Best Ways to Use Interactive Content to Attract Necessary Audiences

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You've probably heard Bill Gates say that content is king.
But is all content really king?

We're living in the age of mass content consumption when content marketing is one of the key strategies to promote your business.

However, the more content brand upload to the internet, the more the consumers seem to be unimpressed by it. Marketing Dive reports that only 49% of consumers think brands are doing a good job delivering content.

Best Ways to Use Interactive Content Create beautiful photos using PixTeller photo editor

Indeed, the majority of the content on the Internet has become too 'usual' for the consumers, which makes it harder for brands to find the solution that will re-engage them.

How can brands tackle this issue?

Interactive content can be one of the most effective ways.

Exploring the Benefits of Interactive Content

A consumer is always interested in contributing to a brand's development, which drives their engagement. They also expect brands to invest in more personalized content.

Interactive content combines these two factors, bringing brands the following benefits:

  1. Delivering educational value to the customers

    The main goal of interactive content is not only to entertain the consumers but to educate them as well. Interactive content is the source of experiential learning. This content also creates customer's first virtual experience with the product before they purchase it.

  2. Increasing conversion rates

    Since interactive content is highly engaging and educational, it will deliver more conversions. A study published by Unbounce proves this, claiming that content that delivers value to the user results in better conversion rates.

  3. Better customer relationship management

    Interactive content can become one of the media through which you will attract and engage new customers, giving them an opportunity to actively interact with your brand.

What do consumers think about interactive content?

They want brands to make more of it. Even in B2B businesses, consumers give preference to interactive content. Reportedly, 91% of B2B buyers say they prefer interactive content and visual content to static content.

What if you need to target a very specific niche audience?

Let's take a look at how three different brands employ interactive content to target their niche audiences.

  1. 1. Eyeko and Product Quiz

    Type of interactive content: a quiz to create a personalized product
    Audience: women looking for eye makeup products (non-allergic, waterproof, etc.) with a personalized natural formula.

    A quiz is one of the most popular types of interactive content. You probably know BuzzFeed and its popular quizzes that cover different topics. BuzzFeed's quizzes, however, serve only the purpose of entertainment. However, this type of content can also help brands personalize their product and serve as the foundation of the relationship between a brand and a customer.

    For instance, Eyeko, a British eye makeup company, uses a quiz to help customers personalize their products according to their preferences, health restrictions, etc.:

    Quiz to create a personalized product

    As a result, a consumer gets the product, ready to use according to the quiz answer they gave to the brand.

    Quiz to create a personalized product

    When it comes to product personalization, quizzes work best for both a customer and a brand. If you have a niche audience, to whom you sell a personalized product, a quiz is the best way to study their needs and offer them a product according to their preferences.

  2. 2. Flatfy and Interactive Maps

    Type of interactive content: an interactive video for recruiting purposes
    Audience: potential Deloitte job applicants

    How this company tackled increasing engagement rates proves that you can find interactive content for every niche audience.

    When launching their website, Faltfy, an international real estate company, created an interactive map to help their clients navigate real estate listings around the world:

    Interactive video for recruiting purposes

    By navigating this map, customers get redirected to the subsidiary websites, where they can browse real estate listings and contact local company representatives.

    This is a great solution for both B2B and B2C audiences, as it simplifies the search and makes the interaction with the brand easier and more personalized. If you work both with B2B and B2C audiences, you can try this solution to increase conversions and improve engagement rates.

  3. 3. Deloitte and Interactive Videos

    Type of interactive content: an interactive map of global real estate services
    Audience: B2B and B2C customers looking for real estate around the world

    A while ago, Deloitte launched a recruitment campaign that involved the use of interactive content, an interactive video, in particular.

    In this video, Deloitte offers potential job candidates to go through a few challenges to help them determine, in which Deloitte department they would fit:

    According to the answers that potential job candidates provide, they get to choose the department they are most interested in working for and learn more about the specifics of working there.

    In addition to this video, Deloitte also developed a 360-degree video for those who are interested in learning more about Deloitte's working space.

    Interactive videos are the universal type of interactive content that can fit every purpose and every niche audience. Besides, videos are known for their effect on engagement rates, so if you are thinking about investing in interactive content, you should definitely consider interactive videos.

Give Interactive Content a Try

Engaging consumers gets harder and harder for many brands, especially those who want to target niche audiences. Consumers, however, expect brands to perform at their highest capacity, when it comes to producing content, and want brands to impress them.

In this case, choosing interactive content for your marketing strategy is a win-win move both for you and for your target audience. Consumers get interaction with your brand and your product, and you get more exposure and higher engagement rates.

On the examples of the brands that we've mentioned above, you can see that you can easily target niche audiences with the right choice of interactive content. Interactive content allows you to show your product from a different perspective and establish your authority as a creative brand.

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