Corporate Identity As a Form Of Advertising and Marketing

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Corporate Identity As a Form Of Advertising And Marketing

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There is no denying the fact that we, as business owners or even regular customers, often hear about corporate identity. However, we do not know what corporate identity is. We are often found confused about what actually this corporate identity is. And how does it even help the business?

Well, we get it. It gets pretty confusing for a marketing amateur to understand these terms and their relationship with the brand's marketing. We are here to make this a little easier for you. Coming right to the question:

What is Corporate Identity?

What Actually Corporate Identity Is?

In laymen's terms and to make it a little easier for amateur readers, corporate identity is the way an organization represents itself. Through a corporate identity, the organization represents itself to its shareholders, employees, customers, and even the regular public.

When we generally talk about corporate identity, it usually means a simple image/ symbol in a few cases or maybe a famous company image to update the general public about the information. However, it is not restricted to this only. The overall corporate identity includes company communication, which is generally visualized by the company logo or any trademark.

The main point that one should consider is the homogeneity of the company communication that produces the organization's right and consistent identity.

Why Is It Important?

Why Is It Important?

You, as a person, must have some identification card, which ensures your identity and is a source of your identification, right? Even working in an organization, some identification is dedicated to you. This is exactly why we have a corporate identity. It allows others to recognize and retain the company image and based on it. The whole company identity is built.

Following are the main reasons why corporate identity is significant for any organization.

  1. [1] It gives a homogeneous impression of corporate communication and creates consistency of the organization.
  2. [2] It establishes a Unique Selling Proposition of the organization regarding the brand value.
  3. [3] It further allows the differentiation of the brand from the rest of the brands.
  4. [4] With the help of corporate identity, the brand can further engage with all stakeholders that establish a long-term association regarding customer loyalty.

Now another question arises, how can one actually build a corporate identity?

If you think about the long-term identity, you must know it is essential to establish a relatable identity that resonates with your brand well and can communicate with your audience. Following are a few steps that will help you build your corporate identity if you are still looking for the ideas to do that for your brand.



Think of all the reasons why you started off the business. There are a few questions that you should answer, like knowing what your organization's proper mission and vision of your organization are. Think way ahead of your organization and motivation why you would want to continue it.

Having a clear vision is important as it outlines all reasons for the business and gives a clear foundation on which you must have built the organization and will later become the whole business that one has dreamed of.

Current Status

Current Status

You must be aware of the current status of your organization, like who are the real competitors of the organization, its activities, and the existing feedback and the customers, as it helps in the business sustainability in the market.

These are a few factors that will help you understand the organization's current status, and you can spot the areas. The organization will be free to use negative and positive feedback to enhance and maintain its identity and market image.

Outward Analysis

Outward Analysis

Not only the internal aspects, but the organization is responsible for looking for the right outer conditions of the market, including competitor activities, customer preferences, industry trends, and tastes.

These are a few of the many factors that contribute to the company's success and the failures of others. It allows the organization to be prepared for all kinds of external challenges that may threaten the current organization's image and enhance it in the future.

Company Future

Company Future

As an owner or marketer of the company, you must have some future information with you. You should know about what next is to come and how you are going to deal with them. It helps in prolonging the sustaining process.

Ensure you have established a reliable image keeping today's thoughts in mind. Be as short-sighted as possible to know how the company would look in the long run and think and plan the overall corporate identity accordingly.

Out of many other things that one should decide regarding new product planning, the overall five-year planning and variations in the current products are all the other things that one should consider while deciding on the company's future and transforming it into a corporate identity.

Establish Corporate Identity

Establish Corporate Identity

Keeping all the other factors in mind, like why you even begin the journey, where you are standing today, where you want to go, and how you want to take it further, the whole organization drafts and establishes its own strategy to develop, maintain or modify the corporate identity.

Make sure you are establishing the brand strategy by keeping the brand personality, positioning with the different products, the establishment of effective and attractive logos that end up creating a style if brand and brand identity since these are the main was of building a corporate identity. There is no denying to the fact that branding is one important key to creating a corporate identity.

Final Thoughts

There is no denying the fact that branding is one important aspect of building a corporate identity... A catchy and attractive image is the first step to attracting and enticing customers to your brand and organization.

Selecting the right color for the corporate also makes a difference and goes a long way as it shows that this red color creates a hunger in the audience. Therefore, most food brands use red color in their logo, and some very well-known brands include McDonald's and KFC.

The factors like these go a long way in creating a brand image like the Big M of McDonald's or Nike's swoosh. You have to make something out of the box to ensure your brand reaches the top heights in marketing, obviously for the right reasons only.

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