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Hey everyone. I know many of you sent us a lot of messages with features you want to see on the PixTeller platform, photo editor, or animation tool. A lot of these features have been done along the time, but we are far from finishing the research, development, design, or in a two-words PixTeller features.

PixTeller Roadmap Create your own images & animations with PixTeller

Before writing the below words, we thought a lot about if it's ok for us to enumerate "yours" and our ideas about the next features and updates that will be added (or try to be added) on PixTeller. We did that for various options like:

  • We don't want to over-promise
    A lot of startups make a lot of promises, but finally, they don't deliver. More of these don't even survive for the long term. We have tens of requests every month, but we know well that we can deliver only a small part of them.

  • Competition
    We know that a lot of our competition has eyes on us. As a small bootstrapped team, we don't have the power of execution (get things done very quickly) as some of the big companies (companies with a big budget and people) have. Some of these updates we wanted to keep private, or at least we don't want others to see what we are working on. But, an idea it's nothing without execution.

  • Discretion
    Me, Alex, I live in a country where we have been educated not to express ideas. If you do that, someone will steal your idea and get rich. In time I realized that it was stupid to think like this. The more you talk about your dreams, the more you have the chance to succeed.

Many of you (some are heavy users) remember PixTeller how it was three years, two years and even one year ago. We made updates every week - most of them are not visible by users, but we continuously make changes to make our editor and platform better - the updating process of PixTeller never stops.

Roadmap Update: 01 July 2020

Now let's take a look at the futures we want to launch on PixTeller:

  • 1. Render in Cloud

    Currently, the render process for the animations takes place on the client-side. This process may take some time for users with low computing power, and a slow internet connection, especially on upload.

    By adding the "render in cloud" feature, the render process will be the same for all users, and will not depend by the computer power or internet connection, but will be on an extra cost.

  • 2. Set Your Design Preferences (in progress)

    Many of you requested for a section where they can set their default design guidelines/assets like the Colors, Fonts, Photos and Illustrations. We decided to make such a page for premium users that are related to the editor called "My Preferences".

    By doing this, it will speed up your design or animation process.

  • 3. Transparency for Animated GIF & WEBP Format (in progress)

    This feature will help you a lot when you create animated logos, GIFs or WEBP animations that you wish to embed them on your websites or apps. We tried to find a solution for this twice, but we failed.

    The problem comes when you have elements with opacity or gradient colours with opacity on your animation. We still work on it, and we hope to find a solution before putting this feature on production.

  • 4. Team & Educational Plan (in progress)

    On the lockdown due to COVID 19, many users from agencies, big companies and schools that already use PixTeller asked for a Team Plan to easily collaborate between members from the same organization. We decided to make it, so stay close, it will be up very soon.

  • 5. Adding SVG

    Right now you can add SVG elements on your PixTeller visuals only from the editor shapes panel. All the shapes are basics and limited only for one colour. In the future we want to give our users the possibility to add their own SVG graphics in the same way you add photos, also having the option to customize them directly from the Editor.

  • 6. PDF for Print Export

    We tried to implement this a time ago, but we didn't succeed due to the technology we chose to use for the PixTeller Editor (canvas). Now we want to have a different approach, and do it, because a lot of you asked for it, and we also know that is a MUST, especially when it comes for print materials.

  • 7. Multi Language

    Right now, we have users from all over the world and clients from over 150 countries. For sure, it will be better for non-English speakers/writers to have PixTeller in their own language, or another language that knows - we will make this possible.

  • 8. Improving Editor Performance (in progress)

    Improving the Editor Performance it never stops - and we make small changes to it every month. By doing this, we succeed to have a graphic editor and animation maker in the same structure, only by optimizing it.

    We also know that we may have some bugs because there are unlimited possibilities to design or animat, but we track all these little errors that may occur and solve them.

  • 9. Video Tutorials (in progress)

    Learning a design or animation software, it's not easy. Even if most of the features and options we tried to make them as intuitive as possible, we did not always succeed. In time we discovered that video tutorials are the easiest way to learn something new. This is why we want to make more video lessons to make you create visuals faster than ever.

  • 10. Better Blog Articles (in progress)

    I don't know if many of you know, but many of our blog posts are written by contributors. We receive new topics and articles on a daily basis, but we decided to be more selective and choose only the articles that may have an impact on you, as a PixTeller user.

  • 11. Pre-Made Templates (in progress)

    We know that the easiest way to have your design or animation ready is to find the exact match between your expectations and a template. In most cases this is not possible, you always must make some adjustments by replacing the text, changing some colors, replacing photos and more. Even so, we will try to add more pre-made templates easily to customize each month.

  • 12. Developing PixBot

    A while ago we spent a lot of time trying to develop a bot who can design my himself, precisely as a human. We called PixBot. For us, it seems to be like an awesome future, but it caused a lot of expenses, and as a bootstrap startup, we put it on hold.

    While doing this, we succeeded to generate over 2 million graphics, but the curation of them was infernal. I hope to return on this feature soon, because it may be a game-changer in the design industry.

  • 13. Adding Sound

    We developed the animation editor for short animated videos or GIFs, most of them used for animated logos, banners, social media posts, apps, websites, emails - why it wasn't necessarily the sound on them. After receiving requests from you about this feature, we will consider adding sound to your animated visuals made on PixTeller.

  • 14. Adding GIFs & Videos

    Right now, you can make your animation through motions between frames of static elements like Text, Photos, Illustrations, Shapes and changing their properties. In the future, we want to allow adding animated GIFs or short videos directly into the editor in the same way you can add photos.

  • 15. PixTeller Editor API

    PixTeller Editor API it's the biggest challenge we have. We want to share PixTeller Editor and all the assets with others via API.

    By doing this PixTeller Editor can be available on website builders, hosting panels, agencies platforms, and more. PixTeller API is the ultimate goal for us.

Final thoughts

What you see above is the top of the pyramid, and we hope you can make an idea about how PixTeller will look like in the future.

Besides the above features that will be available soon, we must keep our users happy by offering them proper support and a 100% uptime for the platform and editor. All features above need a lot of research, design and development, but we will launch all of them till the end.

Alex Roznovat

Until next time, Be creative! - Pix'sTory made by Alex

Alex Roznovat is the man behind the scenes of PixTeller - a tool where thousands of people design each day marvelous images and animations.

When he is not working on building the next generation of design tools, he is most probably riding his bike in the deepest forests around, exploring the unknown (space, aliens), or spending time with his family and friends. If you want to bring your ideas to life, speak with Alex.

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