving on, here is one single piece of advice that all artists of all genres must follow. Inspiration is fleeting, and it has the habit of rearing its head when we least expect it.

So, when inspiration does hit, make it a point to write down those ideas right then and not wait. Smartphone technology makes this easy, but fleeting inspiration is easily forgotten. But when you make a note of it, then it can be recalled and taken into full tuition.

Importance of Graphic Design

Of course, some businesses that are having trouble with finding graphic design ideas will hire an outside provider like the Back Office Pro team to help. But if you want to do this yourself, then here are a few tips that you can follow to find inspiration.

1 Start with Social Media

There are a lot of social media sites where you can find inspirational ideas – Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr being the top three. You can search by categories, so it's easy to find graphics based on a specific demographic.

Next time you find yourself struggling to find graphic design ideas, then try browsing through these social media sites to find something that sparks your creativity or also you can browse on these magic visual templates very easy to customize directly on your browser.

I also recommend that you start an account on each platform and store your older designs there so that you have a place to browse those as well. Sometimes all it takes is a tiny spark of inspiration to light a fire.

2 Magazines are Also a Great Source of Inspiration

Browse through magazines based on the niche of the design you are working on to find inspirational ideas. In most cases, you will need to stick with design-focused magazines. Remember that they are not limited to print anymore.

Magazines are Also a Great Source of Inspiration

Online magazines are available in just about every niche you can think of. Pay close attention to the fonts and layout used in specific designs. Also, note how certain colors seem to represent different emotions.

You can also keep a scrapbook of your favorite designs to refer to. Evernote is a fantastic program for doing this.

3 Keep a Collection of Inspirational Ideas

Evernote can be a great investment - Top artists collect everything they find inspirational and then use it when they are struggling. So, collect everything you can find in magazines and on social media.

Keep your editable designs PixTeller is a best place to keep your editable designs

Save it in your digital scrapbook. Find websites in various niches to bookmark so that you can fall back on them when you are trying to spark ideas. You can also follow designers on social media for a daily dose of inspiration.

4 Don't be Afraid to Experiment

When writers are struggling with writer's block, experts recommend that they write anyway even if the quality is poor. The same is true of graphic designers. Even when you lack inspiration, don't stop playing around with your tools to create something.

Banner maker editor Experimenting design skills with PixTeller banner maker

Mess around with colors and try different fonts together. Sometimes, this can open the floodgates of our inner creativity. You might not come up with anything worthwhile, so think of it like a runner stretching for a marathon. An artist needs to warm up before their creativity comes out!

5 Talk to Other Designers

We are social creatures and so sometimes the only way to find ideas is to talk to others. Join a few forums and make some friends on social media. Start conversations about specific projects to see what they have to say. They might shed some light on issues that you had not considered.

Talking about a problem that you're having with graphic design ideas can lift some of the weight off your shoulders, leading to higher motivation. Plus getting outside perspective can help you decide whether you should approach the issue from a different angle.

6 Creativity Must be Part of Your Everyday Routine

All artists must live a life based on creativity. It's where they put most of their focus every day. Even when you're not working, it's still a good idea to find short activities that force your mind into sparking creativity.

Creativity - Everyday Routine

For some people, board games and puzzles work wonders. Other people find inspiration in reading books or listening to podcasts. Whatever the case, be sure to set aside at least 15 minutes every day for these types of activities. During this time, shut off all distractions like your phone and Facebook messenger. Just focus on the creative task at hand.

7 Get Out and Explore

Finally, artists depend on a deep-seeded thirst for inspiration. Visit art galleries or travel to gain more knowledge about different styles and cultures. You can also take part in the time-honored tradition of seeking inspiration from Mother Nature herself.

Artists have been using nature to hone their creativity for centuries, so there is no reason it can't work for you. Whatever expedition you choose, be sure to schedule something at least once a week.

Until next time, Be creative! - Pix'sTory made by Juliana Crain

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