Become a PixTeller Designer - You Design Templates and We Do Everything Else!

Welcome to PixTeller insights, the online platform dedicated to anyone who is searching for inspiration to create amazing designs for personal or business purposes.

You are about to find out more about our service and perspectives. Join our team and make design easy and available for everyone with the PixTeller Editor and PixTeller Templates.

The team

But first, let me start with just a few words about the PixTeller team.

My name is Alex and I am the founder and CEO of PixTeller.

Our team is great and not because we work together, but because we are driven to perform above and beyond our limits, to expand our vision and creativity. We came together because we believed that we can optimize and why not revolutionize the design field across the globe.

The technology we used for PixTeller Editor makes our service a major player in the design field, allowing us to move fast in different areas of step by step products, like SaaS business, B2B for printing companies, B2B for site builder services, mobile devices and more.

So, the PixTeller's idea is quite simple: to improve and simplify the design process from start to end, so that our service can be used by any marketer from the digital industry, any blogger or website owner, as well as anyone who needs designs for personal or commercial use.

Not only we encourage creativity, but we also help people explore new ideas through our designs. So one of the coolest things on PixTeller is that people can choose one of our many templates and make all the changes they want on the image, text, colours and shapes with our easy-to-use Editor.

We need your talent and imagination to create original designs.

Did I manage to arouse your interest? Find out below how you can arouse ours!


  • 1. Previous experience and excellent track record in graphic design, layout design or other related fields.

  • 2. Top-notch skills in composition, layout design and typography.

  • 3. Creative copywriting skills is an edge!


  • 1. Create brand-new templates using our Editor.

  • 2. Respect the delivery time of templates by meeting the PixTeller's excellent design standard.

  • 3. Set inspirational design trends to arouse interest and keep our users happy.

  • 4. Collaborate with the PixTeller design team in order to create various awesome templates.

  • 5. Make features suggestions and report editor bugs you find (if any) in order to make our editor the best that the internet has ever seen.

In order to create templates as a PixTeller designer, you will need to follow the next steps:

  • 1. Click here and create a PixTeller account.

  • 2. Take a look over the Editor in order to learn the main functions.

  • 3. Assuming we are already in contact, we will upgrade your Free account -> to -> Designer account in order for you to be able to save designs as templates. If you didn't get in touch with us yet, you can Contact us.

  • 4. Start creating, set a relevant title (may include #hashtags) and don't forget to save your designs as templates. Someone from our in-house team will check your creations and if they meet the PixTeller excellent design standards, they will be approved on our platform as templates.

By working with us, you will contribute to PixTeller's growing library of influential, inspirational and diverse templates. We want to provide the best design experience possible for non-technical or non-designers users by constantly updating our templates.

For further details or information, please contact us.

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