How Advertising Adds Value to Your Brand

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How Advertising Adds Value to Your Brand

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Whether you rely on online or offline advertising or take a hybrid approach, ads benefit your business on multiple levels. They attract relevant customers, increase brand awareness, and generate revenue. In this article, you will learn more about different types of advertising and how they benefit your business.

There are different ways to advertise your brand. Despite the wide range of choices at hand, all advertising forms share several goals: to put your brand in front of the right people and convert them into qualified leads and customers. For starters, advertising is classified into offline and online.

Offline Advertising

Offline Advertising

Offline advertising is a traditional brand promotion technique. It can be:

  • • Print advertising includes flyer printing, brochures, directories, flyers, posters, direct mail, newspapers, and magazines.

  • • Out-of-home, or outdoor advertising, includes marketing that targets customers outside of their homes. It includes billboards, digital LED displays, poster printing, etc.

  • • Broadcast advertising involves sharing promotional materials via television or radio. It includes a wide array of ads, including infomercials, local sports marketing, etc.

Offline ads are great because you are reaching larger audiences and different customer groups. On the other hand, you do not know whether the right people see your ads and how well they convert into paying customers.

Online Advertising

Online Advertising

With the rise of the internet, the number of businesses investing in digital marketing has grown astonishingly. While organic marketing techniques such as SEO or social media marketing take time, paid ads deliver instant results.

Most importantly, unlike traditional ads, digital advertising is highly targeted. You can reach more relevant audiences and reduce your expenses by determining who can see your ads.

Now, there are different types of online advertising:

  • • Social media advertising serves brand promotions via social networks. Since most customers are on social, these ads can boost your conversions.

  • • Native ads are relevant and natural. They perfectly match the content that surrounds them and, as such, boost user engagement and sales.

  • • Display advertising can be animated or stagnant. Their main goal is to sell something.

  • • Paid search ads involve bidding on keywords so your ads can appear high in the SERPs for them. They are called pay-per-click (PPC) ads because you pay only when a user clicks on the ad.

Driving Brand Awareness

Driving Brand Awareness

Now that you know the main types of advertising, let's see how they can benefit your business. In the sea of similar brands, your goal is to stand out. With the help of advertising, you can build a recognizable and memorable brand. For example, outdoor ads are noticed by wider audience groups and get them to memorize your brand name, logo, and products.

With digital ads, on the other hand, you can put yourself in front of the right online users. Instead of waiting for your organic marketing strategies to work, you will appear faster in front of the right customers faster.

Maximizing Sales

Maximizing Sales

The goal of any marketing strategy is to convert audiences into paying customers. That is where data-driven advertising campaigns can help.

In the abovementioned section, we explained that advertising maximizes brand exposure and boosts brand awareness. A consistent brand presence builds trust with your target customers. They will perceive you as a legitimate business and make purchasing decisions faster.

Driving Brand Consistency

Driving Brand Consistency

We often hear that online advertising is better than its offline counterpart and vice versa. However, that does not mean they cannot work together. When planned and implemented strategically, online and offline advertising can be a match made in heaven. They can help you advertise your brand consistently across all marketing channels you use.

Brand consistency impacts customer perceptions of your brand, making it appear trustworthy and reliable.

For example, one way to combine online and offline advertising is through QR codes. You can add them to your print or outdoor marketing materials to point potential customers to your website's homepage, product pages, landing pages, signup forms, or even social networks. On the other hand, PPC ads and social media ads can help you promote your physical store and drive foot traffic to it.

That is why your brand should look consistent across all advertising channels you use. Create a thorough brand stylebook for your advertising team to use.

Final Thoughts

Advertising plays a fundamental role in brand promotion. It helps you boost brand visibility and awareness. While offline advertising attracts wider audiences, its online counterpart focuses on engaging, relevant users interested in your products and industry.

That is exactly why combining online and offline advertising is essential. That way, you will engage users at every touchpoint and create highly engaging user experiences. Most importantly, you will generate qualified leads and convert them faster. How do you use advertising to grow your brand?


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