Want To Become a Blogger? Tips for Beginners

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Want To Become a Blogger?

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Finally, decided to start your blog but can't get enough readers, right? This article is going to be very interesting for you as it won't just clear your misconceptions but also help you get on the horizon of exploring your imagination. Yes, beginning a blog for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially when you don't get a good response.

The excitement goes along with the unknown fear of failure and disappointment. But then the going can never be easier unless you don't give it a kickstart. This article will guide you through all the expert tips that will not only widen your knowledge but also help you overcome that unknown fear and confusion.

Here's a step-by-step guideline for you on how to start your own blog in the right way, along with proper explanations to clear all confusion and eventually enhance your confidence for your first blog.

Put Your Entire Focus on the Foundation

Put Your Entire Focus on the Foundation

You have to decide the content of the blog. Your blog topic is also called a blog niche. Choosing a blog niche will help you focus on your content and on one main topic. It will also help you attract loyal readers. When choosing your niche, choose what you like, don't choose a niche just because you think it will be profitable.

Blog posts get more interesting when you are passionate about what you write. In addition, your readers can also see your enthusiasm in your writing, which increases the likelihood that they will like your blog and trust your comments and suggestions.

Choose the Right Blogging Platform

Choose the Right Blogging Platform

Now that you have your content already decided in your mind, you also need to choose the right platform to increase your blog's popularity. Many people use popular free blogging platforms such as Blogger, Medium, or WordPress.com, but these blogging platforms are limited.

If you are serious about blogging, it is not worth wasting time here because they will make you abide by their terms and conditions, which indirectly gives them the right to your blog.

So, here are some suggestions for your new blog and its privacy on the website. Most free platforms also do not allow you to make money from blogs. But, WordPress.org provides you with complete freedom and control over your blog.

You can add features and also make money. Maximum bloggers nowadays use WordPress, which also includes WPBeginner. WordPress powers more than 31% of websites on the Internet.

Tackling Your Competitors' Topics

Tackling Your Competitors' Topics

Yes, it is possible to check your competitors' articles that got the most traffic by checking on their websites and showcasing their best-performing articles on their websites. This can help you figure out the keywords they are trying to rank by just looking at the headline or URL.

For example, The Ultimate Guide to Skin Care Products- give it a wild guess. It targets the topic "skincare products" or "products used for face and body." Are you still confused?

No, it's not some sort of data retrieving process. No one has an idea of how this particular website chose these popular posts, and neither can we assure that these will drive traffic.

The best way to figure out is by copy-pasting your competitors' domain into Ahrefs' site explorer and then going to the "Top Pages" report to check out the articles that bring them the most organic search traffic. It is the best way to find amazing topics for your blog.

Don't Forget to Keep Your Backups

Don't Forget to Keep Your Backups

Users often users don't think about backups until it's too late. In the early days, bloggers chose a cheap web hosting provider that wasn't very well-known. They had a failure due to those poor hosting. The technical failure resulted in losing their entire website data just because they didn't have a backup.

Many hosting companies offer limited backups. However, these backups are not guaranteed, and a technical failure can cause you to lose data and the backup.

Backups are your first line of defense against brute-force attacks, hacking, and data theft. They are the first step to improving your Blog's security and keeping your website safe.

Plenty of reliable backups, such as WordPress plugins, allow you to schedule automatic backups and store them in remote locations like Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and more. Keep your backups always ready for any further issues in the future.

Start Building Your Email List From the Beginning

Start Building Your Email List From the Beginning

More of the people who leave your website will never come back. It would help if you had a way to stay in touch with them. It is why you need to start building email lists. You may be thinking, why not directly build followers on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others?

Although you should definitely work hard to build social media followers, you are not the owner of these platforms because they can only limit your influence on your followers and even lock your account at any time.

On the other hand, email is still the most effective online marketing tool. You have your own mailing list and can reach your audience without restrictions. The earliest you start, the easiest it gets.

Don't Ignore Your Existing Readers

Don't Ignore Your Existing Readers

This advice comes down from an expert and the founder of ProBlogger that you shouldn't ignore at all because many bloggers commit this mistake in the beginning. They get obsessed with finding new readers and ignore the ones they already have since the beginning.

Yes, you should focus on trying to find new readers each day and spend some time each day showing your love and appreciation for your current readers. In this way, you won't hurt any reader's sentiments, and will ultimately help you grow your blog. Focusing on your readers is the best way to know your audience better.

This expert advice has been put up just to help you understand and focus on this tip more than others because your audience is your popularity and growth.

Focus on Image Copyrights and Licenses to Avoid Getting Banned

Focus on Image Copyrights and Licenses to Avoid Getting Banned

Many times, newbies simply copy and paste images from the Internet. As your website grows, this will increase your sense of responsibility. Make sure not to use Google Images because you will end up paying thousands of dollars in fines for copyright infringement in the future.

Copyright owners can also display on the report page and ask Google to remove or ban your work completely. With these costs in mind, it's worth buying a Shutterstock license to get high-quality vector graphics that can be used on your website.

However, if newbies do not intend to invest so much, they can find various websites with licensed images that don't have copyright issues. These sites offer free images that you can use on your website.

Another way to add images to your website is to create your own images. However, most beginners are not graphic designers. There are online tools like PixTeller for creating professional-looking images.

Final Thoughts

Blogging is hard work and does require patience and focus, along with a not-giving-up spirit. It would help if you continued to publish and promote your articles, networks, etc. The good news is that the above guidelines will help you organize your ideas and clear all your confusion to help you kickstart your website.

Many bloggers have experienced ups and downs, but here's the catch they didn't give up and continued to explore. In fact, many new and innovative technologies are getting added up to our daily lifestyles, making it difficult to stay updated with the latest news updates.

So, the Software Development companies have found their way out by keeping themselves updated on the latest innovations with the help of blogs which have flourished a lot in the present generation.

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