The 5 Best Graphic Design Tips for Social Media Marketing

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The 5 Best Graphic Design Tips for Social Media Marketing

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If you had referred to social media as a fad fifteen years ago, you would have probably gotten away with it. Nowadays, social media is as important as having a phone number, and using social media effectively is how you make sure your followers answer the call.

Engaging directly with your customers and prospects on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest is a great way to build your online business presence. This is where you connect with your followers through entertaining content that helps you grow brand awareness. Although social media is useful, it is also highly competitive.

Once your content is published, it immediately becomes part of an endless pool of content that is constantly competing with content produced by other brands – as well as the platform's algorithm for ranking content. A strong social media image is essential to surviving in a world where only the strong survive. Fortunately, you have the tools at hand to create memorable, engaging content with standout social media graphics.

Optimizing your SEO with social media is more than just a matter of marketing. Besides making your SEO activities more effective, it also makes them more profitable. If you need social media marketing and SEO services, you must seek consultation from a professional graphic designing, digital marketing, and SEO Services provider to give you a holistic social media marketing perspective.

This comprehensive guide to social media graphics will help you understand the different kinds of social media graphics, how to utilize them, and how to make sure they have an impact.

Establish Your Goals

Establish Your Goals

It is important to have an overall goal for your social media account and for every post to have an individual goal. Keep in mind that the goal of the account is consistently following some overall theme that your followers should follow.

Besides showcasing your latest products, will your Instagram feed contain information about your brand? Do you want to build a community where customers have an interactive experience with your brand? Your target audience and this theme should be defined together. You should develop an overall theme for each post and drive engagement, click-through rates, and sales for your brand.

Text and Typography

Text and Typography

It is important to note that words have the power to motivate, so it is good graphic design practice to keep the amount of text in your design under control. A feeling of overwhelming for your audience is the last thing you want. When creating graphics for Instagram or Facebook, try to keep your text to a maximum of two liners.

As you can see, these lines will help organize the overall image. The lines you see above can be incorporated into a block of text. Those elements can also serve as separators for different parts of an image. Your design will be cohesive if you follow these simple tips.

The typeface or font family you choose should reflect what you want to communicate and protect your brand. How your font is used can significantly affect how your design is interpreted and the message you are trying to convey.

Typography is a powerful way to project mood and emotion and is sometimes more powerful than the copy itself. Therefore, as a marketer, it is your duty to choose wisely when picking a font that conveys your tone.

When using fonts, keep these graphic design tips in mind:

  • • The best font for printing is a serif font;
  • • Sans serif fonts work best for web;
  • • You may use up to three fonts in your design.

Branding- Incorporate Your Logo into the Design

Branding- Incorporate Your Logo into the Design

We'll focus on brand identity now that we've gone over the basics of graphic design for social media, and we'll use branding to elevate your company's message. On average, people are required to see or hear your brand about seven times before they recognize it. It is, for this reason, that consistency and repetition in branding elements such as logos, colors, and fonts are essential.

Making graphic designs for social media content isn't just about telling a story. It's also about attracting audiences and then directing them to your website. Thus, if you don't have branding on your graphics, the whole effort will be ineffective. The logo does not have to be large and bold. It just needs to be sufficient to let people know from where it came from.

Know Your Platform

Know Your Platform

The more you know about what works for each platform, the easier it will be for your audience and for you as well. You will be able to improve the user experience of these social networks if you know what the people want. Here are some tips for 5 social media platforms.


  • • It is targeted at the older generation
  • • Uses articles and promotions to great effect
  • • A cover photo that is 852×315 pixels in size; a profile picture of 180 pixels by 180 pixels; and a shared photo of 1,200 by 630 pixels


  • • Generating interest among millennials
  • • As the platform was built on "lunch and selfies", lifestyle shots are great
  • • Size: 1080×1080 posts; 1920×1080 stories; 1350×1080 portrait; 1080×566 landscape; 110×110 pixels profile images


  • • A great way to engage
  • • A great choice for celebrities
  • • The photo sizes are 1500×500 for the header; 400×400 for the profile photo, and 900×512 for your post


  • • Business-friendly
  • • The best way to network
  • • Banner image of 1584×396 pixels, company profile picture of 400×400 pixels

Know which platforms work best for each and that you should resize each piece of content to fit the dimensions of each platform you intend to share the social media graphic design with. It may look tedious, but the size check could be the difference between success and failure.



Creative thinking resides in everyone, whether they realize it or not. Your brand will not only stand out from the rest if you are creative when developing your content, but it will also boost the popularity of your company.

Make sure you post a variety of content when you're using social media. There's an array of different graphic styles to choose from that you can share on social media. A few graphic design tips can really get your creative juices flowing:

  • • Quotes in an engaging font and shape;
  • • Charts and Infographics;
  • • Taking a look behind the scenes;
  • • Motivation Mondays, Throwback Thursdays, and other themed days;
  • • Shares/Reposts;
  • • Pictures that Mesmerize.

Final Thoughts

Graphic designing can be a break-and-make thing when it comes to social media marketing. It helps people stick to the content and increase the tendency that the content may go viral. Thus incorporating every above-stated component will help you create content that ticks at the end user's minds and create a great user experience.

Until next time, Be creative! - Pix'sTory made by Muhammad Irshad

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