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Type of Video Content Can Help You Get More Traffic Design your own short videos with PixTeller animation editor & GIF maker

Suppose you own a business in this digital era. In that case, you can use different content marketing strategies to enhance your business growth. You need to dive deep and find out your audience's preferences to create plans accordingly.

Similarly, no one can deny video content's importance to grab the target audience's attention and engage them. You have to leverage its effectiveness in marketing. It would help if you played around smartly when it comes to video content. There are different ways to connect with potential customers because the new prospects have additional requirements than the already established customer base. Many marketers have a perception that posting fresh and engaging video content regularly is a daunting task.

So, they stick to written content and prefer producing more white papers, blogs, and case studies. However, video marketing is not as complicated as it may seem. It is just about building the right content that people love to see and producing their desired online results.

Let's dive in and explore different video content types that will help you get more traffic, leads, and conversions.

  1. Build Product Based Videos

    Build Product Based Videos

    According to a statistical study, around 66 to 86% of visitors buy a product after watching its video. You need to follow the same strategy to create a video giving a clear idea about a particular product's benefits and characteristics. Keep your videos short and appealing to generate the interest of visitors.

    For example, if you own a men's clothing brand, then you should make a video of a model who is displaying your clothes. Only posting images of clothes will not add significant value to your marketing strategy. It applies to any product or service that you offer.

    You can create an explainer video to explain to your audience what your service is about and how it solves their problems. Keeping a humorous and light tone in the video can help you influence users' minds. You may also build videos by putting images in an appealing template with engaging text and background music. It will also help you divert significant traffic to your website.

  1. Optimize Videos to Be SEO Friendly

    Optimize Videos to Be SEO Friendly

    SEO is one of the vital components of digital marketing that also applies to creating video content. To create SEO optimized videos, add transcription so it will start ranking in Google searches. Also, optimize your video file's metadata with relevant keywords on the video's description and title.

    Then, create a sitemap and submit it to Google Search Console. Creating SEO optimized videos will make a significant impact on traffic and rankings of your website. It will help you build a substantial online presence. For instance, if you own an HVAC company, you must be looking for different strategies on how to do SEO for an HVAC website effectively. Similarly, if you want to create video content for its marketing, you must ensure that videos are search engine friendly.

  1. Increase Traffic by How-to Videos

    Increase Traffic by How-to Videos

    By making how-to videos, you can address the buyer's intent and grab their attention efficiently. Usually, users want to resolve a particular problem or learn something. Now, it's up to you how you represent the 'how to do it' in a video. Almost one in three buyers say that they have purchased a product after watching a how-to video or a tutorial related to it.

    While creating video content for how-to videos, you need to show the uses of your products. For example, you can guide them about car maintenance or cooking different food types according to your business. In these videos, you have to focus on training your audience, not selling your products.

  1. Create Video Ads

    Create Video Ads

    Currently, online video ads are known as one of the most effective online advertising mediums. Around 75% of ad agencies have declared that online video ads are not less than TV advertising about generating leads, click-through rate, and web traffic.

    Make video ads of your products and services and post them to different platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. Market your video ads on Facebook and Youtube and precisely target your audience. It will help you save money by not wasting it on the wrong audience.

  1. Build Video Testimonials

    Build Video Testimonials

    The crowd catches the attention of another group. By representing the customer testimonials on your website, you can communicate your business values to visitors robustly. To create video content for testimonials, you have to ask your loyal customers if they are willing to help you.

    If you have local customers, then you can invite them to your office or meet them at an appropriate place with your camera setup. You may also set up a specific spot where you can approach customers conveniently to record their testimonials. Let them explain their experience of your services and products and how it resolved their issues. If recording testimonials is not possible for you, ask your customers to make a brief video on a smartphone about their experience of availing of your services. You can later edit it once they send it to you.

  1. Retarget Visitors Through Video Content

    Retarget Visitors Through Video Content

    The most effective way of video marketing is to retarget visitors who visited your website once but did not convert. You can make custom audiences on Facebook for retargeting visitors from your product pages. You may also use YouTube by creating campaigns and a list of video remarketing. You have to choose which YouTube video you want to promote when you are making a video campaign.

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