5 Concepts for Creating a Persuasive Logo Design

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5 Concepts  for Creating a Persuasive Logo Design

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The logo is the first thing that holds the attention of your clients. It builds the foundation for success and provides you with effective promotion of your services on the market. It's the public face of your product. Therefore, you need to know the ins and outs of creating a persuasive logo design.

Simplicity Is the Key

Simplicity Is the Key

To get the ball rolling, today's viral logos are nothing extraordinary. They aren't those striking images with four overlapping colors and three comic book fonts. It isn't about trends. It's about class and simplicity.

Take your brand name first. Think of a well-known story, image, or concept you can address. Try to find an interconnection between your name product and historical or other references.

An attractive solution would be artistically presenting a mundane thing. However, it might happen that your product doesn't have any connection with already known images. Thus, it's a great opportunity for you to challenge yourself.

If we look at the logo in general, an ultra-streamlined design is widely used. It's made using a sign or letter as an image. However, it won't look persuasive unless it's a famous brand.

For beginners, the first rule is to use simple fonts. They're classy and easy to read. So you kill two birds with one stone.

For instance, look at the classic Nike swoosh. It's a great example of a persuasive and eye-catching logo. You can tell that it's practical without vibrant color or impressive size. It's dynamic, straightforward, and bears a symbolic meaning. And for the promotion of sportswear companies, it's more than enough.

Font Must Match the Brand

Font Must Match the Brand

There are many fonts of different shapes and styles that resonate in various ways based on particular characteristics. But when it comes to choosing a font for a logo, it's vital not only to get a beautiful one but also to make sure that it matches your business field.

For instance, a firm that relates to art needs a creative typeface. On the contrary, a building company needs a serious, traditional typeface that would emphasize its stability and reliability.



Brainstorming is a suitable method of coming up with ideas. However, it would help if you rejected the first thoughts that come to your mind. As a rule, they turn out to be plain and bland. That is why you need to spend more time looking for the right option. You know that already there are millions of cool ideas. So how not copy them?

Visual clichés are your worst enemy. It would help if you refrained from their temptation. It's quite easier to modify something in a model that you've recently seen slightly. No, it's the biggest mistake you might ever make . Though you can notice this quite often, don't do that. It isn't only about the ethical aspect. It's also illegal and clearly dull.

Don't use a stock icon or clipart since the point of a logo is to be unique. Instead, you should get inspiration and come up with an original idea you can share using the catalog of design sites.

Be creative and inventive. Moreover, such a solution distinguishes you on the market. Let's take the Mercedes case. You can see three-pointed star marks enclosed in a circle. It symbolizes the production of engines for the three elements: earth, water, and air.



You should promote the logo gradually. Firstly, it appears on your website, then in the press, and, finally, on social networks. It means that your logo needs to be flexible in shape and size.

Now, think about whether your logo is flexible enough. Here's a checklist to find it out:

  1. 1. It must be vectored
    You'll need this feature to use a large format and high resolution.

  2. 2. Make it square
    These days, it's a must-have for the Internet apps like social media ones. If the logo is more horizontal or vertical, then consider a square alternative format for socials only.

  3. 3. Provide it with alternative formats
    Aside from the variant for social media, make it with the black and white option. Besides, add both orientations for logo combinations, which include signs and captions.

  4. 4. It should be readable
    Your logo should be seen both in light and dark backgrounds. It should also be readable in small and large sizes and not appear out of proportion when scaled.

  5. 5. The images must match each other
    Always check for weird letters' combinations or unsuitable iconography.

The flexibility of your logo can help you establish it on the market for a long time.

Design of One Type Only

Design of One Type Only

To succeed, stick to one of the following types of logo design:

  • Logo
    Usually, it's a stylized combination of letters or numbers made using exclusive fonts. You don't have to use your company name to create a text logo. These can be abbreviations or newly coined words.

  • Emblem
    It's the most common type of logo design, which combines text and symbolic components. The emblem is considered versatile, allowing the elements to be used separately for placement on different media.

  • Graphic presentation
    It's an abstract image. The advantage of such logos is that they are easily perceived and can be quickly remembered. At the same time, they create stable associative connections in the brain.

Choose one type according to your brand and needs.

Final Thoughts

Don't be afraid to spend some time creating your logo. Only a good one will work for your company and attract the target audience.

Besides, it'll help your clients distinguish your products and services from the others. Even if you aren't confident in your abilities as a logo maker, then at least try to determine the path of creating a future video logo using these concepts.


Until next time, Be creative! - Pix'sTory made by Nancy P. Howard

Nancy P. Howard has been working as a journalist at an online magazine in London for a year. She is also a professional writer in such topics as design, IT and marketing.

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