Learn Why Content Marketing Boosts Your Sales Enablement

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When considering content marketing for your business, you should think about how it supports your sales enablement. It is difficult to realize the full potential of sales enablement without a good content marketing system, as it helps you to really follow through on your sales strategies.

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In this article, we will explore the top six reasons why content marketing gives your sales enablement a boost:

  1. 1. The Creation of Platform-Specific Content

    All social media platforms vary in terms of the content that you want to put out there and the audience that will be viewing it. Each one also has specific rules about how to post to get the most views for your content.

    Instagram, for example, requires more visually-appealing content, whereas Twitter needs more newsworthy announcements and blog posts.

    Social media can be a great way for your brand to connect with people, promote your goods and services, and develop potential leads for your sales team. You just need to have a strategy for leveraging each platform by posting the right sort of content.

    Within social media, you can create content that is practical and will directly benefit your customers and the people looking to buy your products. You can then analyze the content and see what is working well for each platform and what needs improvement. This helps your team to work smarter, not harder.

  2. 2. Check Out the Competition

    You are not the only business trying to get your content seen on social media. With the right content marketing strategy, you can check out how your competitors are using the different platforms to interact with their audience and the kind of content that they are creating. This will help you to determine which of their posts and videos are getting good engagement.

    "By analyzing posts created by your competition, you can get a deeper understanding of their business, and your own audience as well", says Anita O'Dell, a sales blogger at Academic Writing Service and Essay Help.

    "When you can see your competitor's strengths and weaknesses, you can make changes to your own content and marketing strategy to make it even more effective. This is a vital element of sales enablement and content marketing will help you to achieve this."

  3. 3. Helps Departments to Communicate

    If your sales team is noticing that a certain piece of content is being mentioned frequently on sales calls, they can communicate this to the marketing team to help them create more similar content and promote that piece on other channels.

    Similarly, your marketing team can feedback to the sales team if they notice that a piece of content is getting high traffic.

  4. 4. Reach Your Target Audience

    These days we can assume that most customers are, to some extent, online. When you share your content online on different social media platforms, you start to open other channels for your business to connect with people.

    If your content is useful and interesting, there is a higher chance that it will be shared and introduced to a whole new group of people.

  5. 5. More Insights

    People tend to behave in a much more open way on social media than in real life, where they can perhaps be a little more reserved. You can use this information to help you to get a better understanding of your customers and what they like and don't like about your brand.

    When you start to interact with your audience, you can get hold of a ream of information about them and their browsing habits. You can learn which social media platforms they use the most, how often they go online, and whether they share products with their network.

    " The more you get to know your customers as a person, the more you can craft the customer journey and create more insightful content that will resonate and strengthen your sales enablement ", says John Regan, a marketing writer at State Of Writing and Paper Fellows. " You can also develop your customer personas more deeply which will give you new opportunities to market more customized material to them via lead magnets. "

  6. 6. Drive Traffic

    As you create more content tailored to your audience, this will start to bring more people into your company's website and bring their awareness to your brand. Your website is your strongest marketing tool and will help them to build a better connection with your company and will ultimately lead to more sales enablement and better profits.

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