5 Best Advantages of Using Social Media Automation Tools for Businesses

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With over 3 billion active social media users, it is only prudent to say that social media is the best place to run marketing campaigns. It is a dynamic and exciting environment with several billions of potential leads and over a few thousand of varied markets, connected through one medium and intertwined.

Social media is incredibly popular. It is unimaginably potent for businesses looking for a reliable tool to market their product or service.

Social Media Automation

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According to the Digital 2020 July, Global Snapshot published on July 21, 2020, over half the world's populace is now on social media. 4.57 billion Internet users are present globally, out of which 346 million new internet users have been online over the past 12 months. Whether your business is big or small, social media automation can save you time and money. With a wide range of stellar tools available, it is now easier to reduce unnecessary wastage of time on manual tasks.

You would certainly want to generate leads, foster business-client relationships, and increase sales as an aspiring entrepreneur. Accomplishing such ambitions is critically vital for the health of a brand or business and its maturity.

Social media is now a potential platform for businesses wanting to drive maximum traffic to their business and convert. With this platform, it is now possible to attract a monthly audience in billions, leaving an adequate target market share.

Businesses should come up with innovative marketing strategies to stay ahead in this evolving marketplace. There are many new platforms, besides Facebook, that the masses are using and adapting very quickly. Some of the common platforms are Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

You would want to have the maximum reach to ensure each potential audience gets a glimpse of your brand as a business. It is a matter of immense effort and time.

Pew Research Center On Internet & Technology published the latest research report stating that 71 percent of Americans in the age bracket of 18 and 24 use Instagram, and 73 percent of individuals use Facebook.

Since you have much data now, let's learn in detail about social media automation.

What is Social Media Automation?

What is Social Media Automation?

Social media platforms influence the scope of businesses. It is one of the globally accepted platforms for companies to expand and thrive. Statistics reveal that approximately 42% of the world's population is on social media, which is about 3.2 billion worldwide users. The numbers are increasing every single day.

The growing numbers are an indication of the potential of these channels for online marketers. However, leveraging this dominant tool is challenging. Your brand should be consistent, relevant, and available across social networks. Moreover, it is imperative to measure your social efforts and performance, track trends, and engage with prospects constantly on the channels. Performing these tracking activities and running multiple digital campaigns to promote a brand can be demanding. This is why there is a fundamental role of social media automation in digital marketing strategies.

Automation includes specific tasks like content publishing, content scheduling, and republishing content, curating content trends, engagement tracking, and analysis. Some advanced tasks include sentiment analysis and social listening that allow brands to engage with prospects deeper.

On average, businesses that tested automated witnessed a 32 percent revenue growth after a year and up to 77 percent conversion growth. Likewise, 80 percent of marketers using automation software reported more lead generation.

In another two years, 21% of marketing heads say that they want to use an automation platform. I hope you understand the benefits of social media automation. Are you wondering how to adapt?

Social Media Automation For Your Business

Social Media Automation For Your Business

Depending on your social media platform and approach, it might be easier to automate a few tasks than most of the others. Automation software enables users to share content and posts on multiple social media channels simultaneously.

If you schedule your posts prior, it allows you to engage with different segments of customers at the perfect time of engagement. For example, you can use Facebook post manager to schedule your posts for a week and simply relax.

Automation is great because it saves a lot of time. Essentially, you are free to line up your posts for the whole week on a Sunday. You can sit back and watch the posts reach and even engage with customers throughout the entire week.

Now that you know what social media automation can do for your business, let's learn more about its benefits in detail.

5 Benefits of Social Media Automation

5 Benefits of Social Media Automation

Automation can be a substantial part of your business. It is powerful enough to reach billions of people at the same time, across the world. Here are the top 5 benefits:

1. Timesaving Concept

Timesaving Concept

Generally, social media marketing campaigns take a lot of time. From preparation to final presentation, countless steps are involved. For the same reason, digital marketing teams have to be proactive and consistent in their efforts to attract new customers.

With automation, it is possible to achieve your goals. It gives you options like Engagement Responses, Auto-Posting, and Schedule Posting. Using these options, you can maximize time-saving. Rather than wasting your time managing digital marketing campaigns, you can utilize this time to ensure you can investigate better growth opportunities, engage with your customers, and run the business.

2. Frequent Interaction & Engagement With Your Customers

Frequent Interaction & Engagement With Your Customers

Today, customers want to connect with a brand they like. Social media is the most popular tool to connect, interact, and engage. Leveraging on that, businesses can use tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, Agora Plus, and Crowd fire to boost up their audience.

How do these tools help?
They help with post scheduling at a time when users are most active, determine the right time to post using analytics, and analyze how the post is performing. Automation tools are best to decide when to post and maximize your chances of having the maximum exposure for the content. As such, it also increases the possibilities of reaching the target audience.

An excellent tool that delivers bi-way communication. Customer care service is the top priority. It becomes more efficient and much easier to respond to customer queries and ensure they interact with the brand. To serve this purpose, many new features were unveiled recently across several platforms.

With automation, you can:

  • • Plan your promotions and events upfront, thus making more time to engage with the target audience;
  • • Provide an innovative approach to customer engagement and deliver personalized customer care service together with individual interaction;
  • • Get real-time feedback in the form of reviews and opinions, schedule social media activities ahead of time, and plan both timed and impromptu events;

  • • Post tutorials about the product and/or service using LMS software;
  • • Add surveys and quizzes to create engaging content and posts for the platform. These are diverse tools to assess customers.

Using these ideas, you can learn more about the ideal customer, their choices and preferences, their pain points, and personalize your service based on the interaction.

3. Personalize Your Brand/Business

Personalize Your Brand/Business

Social media debunks the norm of faceless marketing. Brands can make more money out of it than ever before. Customers like to know from whom they are buying things.

They consider the brand value and its trustworthiness in terms of top quality, branding, and care. As a result, it increases the brand's reach and awareness, which ensures lead generation. Define the brand and its personality through such campaigns.

You can also develop the voice of your brand with an influencer. Social media influencers are people with a considerable following, could be fan following or real followers. However, always consider your target audience before choosing an online influencer, as it influences the brand's aura. You can add social culture, society mindset, or humorous campaigns to promote your brand.

Customers associate with the voice of the brand or the influencer with the business, which, in turn, boosts fame.

4. Cost-Effective Marketing

 Cost-Effective Marketing

Marketing is the most vital and undisputed factor to promote a brand and ensure it thrives. You may be spending millions on this market but not benefitting from it. You have to know the brand, be familiar with it, and create your marketing strategies based on the brand and its target audience.

With social media, you can promote your brand at a much lower cost and interact with your customers from different regions. You have a 24/7 marketing platform at your disposal.

Even if your customers are not buying, you can still invoke them by offering flash sales and massive discounts. You can pitch a post in the form of an advertisement, create a link to the website, and draw more traffic. It could tempt several customers and even businesses to visit the website and subscribe to your newsletters. It is also a great way to keep them informed about your business.

5. Improved Brand Reputation

Improved Brand Reputation

Social media automation is crucial to improve your brand's credibility in the virtual world. When customers stay engaged with a business, it drives feedback and reviews to enhance their reputation. Success rate, feedback, and good reviews can have a surprising impact on the importance of your business, whereas bad reviews might tarnish your brand image. Therefore, it is essential to check the business quality constantly and maintain consistency.

Today, the vital trends in digital and social media marketing trends are search engine optimization (SEO) and Google search ranking. More shares help on-page SEO, Instagram posts, tweets, and backlinks to your site show up with top-level user engagement with a brand. It would boost your business analytics and metrics in this competitive market.

Automate › Interact › Engage › Succeed

Automate – Interact – Engage – Succeed

Social media channels are all about interacting and engaging with your target audience to know what they are looking for. Try to be consistent in this volatile marketplace and keep your customers engaged in building the brand image across multiple channels. Automating social media drives can boost your business in more ways than you could imagine. However, there are risks involved. Constant monitoring and tracking is the key to keep your customers engaged.

Final Thoughts

Automation boosts your online presence and ensures your organization is better. It brings countless benefits to plan online activities and campaigns to do everything that is necessary to stay ahead in the competition.

Have a stronger customer base and broader online presence with a credible campaign.

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