What's the Difference Between Logo Design and Branding?

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What's The Difference Between Logo Design And Branding?

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Have you ever used the word "logo design" in place of "branding" during a digital marketing conversation? Are you one of those who consider both the words synonymous? If yes, then it is time to have some nuanced learning!

According to 77% of B2B marketers, branding is crucial for the growth of a company. On the other hand, 42% of consumers report that "a logo is an element that effectively presents a company's personality."

Both the data are convincing enough to understand that branding and logo are equally essential ingredients to excel in the market. However, both terms are not the same and are interchangeable. If you want to know the difference between branding and logo, this article is your perfect spot!

Let's plunge right in to understand the difference and see how you can use both tools to master the market.

What Is A Logo?

What Is A Logo?

A logo is a graphic symbol that combines text and images, which serves to identify your brand and company. It is a direct reflection of brand image and values. Designing a fantastic logo is an essential step towards creating a unique brand identity.

It is the tool that marketers and company owners use to distinguish themselves in a highly competitive market. According to the latest 2021 statistics, "the top-ranked logos are of companies like Apple, Nike, Coca Cola, Mercedes-Benz, and Adidas."

Elements Of Logo Designs

Elements Of Logo Designs

Now that you know a logo design, it's time to understand the seven different logo elements.

  1. [1] Typography
    Typography aims to arrange the letters in a way that they become legible and visually appealing. A logo generally has typography that can range from monogram-style single letters to a short form of the company's name or organization.

  2. [2] Imagery
    Sometimes, typography also involves some graphic symbols and abstract geometric elements. It is known as imagery. For instance, the logo design of Ever South Brewing has topography accompanied by imagery of sunset with a stalk of grain.

  3. [3] Color
    When people subconsciously judge a product, 60% to 90% of the evaluation depends on the colour. The color of the logo is a vital element of your market identity. Want to know how? Planet 2021 reports, "Using a coloured logo design, businesses can enhance brand recognition up to 80%. The figure is startling. Isn't it? The top colors used by some of the most successful logos are blue (35%), red (30%), grayscale (23%)".

  4. [4] Context
    It refers to where the logo designs are going to be applied. Commonly the places are advertising prints, business cards, and online platforms like websites.

  5. [5] Static And Dynamic Elements
    A static logo refers to a graphic symbol that remains the same in all the places it exists. In contrast, a dynamic logo design transforms as per the context.

What Is Branding?

What Is Branding?

Branding is a distinctive marketing practice through which you blow life in your engagement strategies. It is customers' perception while thinking of a specific product and services an organization or company provides.

Branding encompasses both the practical and emotional reactions of customers towards a company. It signifies the "gut feeling" reaction elicited in a customer when he comes across your products. Branding is a wholesome process of establishing a brand.

Elements Of Branding

Elements Of Branding
  1. [1] Mission Statement And Vision These two elements are the base of your branding. A mission is a statement short in words yet elaborate in intentions. It presents the purpose of your company. On the other hand, vision is a snapshot of your long-term goals.

  2. [2] Guidelines-Your Brand Bible Brand guidelines are formulated into a document that supports your business goals, makes you distinctive, and lets you resonate with your audience. It also includes your brand voice, color palette, and fonts.

  3. [3] Logo It is the graphic symbol that becomes a distinguishing face of your organization. According to Forbes, "Playboy earns a substantial part of its revenue from its logo created in 1953. They generated revenue of around $45 million in 2017". Isn't this statistical fact a perfect depiction of the importance of logo design in the process of branding?

  4. [4] Website A website is the digital real estate of your brand. It is where you engage like no other. The website must be beautiful to look at and easy to work with.

  5. [5] Additional Assets It includes event flyers, business cards, packaging of your products, etc.

The Difference Between Branding And Logo Design

The Difference Between Branding And Logo Design

After knowing about the meaning and elements of both logo design and branding, you can infer that branding is an overall process of establishing the image of an organization or a company. It involves several elements like a website, brand guidelines, mission, and vision to create perfect branding.

One such element is logo design, which serves as an essential ingredient to brand success. Logo design is a graphical element that facilitates the visual communication of an organization with its customers.

On the other hand, branding is a broader area that encompasses tangible and intangible aspects. It involves customers' emotional reactions when they encounter any element of a company's branding like its logo, products, website, etc.

You are involved in the process of branding when you create a brand voice. When you run ad campaigns and apply social media marketing strategies to engage, it's branding. A logo plays an indispensable role in making branding successful.

The Functions Of Logo Design In The Process Of Branding

The Functions Of Logo Design In The Process Of Branding

Now that you know the potential of a logo design to make the best out of bucks, it's time to explore the function it serves as a potential branding element.

  1. [1] Identity Of Brand
    A logo designed to reflect your business model's core values helps customers identify your brand. The logo design is a visual part of your brand identity that involves your brand name, values, and personality.

  2. [2] Presents A Professional Image
    An impressive logo helps businesses to foster a professional image on several social media sites. It also makes you look more reliable and trustworthy.

  3. [3] Helps You Stand Out
    In this era, numerous companies stand strong to compete with you. Moreover, due to digitalization, everyone wants to create a dominant online presence. A unique logo helps you stand out and make a significant impression. Using different typographies, colors, and styles, one can create a unique logo. Statistics say, "Colour has its powerful influence. 1/3 of the top brands include blue in their logo designs".

  4. [4] Helps You Foster An Emotional Bond
    When you design a unique and resonating logo, people can connect more intimately with the company or business. It may help you elicit positive emotions in your customers and audiences and among your employees.

Final Thoughts

Branding is a process that assists an organization or business in establishing its wholesome identity with the help of elements such as a website, logo, mission, and vision. Logo design, on the other hand, is one of the crucial elements of branding. It aids with its appealing visual characteristics.

It is a broader concept of marketing a company that encompasses the idea of logo design. An effective logo provides numerous benefits, from creating the brand identity to establishing emotional bonds and standing out in this high competition.

We hope this article successfully conveys the difference between branding and logo design so that you don't interchange words anymore. Also, don't forget to enlighten others who use the words synonymously. And yes! Share your valuable thoughts and queries in the comment section below.

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