12 Greatest Challenges the Virtual Marketing Teams are Facing Now

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There are several challenges that virtual marketing teams have to deal with to be successful. The importance of marketing teams to the growth of a business organization is such that the organization would hardly stand without a strong and capable marketing team. Many organizations – especially the small and medium organizations – have that they do not know how to create compelling virtual marketing teams.

This is large because they do not know the common problems that a marketing team has to overcome for the business's growth, so they do not set up their marketing teams with the right resources to overcome these challenges. After all, you can't overcome a problem that you do not know of.

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To settle your curiosity, here are 12 challenges that the virtual marketing teams are facing now:

  1. 1. Communication


    Communication within the virtual marketing team is essential. The marketing team has to be up-to-date with all the market strategies they are going to use in their campaigns. However, there is also the need to communicate with other departments, as well. Some of these other teams or departments are the creative design team and the sales team.

    Communicating with the sales team will give the marketing team a clue as to what strategies are working effectively. But the creative design team will help design infographics and other designs that they may need for their content marketing.

  2. 2. Traffic and leads generation

    Traffic and leads generation

    In a report by authors at best essay writing service 2020, the most common problem for marketing teams is the generation of leads and traffic to their website. This is because, year by year, the competition for the same target audience stiffens among business organizations, like Entrepreneurship Life. This has led to a reduction in the demand for content by many marketers.

    There is also the problem of marketers not knowing what platform to focus their efforts because of the increasing number of available platforms. Creating high-quality content is more important now than ever.

  3. 3. Getting ROI for marketing efforts

    Getting ROI for marketing efforts

    The only way for marketers to evaluate their marketing efforts and know the most effective strategy is to measure their ROI. However, according to an article at custom essay service, measuring ROI for marketing strategies is one of the significant problems for marketers.

    Constant communication between the marketing and sales team is vital for this. Both teams must work together to establish a connection between marketing efforts and sales results.

  4. 4. Budget


    It is widespread for marketing teams not to get enough budget to fund their marketing campaigns. This has become a significant challenge for these teams because it would be impossible to implement excellent ideas for generating revenues without enough funds.

    Many marketing teams do not get enough budget because they do not have the ROI to justify their past marketing strategies. This makes it even more critical for marketing teams to show their strategy's results with the ROI.

  5. 5. Lack of expertise and knowledge

    Lack of expertise and knowledge

    Marketing has become even more dynamic now than it was years before. The problem with this is that it allows other people from disciplines to change their career paths and become marketers. While it is not wrong for people to change their routes or become marketers having worked in other fields, it causes a gradual loss in the fundamental knowledge of marketing.

    This is the problem that many organizations, especially small organizations, have with some of their marketers. This lack of expertise causes failure in marketing, but it may also be a problem if these people work in a marketing team.

  6. 6. Identifying technologies that are right for marketing

    Identifying technologies that are right for marketing

    In an article by Rebecca Kolowich, a content creator at Write my dissertation, continually emerging technologies in different industries is becoming more of a problem for marketers. As software developers all over the world continue to develop more prominent technologies, marketers find it hard to settle for the technology that is right for them.

    Trying to find the best technology for them, marketers might ask their friends, analysts, and colleagues in the industry. This leaves them with a variety of results but doesn't solve their problem.

  7. 7. Website management

    Website management

    Managing the organization's website is also a challenge for marketers, although it has become less of a worry in recent years. The company's website's performance is usually a priority for marketers, from developing beautiful homepages to creating high-quality content optimized for the audience. The marketer does have a lot of work on their hands.

    Some other website issues that marketers have to handle are increasing their website's load time, making the website mobile friendly and secure. All of these are critical for website performance.

  8. 8. Creating content targeted for the international audience

    Creating content targeted for the international audience

    If the marketing team has this problem, then it is a big organization that has gone or is going international. The first thing that the marketers have to deal with is the quality of the content.

    The content quality has to be like they are providing the best resume writing service for their audience. They also have to ensure that the material is optimized for the country/countries in the discussion.

  9. 9. Training team members

    Training team members

    This is a big problem for virtual marketing teams if you don't want to hire a virtual assistant. The team members have to be on-board on different levels. They need to continue learning new concepts and marketing strategies, as well as the tools necessary to help them reach their full potential and achieve the maximum results. Passing this message across as regularly as possible is where the problem lies.

    Understanding the level of expertise, strengths, and weakness, and commitment of members of the marketing team is the key to solving this problem.

  10. 10. Hiring the best marketing talent

    Hiring the best marketing talent

    Organizations with underperforming marketing teams are trying to hire the best marketing talent to help them do better. But others with good marketing teams also want to be better or at least maintain their level. This makes the competition for marketing talent a very stiff one. The fact that many companies are moving towards inbound marketing makes the talent competition even more rigid.

    So, there are fewer marketers with the business, creative and technical proficiencies that are needed to succeed as a digital marketer.

  11. 11. Understanding customer behavior

    Understanding customer behavior

    Customer behavior is continuously changing, and this leaves marketers with a load of work on their necks. They must provide the best content optimized for their customers, but they have to be in sync with the current trends in customer needs and demands.

    An article by the custom essay explains how year after year, the trust that customers have in brands and organizations tends to reduce. Many customers are reluctant to drop personal details, says it all, which makes them work harder for marketers.

  12. 12. Large data

    Large data

    Marketers are responsible for reaching out to millions of people to generate leads and traffic to their website.

    The ability to reach out to a large number of people is advantageous for marketers on the one hand. But on the other hand, it opens them up to a large amount of data about these people and creates a problem of tackling this extensive data for marketers.


The importance of marketing teams to the growth of a business organization cannot be underestimated. However, these teams face a lot of challenges in trying to fulfill their responsibilities. Knowing these challenges and understanding them is key to overcoming it.

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