What Makes the New PixTeller Platform so Special?

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For some, finding their natural talents can be quite difficult. Don't wait for your talents to appear, use PixTeller design & animation tool!

PixTeller is Special

You don't have to hire professional designers or spend lot of money and time with expensive graphic or animation softwares. PixTeller online design editor tools are one of the best designing apps that helps you create amazing graphics, short videos or animated gifs just in minutes.

Here at PixTeller, we built the tools that will help you design your own images & animations. All PixTeller designs are created based on the engagement between the world, mind, spirit and culture.

PixTeller photo editor

Not only we encourage creativity, but we also help people explore new ideas through our graphic templates. So one of the coolest things on PixTeller is that you can choose one of our many pre-made templates and make all the changes you want on the image, text, colours and shapes with our easy to use photo editor or animation maker. Also, there are many other details that make PixTeller special. We have listed below some of the advantages of using our platform instead of any other design tool you can find on the market.

Diversity of Creation

Diversity of creation
  • 1. Start your design from scratch or by using one of the many graphic and animated design templates available on PixTeller or you can use your imagination and create unique graphics or you can get inspired from our design layouts.

  • 2. Use your design for both personal and commercial purposes or you can either share the images you have created with your family and friends or use it to promote your business or product.

  • 3. Go for a single or multi pages presentation or animated slideshows, from personal photo albums to business catalogues or this will allow you to create a beautiful engaging image or to build an amazing photo album for personal use, as well as to make small or large presentation, according to your business requirements.

  • 4. Create any type of design you want with our photo editor, from social media designs, banners to prints or works great for any idea you might have: create picture quotes, make flyers to promote your events, create banners to advertise your products or informative documents and presentations to expand your business.

Unique Functions of the PixTeller Editor

  • 1. Fun, fast and easy to use even with no technical or design & video editing skills. You can have fun with our graphic maker editor and narrow or expand your design options according to your preferences and needs, just in seconds. You don't need to be a specialised designer to create amazing engaging pictures or short animated videos.

  • 2. Using our online photo editor you have best image resize feature called Clipping-Crop, that makes your image look great at any dimension without any changes on the aspect ratio of the picture.

  • 3. Multipage attributes to make perfect slideshows, presentations, photo albums or catalogues.

  • 4. Have access to amazing photos, illustrations, fonts and text filters, background colours and shapes.

  • 5. Creative masking technique for your graphics - basically you can insert your image in any of the shapes you find available on our design platform.

Free and Easy to Use

PixTeller animation maker
  • 1. You can use the PixTeller graphic editor, animation maker and platform for free, just by creating an account.

  • 2. Then, you can start creating any type of images or animations you want and share them on social networking sites or download them.

  • 3. If you choose to Upgrade your account to Pro / Diamond, you will have access to all our exclusive designs and benefit of your designs without any limit.

  • 4. You can use PixTeller from home or office on any computer or browser that you have installed, such as: Safari, Chrome, Mozilla, etc. and on any device. There is no need to download any additional graphic design or video editing software.

After providing a brief overview of the ways in which we have improved the design field, we can only hope we arouse your interest and commit ourselves to continuously update and improve PixTeller.

What are you most curious about right now? You don't have to do the talking. Just visit our homepage and start creating your own visuals with PixTeller.

Until next time, Be creative! - Pix'sTory made by Alex

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