5 Automated Email Marketing Messages to Keep Customers Loyal to Your Brand

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5 Automated Email Marketing Messages to Keep Customers Loyal to Your Brand

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Email marketing is a powerful customer retention tool for online businesses, especially for eCommerce stores. Earning businesses an average of $38 for every $1 invested, email marketing generates the highest return on investment (ROI) amongst all digital marketing channels, according to a VentureBeat Insight study. The same study also cites that "84% of marketers believe email is important or critically important for customer loyalty."

Thus, email marketing is a tried-and-true way to motivate repeat purchases, helping you build your eCommerce brand and even earn better customers who spend more on each purchase. What's more, with all the modern email marketing tools available, it's easy to automate email marketing campaigns that continue to keep your customers engaged with your brand.

In fact, such marketing automation is a fine example of why digital transformation is crucial in improving both employee and customer experience, as employees can avoid repetitive work and customers benefit from great content delivered consistently.

To get you started quickly, here are five automated email campaigns that you can (and should) implement straight away.

Welcome Message

Welcome Message

Your welcome message is the first email your new subscriber receives as soon as they join your email list. Customers who have completed a purchase can also opt for joining your mailing list, but here, let's discuss the welcome email for people who haven't yet converted into customers.

The welcome email is the first contact with your potential customers (people who have shown interest in your brand), so make sure the message is consistent with your brand's promise and sets accurate expectations in the minds of your subscribers.

In this email, you can crisply tell the story behind your brand's existence, how you're different, and what you have in common with your audience.

Furthermore, it's a good idea to explain how often they'll receive emails from you, what kind of content they'll receive, any exclusive benefits you offer to your subscribers, and how they can simply reply to the email in case of any questions.

Apart from links to your website and social media handles, you could also include a special discount or exclusive coupon code as a thank you for joining the email list.

This serves as a nice incentive to drive them towards their first purchase. That said, even though your ultimate goal is to turn these new subscribers into paying customers, don't make your welcome email overly promotional. Focus on creating a strong first impression and setting the right expectations.

Abandoned Cart Message

Abandoned Cart Message

Cart abandonment is a major issue plaguing most eCommerce businesses. The average cart abandonment rate is nearly 70%, which means there's a lot of money left on the table if you're able to capture the attention of people who were interested enough to add your product(s) to their cart.

Sending automated abandoned cart emails effectively encourages potential customers to follow through on a purchase decision.

While in your first abandoned cart email, you can just send a reminder of the items that they've saved in their cart. It is a good idea to include a special offer such as free shipping or a discount on their entire purchase as an incentive in the follow-up emails. You can use this amazing tool to create your email images.

Most of the top eCommerce platforms like Shopify Plus have a comprehensive email marketing system that allows you to launch such campaigns easily and track crucial analytics such as open and click-through rates.

Product Review Request

Product Review Request

Another simple yet super important automated email campaign you must have in place is for garnering customer feedback post-purchase. After all, your business's long-run success relies entirely on the level of customer satisfaction you can create. Satisfied customers mean loyal customers, along with word-of-mouth marketing, which means more customers too.

In fact, product reviews are a key component of the buyer's journey and play a pivotal role in purchase decisions - 91% of people regularly read online reviews, and 84% trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

So, never hesitate to ask customers to leave an honest review of your products on the product page or send a short survey that they can fill out easily in the email itself. This can be done a week after the purchase. If they had a good experience, their positive reviews could go a long way in convincing future customers to complete their purchases.

Cross-Sell Recommendations

Cross-Sell Recommendations

When someone buys something from your business, identify which other relevant products or services might sensibly complement their purchase. Group those items and send out an automated email marketing message that sparks their interest in making another purchase.

For instance, if a customer purchases a swimming costume from your online store, it may make sense to send an email showcasing the best swimming goggles you have on sale.

You can include a coupon code with these items if you want to encourage click-throughs further, but it's always a good idea to test cross-sell messages with and without discounts to see if discounts are really helping.

Birthday or Anniversary Message

Birthday or Anniversary Message

Finally, suppose customers have created an account at your store and provided details like their birthday or anniversary. In that case, it's almost a no-brainer to have an automated email campaign that wishes them your brand's regards every year using a particular discount or offer.

You can do the same on the anniversary of their first purchase with you or the day they subscribed to your email list.

As you'd expect, such annual appreciation emails are an easy yet effective way to strengthen your brand's relationship with customers, boosting customer loyalty, sales, and brand advocacy.

Final Thoughts

Don't delay, pick a tool, and start creating an automated email marketing campaign right away. Most, if not all, your competitors are likely already leveraging email marketing automation to create a loyal customer base.

So if you haven't already, it's about time you launch any of the previous starter campaigns and see the ROI for yourself.

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