7 Best Product Images Techniques for Your Ecommerce Website

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7 Best Product Images Techniques for Your Ecommerce Website Design your own short videos with PixTeller animation editor & GIF maker

Product images are integral for your ecommerce website. You want to make sure that they adequately show the product that you’re selling. At the same time, you also want it to be appealing enough to convince the customer to buy your items.

To help you get better product images for your ecommerce website, here are seven techniques you should know.

  1. Use High-quality Images

     Use High-quality Images

    When uploading your product images on your ecommerce website, there are some things that you shouldn’t compromise on.

    At Sytian, an Ecommerce Website Developer Philippines, we believe that high-quality product images are integral for any eCommerce website. Your product must be clear as day in your product images.

    Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. If you see a poorly lit, grainy, or blurry photo of the product you want to buy, would you buy it? Definitely not.

    That's why you want to invest in getting high-quality images of the products that you’re selling. You can hire professional photographers to ensure the quality of the product images.

  1. Take Multiple Angles

    Take Multiple Angles

    Don't only show your product from one angle. Take multiple angles of it so that shoppers don't feel like you've misled them about the product you're selling.

    Even if you include the size specifications in the description, it's still best to take a product photo representing how small or big a product might be.

    There are also specific details about the product you have, which you can highlight better if you have taken multiple angles. For example, if you're selling a wallet, you're going to miss compartments and details if you only take one angle of it.

    The right angle might have the selling point that a customer is looking for, so you should take multiple angles of the product.

  1. Remove Any Background

    Remove Any Background

    There are many different background styles that you can adopt for your eCommerce website. However, a reliable one would be to remove any background.

    You can add a solid color background to it or keep it transparent so that you have nothing else but the product to look at. Of course, it would depend more on what you're selling.

    What's excellent about removing any background is that it makes your product images look more consistent. It adds a sleek feel and makes your website look more professional because everything is consistent.

  1. Use a Bokeh Background

    Use a Bokeh Background

    Another background style that you might want to use for your products would be the bokeh background style. If you have a colorful background behind your product, you can use a camera or photo editing to add that bokeh background.

    If you don't know what bokeh is, it's a very blurred, out-of-focus background. A bokeh background best highlights the features of your product while still adding a little bit of something to the back of your product.

    You can certainly use it for your eCommerce website, but with bokeh backgrounds, they're artsy enough to even look good on your ads or social media posts.

  1. Showcase The Product While in Use

    Showcase The Product While in Use

    Aside from showing just the product, it would also be a good idea to add photos of the product while in use. People would be better able to picture themselves using the products that way. Plus, if you're selling something with multiple uses, adding a product showcase image can help clarify how to use the product.

    For example, if you're selling clothes, you shouldn't just leave them on a hanger. Hire a model to wear the clothes as well so that people can picture themselves wearing the clothes. These photos will show how your product looks in a more natural setting or while they're in use.

  1. Shot Items In Each Color

    Shot Items In Each Color

    Nothing is more frustrating than wanting a specific product color, and the product images don't show the color they want. It's not enough that you indicate on the product page that it comes in red or yellow. You should conduct your customers what it looks like with each color it's available in.

    It's a simple change to your product pages that will elevate the experience for your customers. You wouldn't want to lose them just because they didn't know that your product comes in different colors.

  1. Allow Users To Zoom In

    Allow Users To Zoom In

    You want to add a function to your product images on your site that allows customers to zoom in to the product and see the details up close. There might be a specific thing that a customer wants in your product, or you have a high-quality product to highlight its details. With a zoom-in function, you can do both.

    Of course, you must follow the first tip, which is to use high-quality images. That way, when a customer zooms in to the product, they don't get a blurry image. After all, there's no point zooming in if they end up not being able to see the details anyway.

    Since the product images are the closest thing a customer can get to feeling and holding your products, it only makes sense to invest in them. And the product photography tips listed above can help have the best product photos for your online store.

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