Design page setup and properties (Help)

Design page setup and properties

In order to set up your design preferences, please click on the Page Properties section, located in the left side of the editor page.

Set the background page color

Set the background page color on PixTeller Editor

In order to change your design background page follow the next steps:

  • 1. Open the Page properties section or click on the design page;
  • 2. Click on Color, choose between Solid, Linear or Radial and pick your favorite color;
  • 3. Press the Ok yellow button to update the background color.

Change the design page dimensions

Set page size

If you already know the dimensions you need for your design you can manually change the page size:

  • 1. Open the Page properties section or click on the design page;
  • 2. Type the desired page size values into the width & height inputs and the dimensions will update in real time.

If you are not sure of the sizes you need for your images, you can always use our preset sizes. To do this, you will have to follow the steps below:

  • 1. Open the Page properties section or click on the design page;
  • 2. Press the "Preset sizes" or "Smart resize" button;
  • Choose and select the desired page type or size from our list and the dimensions will update in real time.

Note: The design page sizes are in Pixels. PixTeller Editor does not limit to the preset sizes, but these are the most common ones. You can set any size you wish to your designs, depending on where these will be incorporated: websites, blogs, social media profiles or documents etc.

Multi page options for your designs

Multi page option

With our PixTeller multi page option, you can create amazing presentations, albums, catalogs, two-sided designs, menus or any graphics that fit your needs.

How to set the design title

Set design title

Type the new title in the input section of the Editor header and save your design with the new title.

Feel free to contact us anytime and we'll answer any additional questions you may have.

  1. LukeWright

    LukeWright 1 week ago
    Best way to complete the design pages and setups properties with work hard with consistency.Pix Teller is awesome tool for use preset sizes there for provide multi page option,create amazing presentations,UK Dissertation Help Online

  2. John Wake

    John Wake 3 days ago
    Thanks for this guide, it's very useful for a beginner, because the most important thing is when you just start working in some new graphics editor, it's customized for you, so that it's convenient to do everything from quick access panels to a convenient layout of the color palette. I want to share my impressions about this wonderful application, I used to do a design in Photoshop, but this is not so convenient as it is done in PixTeller. I advise everyone. Here is an example of a site for which I made the design

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