Key Tips on Planning a Month of Social Media Posts

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Key Tips on Planning a Month of Social Media Posts Design your own short videos with PixTeller animation editor & GIF maker

While the necessity of social media for promoting your brand is clear, it's time to turn the page. This article will shed light on how to create a social media calendar and explain why this is important.

A social media plan is a powerful tool for managing the content that will ultimately be posted to different social networks. Check out the following 5 reasons why a social media plan is a must in your social media marketing strategy.

  1. 5 Benefits of a Social Media Plan

    It Saves Your Time

    It Saves Your Time

    The most important benefit of auto-posting on Instagram is considered to be time-efficient. By scheduling Instagram posts in advance, you save time that can be dedicated to other tasks and increase your own efficiency.

  1. It Ensures a Consistent Profile Style

    It Ensures a Consistent Profile Style

    When creating a social media profile, you need to approve the branding for the content. This allows subscribers to instantly tell your content apart from the content of competitors. Scheduling posts allows you to immediately define the style of content and create each post in accordance with that style.

  1. It Increases the Number of Publications

    It Increases the Number of Publications

    Scheduling Instagram content allows you to post more often. By posting regularly, you increase the variety of interactions with your audience. This positively affects your brand awareness and also automatically increases the number of likes, comments, and followers.

  1. It Improves Content Quality

    It Improves Content Quality

    When posting photos to Instagram, one of the biggest challenges is creating captions for them. By planning your posts on Instagram in advance, you will have the opportunity to think over and create the best texts for the published photos. You can spend the saved time creating new, original, and effective Instagram captions.

  1. It Allows You to Monitor the Balance of Content

    It Allows You to Monitor the Balance of Content

    Scheduling Instagram posts helps you keep track of the overall balance of your published content. Planning will help you maintain an 80/20 ratio of entertaining/promotional content and improve your statistics. By planning the posting in advance, you will immediately understand whether you need to change something in the content plan or not.

  1. 7 Tips on Planning a Monthly Social Media Calendar

    Plan a Time and Choose the Tools

    Plan a Time and Choose the Tools

    Plan a time when you can concentrate on creating a plan. An ideal time is at least 2 weeks before the month begins. This will allow you to think everything over in the smallest details and not be taken aback when the time X comes. Giving your plan some throughout look will reduce the daily stress level.

    The second is choosing the tools needed to fulfill the plan created. You will surely need a calendar so you can either connect the Google Calendar or print a monthly calendar out. Also, remember to pull up a holiday and National Hashtag calendar, gather all the details about upcoming promotions for your business, and create an environment around. Little steps will lead far.

  1. Put the Business' Big Promotions on the Calendar

    Put the Business' Big Promotions on the Calendar

    These can act as the key things that your 30-day plan rotates around. Is there any significant event planned for the month? A company's anniversary, or maybe a new product is going to be released? Put it on your calendar with no doubt. Let the public know about what's on your agenda for your business. Sketch out a social media post with an involved picture, a quote, or a catchy phrase. Use any way to emphasize the content of the blog.

  1. Make Assignments

    Make Assignments

    After you have a sketch of your monthly plan, it's time to go detailed. It's not necessarily you who performs all the tasks. If you have a team or an assistant, divide the tasks between them. If not, create a list of assignments and make sure you can deal with all of them. In some cases, you will need a freelance designer to perform the visual part or a copywriter to create a memorable text. It's better to take these questions in advance.

    Regardless of the number of people working on social media content for your business, think of the following questions:

    • • Who will be taking photos?
    • • Who will be writing texts?
    • • Who is responsible for graphics?
    • • What emails do you need to send and phone calls to make?
  1. Categorize the Posts You Share

    Categorize the Posts You Share

    Classifying your blog posts into meaningful categories simplifies the scheduling process. Some people like to divide their posts into categories. They categorize the content by the source, determining whether this is a user-generated, curated or created post. Others go deeper documenting whether this is a photo, a video, a reel, and etc. Apart from facilitating the scheduling, it will let you see where your profile might lack diversity or on the contrary be oversaturated.

    Maintain that healthy balance of different types of content to retain your followers and keep them from burning out.

  1. Decide on Posting Frequency

    Decide on Posting Frequency

    One crucial rule about social media posting is the fixed frequency. Every business has its purpose, and every social media dictates its own rules. What you should do is to decide on the optimal posting schedule and stick to it.

    This can be 3 posts daily or weekly, the main thing is that you do it regularly. Once you've chosen the preferred timing, fill out the slots in the calendar and then leave the empty ones for content ideas that you and your team may come up with.

    A healthy rotation will help you to brainstorm new ideas while keeping all the content in the frames of a big accurate plan.

  1. Explore the Statistics of Previous Posts

    Explore the Statistics of Previous Posts

    Nothing will provide you with a more precise path to follow than… your previous social media posts. The statistics of the content you share will give an insightful idea of where to concentrate the efforts over the upcoming month.

    Analyze what type of content, what photos or videos got the most likes, comments, and reposts. Being able to pin down the topics that resonate with your audience is not a perk, it's a must nowadays.

  1. Seek Inspiration

    Seek Inspiration

    Creating a social media plan may feel like a duty time after time. Don't torture yourself when you can't come up with a creative idea. Establish themes in advance. If you feel like inspiration has been abandoned, don't feel ashamed to search the source on your own. We all face that creativity crisis and we all feel like it's running dry trying to make up something truly outstanding.

    The themes can be anything that your business can relate to or anything that your target audience may enjoy following. When every month is centered towards one topic, you have the direction to follow. It's preferable that you make your editorial calendar a quarter in advance but planning 30 days ahead is still fine.

Final Thoughts

A social media calendar is an effective tool for a successful social media marketing strategy. Now when you're aware of the necessity of planning, things got interesting. Use these 7 key tips on planning a 30-day social media content to facilitate your work and make your business expand its horizons!

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