12 Tips To Become A Better UX Designer

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12 Tips To Become A Better UX Designer Design your own short videos with PixTeller animation editor & GIF maker

There's never a point in UX design where creatives can say “Okay, I'm done innovating!” It's a profession and field that requires constant introspective reflection and room for improving and growing. It's a huge reason that so many are drawn to this line of work.

That said, it's not always easy to know how to expand your offerings as a designer. When it comes to trends, you can simply follow the crowd. Or, you can work to hone your skills to become a better UX designer all around and make a splash that extends beyond the ebbs and flows of the industry's trends.

Here's 12 tips to help you become a better UX designer. Good news: you're probably already talented, but these help you become even better.

Looking to become a better UX designer? These tips are skills you'd expect from a top startup branding agency and they can be yours with knowledge and practice.

  1. Set Better Goals

    Set Better Goals

    From knowing what to strive for in your profession to taking on creative projects to expand your skills, goal-setting is huge for UX designers. By choosing obtainable goals, setting a timeline, and sticking to your schedule, you'll find even larger projects you didn't think you had time for are easy to finish.

  1. Stop Using Jargon

    Stop Using Jargon

    Don't fill your communication with others or your work with jargon. Find a way to stick to the point no matter what.

  1. Tell a Story In All of Your Work

    Tell a Story In All of Your Work

    It doesn't matter for what specific industry you design. In fact, all industries benefit from better UX design when the creative knows how to tell a story. Immerse yourself in the work and company and even create storyboards to plan out design functionality. These extra steps go a long way.

  1. Perfection Isn't Realistic, So Stop Trying For It

    Perfection Isn't Realistic, So Stop Trying For It

    Is a project ever going to be perfect? Don't pretend the answer is yes. Instead of striving for perfection, go back to that goal-setting strategy of being realistic and seeking strategic steps to achieve what you're attempting to accomplish.

  1. REALLY Listen to Your Clients

    REALLY Listen to Your Clients

    Sure, you listen to your client's needs. There's likely room to improve how you listen however. You should always strive to let your client talk more than you as well as only answer questions with answers, not additional questions. Likewise, allow your client room to speak without interrupting or finishing their sentences.

  1. Keep the Ideas Flowing

    Keep the Ideas Flowing

    Even when you land on a great idea, don't stop there. Keep finding ways to come up with new ideas even when the solution might already be achieved.

  1. Tips for Better Note Taking

    Tips for Better Note Taking

    When you meet with a client, it's tempting to simply have a conversation and not write things down. Make sure you snap yourself out of this bad habit and write down a lot of information during meetings. These notes serve you much better than trying to recall something from an informal conversation. The work you do within UX design will be better for it.

  1. Reuse Good Ideas

    Reuse Good Ideas

    If you have a project where one idea really makes a splash, don't be afraid to use it again. In fact, recycling old ideas for new projects and UX designs can make your work more unique and impactful.

  1. Talk With Peers and Collaborators

    Talk With Peers and Collaborators

    You might think you know best, and maybe you do. Still, you can always get a spark for new ideas and interests in your work from talking with collaborators. It's a beneficial practice, even if it's only a once-a-month meet-up.

  1. Keep Up Your Inspiration

    Keep Up Your Inspiration

    Engage often with the work of other UX designers. This sort of immersion into the work will help keep up your inspiration and help you focus on better, more impactful designs.

  1. Invite Criticism from Others

    Invite Criticism from Others

    UX designers are protective of their work and it's understandable. That said, don't be afraid to invite constructive criticism from others who know about design or might have valuable advice for improvement.

  1. Keep Wanting Better

    Keep Wanting Better

    Last but not least, keep wanting better for yourself and your work. As long as you know there's room to become a better UX designer, you'll be able to find those areas of improvement easily and make a big splash in the industry!

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