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Web designing is one of the most popular jobs in the world. Though it is a complicated job, it pays well. If you are interested in web designing and looking for an idol for inspiration, then you must have an account on Twitter. Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms that is brimming with talented and popular web designers. All you need to have is a hunger to learn about CSS, HTML, or JavaScript.

It is a great place to be, even if you are seeking some professional advice regarding the web designing job. In case if you are wondering about the top web designers on Twitter, then this post will solve all your doubts. Below we have listed some of the most popular and helpful web designers on Twitter.

  1. Sara Soueidan

    Sara Soueidan

    Sara Soueidan is an independent front-end UI/UX developer, coach, creator, and speaker situated in Lebanon, zeroing in on HTML5, SVG, CSS, and JavaScript. Soueidan is the writer of the Codrops CSS Reference and a co-writer of the Smashing Book #5. She is a well of knowledge and extremely passionate about sharing it with others. She works with organizations around the globe banding together with design groups to construct reformist Web UIs and design frameworks. Principally zeroing in on responsive design, performance, and accessibility, utilizing the most recent front-end design procedures. You can follow her on Twitter and other social platforms to gain advice or links to important articles.

  1. Jake Archibald

    Jake Archibald

    You must be knowing who Jake is if you are using Google Chrome as a browser. He works as a developer advocate for the popular browser and is a professional conference speaker. He greatly admires the Service Workers. His bio reads, "the web to do what native does best, and fast," which indicates what his goal is. He is really helpful when it comes to web designing and often shares useful tips and advice on Twitter. This can be simply verified by paying a quick visit to his Twitter feed.

  1. Denise Jacobs

    Denise Jacobs

    Denise Jacobs is a Speaker + Author, + creativity evangelist. She is from Miami, USA, and is a real inspiration in web designing. She is the author of CSS Detective Guide which is a book for sharpening your CSS skills. She is often seen giving useful tips and advice to all the people on Twitter. Her attention is on making true outcomes where groups work better, produce more, and skyrocket their organization's prosperity. Through talking, composting, preparing, and counseling, she shares huge ideas that shake things up and lead to "a has" that convert into immediate activities, abilities, and new propensities to change all parts of individuals' work lives with centered innovativeness and improved profitability.

  1. Brad Frost

    Brad Frost

    Brad Frost is a website specialist, speaker, author, and advisor situated in Pittsburgh, PA. He is the writer of the book Atomic Design, which acquaints a strategy with the make and keep up successful design frameworks. Notwithstanding co-facilitating the Style Guides Podcast, he has likewise made a few instruments and assets for website specialists, including Pattern Lab,, Style Guide, This Is Responsive, Death to Bullshit, and more. He is a real gem as an advisor and a source of inspiration. Besides, he knows humor well!

  1. Jen Simmons

    Jen Simmons

    Jen Simmons is a seasoned web designer, graphic designer, educator, and speaker as well. She has quite a reputation as an expert in web standards, CSS, and HTML to be precise. She is a part of the CSS Working Group and has played a major role in the delivery of the CSS grid layout. Simmons is right now a designer and developer advocate at Mozilla, where she designed the Firefox program's Grid Inspector. Simmons runs the YouTube channel "Layout Land" and authored the expression "intrinsic design" to allude to her way of thinking of web layouts that blend fixed, content-sized and liquid layout. She can be regularly seen tweeting content and her thoughts about the web design industry, sparking some intriguing debates online.

  1. Sarah Drasner

    Sarah Drasner

    Sarah Drasner is an excellent speaker, expert, and author for CSS-Tricks, and she spends significant time in animation. Follow her for tips on web animation, remembering bits of knowledge for Vue.js, React, and SVG. And if you need a sample of her aptitude, look at her instructional exercise on making animations that scale. Sarah has some time ago filled in as Principal Lead of Emerging Markets, Cloud Advocates at Microsoft, and Manager of UX and Engineering at Trulia/Zillow Group. She's the creator of SVG Animations from O'Reilly and has given Frontend Masters workshops. Sarah is a co-coordinator of ConcatenateConf, a free meeting for Nigerian and Kenyan developers. Sarah is additionally the prime supporter of Web Animation Workshops, with Val Head. She has labored for a very long time as a web developer, and at focuses functioned as a Scientific Illustrator and a Professor in the Greek Islands.

  1. Tim Holman

    Tim Holman

    Tim Holman is another popular name in Twitter's list of top web designers. He likes to portray himself as a 'tinkerer, tuner and tamperer'. He works as a developer at CodePen. He is passionate about his work as a web designer and loves sharing his experiences in a weird yet intriguing manner. He is a great source of knowledge and loves helping other people. His feed on Twitter is filled with creative and useful coding examples and experiments that he did interactively. He is someone you should follow if you are looking to gain a new perspective on the world of web designing.

  1. Ethan Marcotte

    Ethan Marcotte

    Ethan Marcotte is a freelance designer, speaker, and writer, situated in Boston, Massachusetts. He coined the expression "responsive website design" to portray another method of designing for the always evolving web, and is the writer of the complete book on the subject: "Responsive Web Design." His design, talking, and composing has helped designers and associations utilize the web's adaptability to design across versatile, tablet, and work area - and whatever may come straightaway. He has composed two books for A Book Apart: "Responsive Web Design" and "Responsive Design: Patterns and Principles." He additionally composed a presentation for Alla Kholmatova's book "Design Systems."

Final Thoughts

These are some of the top web designers on Twitter who are filled with knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. They are also extremely helpful and therefore ideal persons for you to follow on Twitter. Web design is something that often puts you in difficult places. It is, therefore, a must to have someone who can help you out with the work. The above-mentioned names are great for this job.

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