How Graphic Design Plays an Important Role in Social Media Marketing

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How Graphic Design Plays an Important Role in Social Media Marketing Design your own short videos with PixTeller animation editor & GIF maker

Social media has long ago passed the friends and family circle and has developed as a powerful marketing tool that businesses cannot survive without. Any business that wants to increase its market reach has to invest in social media marketing. However, merely having a social media presence will not help you cut through the case - you need a presence that can grab the attention of social media users.

People tend to scroll through multiple social media feeds and are exposed to an endless number of posts everyday. And the only way to make them stop scrolling and look at your content is by creating attractive graphics. Professionally designed advertisements and promotional materials are bombarded into the screens of people every minute, and thus, focusing on your own graphic designing is the only way to stand out.

Having a solid graphic designing plan will not only help in attracting users to your profile but also helps in building brand awareness and recognition.

So, let's see how graphic design plays a crucial role in social media marketing and why you should start focusing on it right away.

  1. Great Graphics Boost Engagement

    Great Graphics Boost Engagement

    Your graphic design expertise can be used to drive engagement across the roof on any social media site. With a good design in hand, social media managers will be able to work on the engagement and virality of the post.

    The objective of social media marketing is mainly increasing numbers, including likes, comments, shares, and followers - and a killer graphic can help achieve all of that. When you create graphics using interesting images and text, it encourages your followers to share your content on their profile.

    This gives your marketing content an extra reach and engagement from social media users outside of your follower count. The more people engage with your post, the more are the chances of going viral. Thus, by improving your content from a graphic design standpoint, you will get a better shot at increasing those engagement numbers.

  1. Creates A Good First Impression

    Creates A Good First Impression

    Lousy posts can send a message that your business is not serious about making a presence on social media. On the other hand, well-thought graphic designs send out an impression of how detail-oriented and organized your brand is.

    Graphic designing is the key to create the desired first impression and set your profile apart in the sea of competition. Profile pictures, cover images, avatars, and icons are the first things that people will notice when they land on your profile. Thus, even before they start scrolling your feed, an image will be formed in people's minds.

    You need to make sure that these things tend to be the same on every social media platform. Keep your logo as the profile picture and design branded cover images with brand colors.

  1. Helps Build Brand Awareness

    Helps Build Brand Awareness

    Social media is all about visuals. Images, videos, and infographics often receive more reach as compared to posts containing only text. So, if you make efforts to let your followers remember you through social media posts, they will definitely come back to learn more about your brand's offerings.

    The best way to make your social media designs memorable is by incorporating your brand colors into your posts. There should be consistency in the color palette, fonts, and designs that you use. Uniform use of a particular set of colors will help your followers identify your brand's products and services.

    When people recognize your brand, there is also a high possibility of them sharing your posts with their network. So, the more consistent you are, the better your brand awareness will become.

  1. Increases Attention Span

    Increases Attention Span

    The average attention span of a human being is just 7 to 8 seconds! That means, if your social media post design is not able to grab the attention of viewers in the first 7-8 seconds, they'll scroll away without engaging with it. Combining all the major platforms, social media is an endless pool of visual as well as textual content that people go through on a daily basis.

    And often, people mindlessly scroll through their feeds without actually paying attention to the posts. As the amount of content consumed increases, the attention span decreases. Given the fact that you only have a few seconds to catch your target audience's attention, the only way out is by designing exceptional graphics.

  1. Creates Loyal Customers

    Creates Loyal Customers

    Social media is full of people who are aware and educated. They are conscious about the kind of content they consume. You can't just capture their attention by doing nothing. Thus, to strike a chord with your target audience, you need to create remarkable graphic designs. Eye-catching visuals, graphs, pie charts, and other graphic content entices interest among users.

    Such posts will be shared more by your followers and they will continue to expect good content from your brand. It will also help you reach more people and get more followers across multiple social media platforms. These will be the people who will remember your brand when they need to make any purchase in the future.

    So, great graphic designing first helps in converting your target audience into followers and then into customers.

  1. Conveys Your Message Easily

    Conveys Your Message Easily

    It's a very popular saying that “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Nowhere is this truer than on social media. There are limits on character spaces, caption lengths are short, and people are always distracted by other posts on their feed. It clearly explains the importance of graphic design for conveying a message.

    You can design your posts in such a way that it covers maximum information about the topic. In fact, infographics get shared three times more as compared to other forms of content. A single image can steal the show if it's designed on point.

    You can also create thought-provoking videos, stunning photographic images, or bold slogans in eye-catching typography. Stock photos or simple typography images are not going to work as effectively as content designed specifically to deliver your brand's message. The bottom line is your content should make people stop scrolling and engage with it.

  1. Graphics Helps In Increasing Website Traffic

    Graphics Helps In Increasing Website Traffic

    The ultimate motive of promoting your brand on social media is to send people to your website and convert them into customers, right? Well, if you are not able to grab the eyeballs of your audience with your content, you'll never be able to make them check out your profile or website. Good graphic designs are better poised in their ability to make a mark among the viewers.

    It helps strengthen your brand, builds trust with your audience, and makes your brand appear larger than it actually is. Good graphics could also encourage a user to publish your links/posts on his/her own social media sites and bring potential buyers back to the company's main website or begin an unlimited viral campaign. As a result, along with building brand awareness, the number of people visiting your website will also go uphill.

  1. Make Your Brand Memorable

    Make Your Brand Memorable

    Social media content quickly goes outdated. Trends are very short-lived, and new kinds of content are produced every day. Newsfeeds of people are always filled with new images and call to action. Thus, businesses can face a struggle to be seen and remembered in this huge sphere of social media.

    Graphic design can help you stand out from this crowd and deliver a memorable marketing message. It is scientifically proven that the human brain processes visuals better, and the information sticks to people's minds. Through graphics, you can convert the driest material into exciting and engaging visual content.

    There are many online tools that can help you in creating visuals, but of course, a design created professionally using your brand themes will stand out more. Even if your business itself doesn't lend photograph-led marketing content, you can create insta-worthy content with the help of graphic design. x

  1. Graphics Can Influence People

    Graphics Can Influence People

    Colors, elements, and layouts are not only in play while designing graphics. Excellent graphic design is vital, especially for business purposes, because it can essentially convince or affect your target audience. As you already know, you only have a few seconds to connect with your audience.

    Therefore it is imperative to convey a strong message with the right graphic design. Confusion or even delays should be avoided. This is why graphic designers also know the psychology of colors and the impacts of visual elements on people. The right colors and images blended with the right message can influence people to take action.

  1. Graphics Build Goodwill For Your Brand

    Graphics Build Goodwill For Your Brand

    Social media posts that stand out from others will earn you the goodwill of your followers. People will appreciate your content and will visit your profiles more often. This will definitely lay the foundation of a long-term relationship between you and your target audience. This audience gradually turns into paying customers, and if they find your products useful, they'll invite more people to check out your offerings.

    This will slowly create a circle of loyal customers for your business and will take the growth rate of your brand to a new level. So, without any doubt, it can be said that graphic design plays a vital role in building goodwill for your brand.

Final Thoughts

A good graphic design captivates the viewer's attention, makes your brand memorable, and drives huge engagement on your social media profiles as well as your website. It creates a positive brand image and builds recognition. It can express what your brand stands for.

Social media networks are changing the landscape of digital marketing and as a part of it, graphic design should be ready to act accordingly. The success of your social media marketing campaigns generally depends upon the number of clicks, likes, and shares that it gets; and only professionally designed graphics can get you all of that!

Until next time, Be creative! - Pix'sTory made by Debbie Moran

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