PixTeller Account Basics (FAQ)

Discover the most frequently asked questions when you use PixTeller Platform to create your own image designs.

How can I create a PixTeller account?

Create a PixTeller account

Are you ready to start creating amazing image designs with PixTeller? Check out the details below and follow the steps in order to create your free PixTeller account.

  1. Using your email address:
  2. 1. Go to Register page;
  3. 2. Enter your Username & Email address;
  4. 3. Create a Password;
  5. 4. Click on Create an account.
  1. Using your Facebook or Google account:
  2. 1. Go to Register page;
  3. 2. Click on Facebook or Google+ buttons;
  4. 3. Authorize PixTeller to access your Facebook or Google account.

How do I reset or change my password?

  1. Follow the steps below and easily reset your account password:
  2. 1. Go to Recover password page
  3. 2. Enter your Email address.
  4. 3. Click the Reset password button. You will receive an email with the following instructions on how to reset your password.
  5. 4. In the email you received, click Reset your password link.
  6. 5. Type in your new password.
  7. 6. Click Update password button. You will then be redirected to your PixTeller homepage.
  1. You can easily change your password at anytime, by following the steps below:
  2. 1. Check if you are logged into your PixTeller account.
  3. 2. Click on the right dropdown menu near your profile avatar.
  4. 3. Go to your account Settings page.
  5. 4. Click on the Change password link.
  6. 5. Type in your old password and the new password twice, then click Update.

Note: If you don't receive the reset password email, check your email spam folder or check if you typed in the correct email address and send the reset email again.

How can I change account settings?

  1. You can easily change your account settings at anytime, just by following the steps below:
  2. 1. Check if you are logged into your PixTeller account;
  3. 2. Click on the right dropdown menu near your profile avatar;
  4. 3. Go to your account Settings;
  5. 4. You can change your avatar photo, username (display name), email address by updating each of the relevant fields;
  6. 5. Once you have finished, click on Update profile.

Where can I view my designs?

My designs

You can easily view the designs you have created on PixTeller by accessing your profile page.

  1. In order to do this, please login to your PixTeller account and click on "My designs" link from the top header menu or check the steps bellow:
  2. 1. Check if you are logged into your PixTeller account;
  3. 2. Click on the right dropdown menu near your profile avatar;
  4. 3. Click on your Avatar or Username.

Note: On your profile, you will find all your public and private designs. Also, you can always sort the results. Your public designs can be viewed by any other user. If you want total privacy, you can save your designs as Private.

How do I remove my designs from the search engines?

My designs

Please set your designs as "Private" if you don't want for them to be visible to other users or on search engines. Also if your designs are "Public" and you want to be the only one who can view and have access to them, please mark them as "Private".

You can delete your images created on PixTeller at any time.

Note: It might take a while until the change is made and your designs are removed from the search engines.

How do I remove the PixTeller watermark from my designs?

You need to have a PRO account in order to create designs with no watermark.

Even though you will upgrade your account to PRO, the designs you have created with your Free account will still have the PixTeller watermark. You will be able to remove it only if you edit and save them again as a PRO user. Also, your new designs will be watermark-free.

You can upgrade your PixTeller account to PRO at the lowest price on the market. This will provide you with access to all editor features, usage of ALL templates and public designs. Consequently, you can use the designs you have created for personal or commercial purpose without watermark.

You can easily create a PixTeller PRO account by checking our pricing page.

How do I get my Public designs featured on "Explore designs" or "Search design pages" pages?

On "Explore designs page" & "Search design page" you can only find the most used public designs and templates.

In order to get your design published on the Explore and Search pages, you have to make sure that your design is public, appealing to the public at large and doesn't contain explicit adult materials, offensive or illegal content.

Note: All public design are indexed by Search Engines. Make your design Private and it will only be visible to you.

Why to make your design public?

PixTeller is not only about creating, but also about inspiration.

Like you, many of our users share their graphics with us or their family and friends for inspiration, fun or feedback. This can also be great if you want to promote or advertise a product through your designs.

Who can view and use my designs?

Public designs can be viewed and used by anyone. These can be found on the stream page, user profile page, search engines or shares.

Your private designs are only available for you, under your PixTeller account. These will not be available on the search engines, social media sharing, etc.

How can I filter designs on PixTeller?

Filter PixTeller Results

You can easily filter/sort the displayed image designs on PixTeller from the filter section that can be found just below the header page.

How do I delete my PixTeller account?

If you choose to delete your PixTeller account, all the designs you have created will also be deleted. The deleted accounts are permanently lost & cannot be restored. This also applies to the designs created on the deleted accounts.

  1. To delete your PixTeller account, please follow the steps below:
  2. 1. Make sure you are logged into your account;
  3. 2. Click on the right dropdown menu near your profile avatar;
  4. 3. Go to your account Settings;
  5. 4. Click on the Delete account link;
  6. 5. Type your email address and click the "Delete account" button.

Why was a design I created deleted?

PixTeller has the right to delete any design that is reported as inappropriate, copyright violations, spams, advertising, offensive or illegal materials, without prior notice of the author.

Note: For this kind of images try to keep your designs in private mode.

Feel free to contact us anytime and we'll answer any additional questions you may have.

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