30+ Social Media Content Ideas to Boost Your Brand

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30+ Social Media Content Ideas to Boost Your Brand

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With over 50% of the world's population on one social media channel or the other, not actively promoting your brand on social media is a no-brainer.

Social media platforms are growing exponentially as most businesses' most important marketing channels. They are ideal for interacting with customers, learning about competitions, promoting products and services, and building brand loyalty.

Yet, many marketers and brand owners still struggle with the right content to engage their audience, drive traffic to their page, and carve out a unique brand identity.

In the past, what to post on social media was not a significant problem for marketers and brands. But as these platforms developed in leaps and bounds as great marketing outlets, many businesses are now paying more attention to posting the right content.

You might be thinking, how do I promote my brand, get more engagement and boost sales? The answer lies in the type of content you are posting on your social media pages.

In this age of digital marketing, brands are defined by what they post, how they engage their audience and communicate their values.

The over 30 content ideas in this post will help boost your brand and drive more traffic and engagement to your pages. Here we go!

[1] Video


Videos are attention-grabbing and drive more traffic as well as engagement than bland images. Hence, they are ideal for promoting your brand and what it has to offer.

Most social media platforms acknowledge this fact. That is why video content is rampant on all these platforms. Video content is everywhere, from Instagram to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest. That is why video content is rampant on all these platforms.

No matter what type of product you sell or the service you provide, you can always share exciting videos with your audience. Using a product about your brand, you at the office, office dinners, and group sports are all excellent content when put in videos.

[2] Live Videos

Most people would rather watch a live video demonstration of your service or use of your product than read a blog article on the same topic.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat all have options for going live. Always choose the right channel that drives more conversation around your brand. You can make this a regular thing by trying it once a week. This way, your fans are sure to anticipate your next live video.

[3] Company News and Culture

What other way to promote your brand is personalized news and snippets about your company, its people, and its products? Most social media users are there for such information.

With a bit of creativity, you can turn almost any event into exciting news your audience will like to see. An employment opening, a new team member, and a team photo are all newsworthy.

Cultural posts are also important. They show your brand identity and uniqueness. You can share exclusive images of your workplace, your brand logo, and insights about what it means.

[4] Industry News

 Industry News

The 5-3-2 social media content strategy advises that your content should be 50% industry updates, 30% brand content, and 20% personal posts.

The hack here is that you don't even have to create such content from scratch. All you have to do is follow suitable handles, pages of trade publications, and industry experts. You can then share with your audience when they post something you find beneficial and relevant.

[5] Share Your Blog Posts

Most brands create blog posts to educate their customers about their products and drive traffic to their websites. Blogs, however, need massive promotion to achieve this purpose.

Your social media channels are the best way to promote your business blog. You can create several titbits and snippets from each blog post to fit each social media platform.

[6] Share Infographics

Infographics help you share more with less. With a simple, easy-to-read graph or map, you can pass a ton of information to your audience.

Another good thing is that infographics are highly visual and tend to attract more readers than merely posting statistics. You can summarize the key findings of market research or sales results with a well-illustrated graph or image.

[7] Product Reviews

Product Reviews

Most online shoppers read one or two reviews before making any buying decision. User reviews are a great way to demonstrate consumers' trust in your brand.

New followers and potential customers would want to know the level of acceptability your brand currently enjoys in the market. Displaying users' reviews on your social media handles helps you capture their attention and ease their decision-making process.

[8] Share a Case Study

Industries are usually carrying out case studies related to specific products and customers' experiences. You can easily find some relevant ones by following the right players.

Case studies can be used to inform your audience on subject matters of concern. It has a positive impact on customers and helps them make better decisions. You can also create your own case studies using customers' experiences with your product. It allows you to demonstrate how your product has helped your customers solve their problems.

[9] Question Posts

Audience engagement is one of the reasons why most brands and marketers value their social media platforms. With social media, you get to communicate with your audience directly.

One of the ways of promoting this engagement and vital communication is by asking the right questions.

It can be as simple as fill in the blank, true or false; what do you think about this product? These questions can help you know more about your brand's perception by raising critical issues about your product.

[10] Curate Content

Curate Content

One way to easily update your content calendar is by using curated content. Sometimes, you don't have to spend all your time crafting a robust post about a topic. Someone out there might have said it better than you will.

You can readily share such posts and give due credit to the author. It saves you time and conveys your message with a different dynamism.

[11] Polls and Surveys

You hardly scroll through Facebook or Twitter without coming across a poll or survey. You might have even participated in one yourself.

Polls and surveys are opinion checkers and are excellent for driving engagement. You can run them manually or use inbuilt features to create one.

[12] Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are becoming increasingly popular right now. It is a new feature that allows you to create short 15 seconds videos. Instagram pays more attention to reels, and you can gather more engagement on your reels than on your usual posts.

Make use of Instagram hashtags to help you find trending hashtags to use on your Instagram reels. There are lots of reel effects continuously added to Instagram to help you create fun and engaging reels.

[13] Events


Promoting company events and inviting your audience portray your brand as lively. It also allows you to network and builds great relationships. You necessarily don't have to be the host before promoting an event. The event can be about your industry, community, or charity you are involved with.

After such events, display photos and share videos on all your pages. Make sure to capture the top industry players, celebrities, and of course, your fans who were part of such events.

[14] User-generated Content

There are lots of ways to utilize user-generated content to promote your brand and drive traffic. They are handy for appreciating your fans and making them part of your journey. You can share content your fans are posting about you. You should do this with their consent and give proper credit.

Another popular way to curate and utilize user-generated content is to ask your audience to post pictures of them using your product using your hashtag.

[15] Memes and GIFs

GIFs and Memes are fun ways of communicating on social media. They are trendy amongst young people and can be easily shared. They are best for making lighthearted remarks and turning a boring conversation around. However, they should be as relevant as possible and not be offensive.

Most social media channels come with many custom-made Gifs and memes; you can effortlessly search and use them as you deem fit. You can also design brand-specific memes and GIFs on PixTeller.

[16] Behind-the-scenes content

Your audience might be curious about how you create such unique products. You can answer some of their mind-troubling questions by sharing some behind-the-scenes images or videos.

You can showcase highlights of your production process, office activities, or daily trips. Your customers will be more passionate about your brand when they know more about you.

Behind-the-scenes images can also be about work parties, dinner times, and office makeovers. All these are good for your overall branding and should be elegantly displayed on your social media pages.

[17] Partner with Influencers

Partner with Influencers

Most brands leverage influencers and celebrities to drive traffic and generate discussions around their products. It is effective, and the result is massive.

However, you don't have to spend on celebrities or influencers with millions of followers. It would be best if you targeted industry-specific micro-influencers with moderate followership and considerable authority.

Such influencers can even be one of your fans who fits the bill and is passionate about your brand. Your followers are sure to be thrilled when someone relatable is the one promoting your brand.

[18] Social Media Challenge

Most people tickle with excitement when they see an opportunity to display their knowledge or interest. It is even more interesting if it comes with a gift or prize. Contests, challenges, and giveaways are vital for most business social media updates because they help drive traffic and increase engagement.

You can challenge your audience to like a post, tag a friend, use a hashtag, answer a question, or post a picture with your product.

[19] Client Feedback (Testimonials)

Social proofs say a lot about how well people trust your brand. Customer feedback, testimonials, and success stories using your product show other prospective customers your products are trusted by many people.

We are all skeptical about what people or brands say about themselves. However, when others with similar problems share their delight in using a product, we tend to trust them more.

Social media channels offer an excellent platform to display trust and calm the nerves of skeptics. Many times, this is all the credibility you need to turn a stroller into a paying customer.

[20] Personal Story

Remember that 20% of your social media content should be about yourself. You can show the human side of your brand and connect more at an emotional level with your audience when you share such stories.

You don't have to think much about this. Your mistakes, challenges, failures, and success in creating your business brand and products are all content ideas you should explore.

Be creative in sharing your story, and your audience is sure to connect more to your brand when they know someone like them runs it.

[21] Celebrate Employees

Celebrate Employees

Your story should not just be about yourself alone. Your team members are also essential to your brand's success and should be celebrated.

Featuring your employees on your social media pages serves two purposes. Firstly, it shows the human faces behind your brand, which helps build a personal connection with your audience. Secondly, it can serve as a source of motivation for team members.

You can feature each employee in a short video clip, showing what they do and why they love working for your company. You can also create employee of the month content for team members with exceptional achievements or contributions.

[22] Promote Your Partners

Just as you promote your brand, send shout-outs to your partners too. These might be other brands you use. If the feeling is mutual and they also get to share your content, you can reach a larger audience base than ever before.

You can also be intentional about cross-promotion with other brands from the start. You can co-host a challenge or jointly promote complementary products.

[23] Redistribute Your Content

Creating new content from scratch every time can be stressful and time-consuming. One way to overcome this is by redistributing and repurposing content across your social media channels.

Top-performing posts on one platform can be redesigned and shared on other platforms too. Old content with timely relevance can also be dug up and redistributed. This shouldn't be a problem if you are using the right content calendar tool.

[24] Ask for Predictions

 Ask for Predictions

Who is going to win the grand slam? Or the 2020 European football tournament? Or the Copa America?

Ask your audience to predict local or international events, attach a prize to correct predictions, and you will arouse excitement. Everybody wants their opinion heard and wants to win for doing so

[25] Create a Show or Series

Another great way to build brand credibility and not run out of content on social media is to create a show or series. It will give you a means to consistently add value to your audience and promote your brand.

Traditional talk shows, weekly guest interviews, and routine question and answer sessions are some ideas to try out.

[26] Celebrate Your Fans

You are in business because of your loyal customers, fans, and audience. They are a critical part of your success as a brand. So, why not celebrate them?

Your fans are sure to be more passionate about your brand when they know you are concerned about them and appreciate them. Shoutouts, a fan of the week, and the winner of a challenge are some ways to celebrate your fans and appreciate their contribution to your success.

[27] Funny Posts

Funny Posts

Help your fans get through a busy day by arousing some laughter. What's good for your audience is also good for your brand. Humor is essential to a healthy personality and life. So, never miss any opportunity to arouse some laughter and put a smile on your fans' faces.

You can do this using custom-made funny posts, images, quotes, and videos. Your followers might not remember why they are laughing, but they are sure to remember who made them laugh. And it's good that you are the one.

[28] "This Day in History" Post

Are you struggling with what to post today? Here's a good idea. Every day of the week, month, or year is sure to coincide with something meaningful in history.

Use this to your advantage. It can be something about your country, local community, or general knowledge. The more your audience can relate to it, the better.

Similar to this is national and international days. You can schedule many of them to fill your calendar and engage your audience. Agorapulse is a social media scheduling software that is just right for this purpose.

[29] Quick Tips

Are there hacks on how to use your product? or some unusual things your product can be used for but is not initially designed to do? Or some simple ways to get the maximum benefit from your product?

Your social media content should be as informative and beneficial to your followers as much as possible. Answering these questions with easy-to-use tips is an excellent way to educate and engage your audience.

[30] Inspirational Quotes

 Inspirational Quotes

Your followers are real people with all the challenges that come with life. So, spend some time to motivate and inspire them with specially created quotes.

Although inspirational quotes may sound cliché, they can endear you to your fans when used correctly. A timely word of encouragement may go a long way in helping your readers navigate their day with more vigor.

[31] Animation

Animations are another popular and fun way to connect with your audience. Animations are eye-catching and can be used to pass various information creatively.

Animations are lovely at telling a story and sharing exciting anecdotes with your followers. It offers something colorful and different from other generic content. Using animations that your audience can easily relate to is important. It should contain all your followers are looking for without losing the story's point.

[32] Mentions and Achievements

Social media platforms are PR tools like no other. Hence, a little show-off might not be out of place. Your audience should know how good you are at what you do. So, the next time you or your product get featured in a local magazine or on the local radio, let your fans know about it.

Everybody loves to associate with winners. News about your achievements and award nominations should not be lacking on your social media pages.

Final Thoughts

Woah!!! Those fantastic social media content ideas boost your brand identity and endear you more to your audience.

There are many more, but these are the best ideas, irrespective of your social media channel. The key is to be creative with these content ideas by tailoring them to suit your audience.

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to fill your content calendar with these great ideas and reap the enormous rewards that follow.

Until next time, Be creative! - Pix'sTory made by Khris Steven

Khris Steven is a sales funnel expert and blogger at KhrisDigital.com, a site where he shares marketing tips and advice for digital entrepreneurs.

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