Which is Better? Screen Printing or Digital Printing

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The printing method is getting popular and in vogue day by day. Printing methods are being applied over accessories, clothes, textiles, cover pages, and other paper items.

The printing method you opt depends on what you wish to print and the material you want to print on. The two major printing procedures are digital and screen printing. Both these procedures have different finishing, look, and retro.

Which is Better? Screen Printing or Digital Printing Design images for print with PixTeller graphic maker

When you decide the kind of procedure that you will use for printing purposes, you will have to be well informed about both varieties.

In a precise manner, it can be said that if you require less time, short term, high color, and less printing, digital printing is to have opted. On the other hand, if you want a better range of colors, flexibility, diverse support material, and a large print, screen printing can be the best choice.

Factors to be Kept in View:

  • • Size of the Print:

    This factor needs to be considered. It is to be checked if you need a full front design, a repetitive design, or a nontraditional like overall print design. For this factor, screen printing plays the best role.

  • • Impression of the Print:

    If you wish to have a print that you touch and feel nothing, screen printing is the best option, even in dark colors. In digital printing, white and light color prints are quite soft, and the print on dark colors is quite harsh and seen and felt easy. So here again, screen printing wins.

  • • Printing Material:

    The kind of material or cloth that you wish to print matters the most in both cases. Screen printing proves the best for polyester, Teflon coated materials, bamboo, burlap, and nylon.

    According to this, digital printing is very much and confined to cotton products only. It works on polyester sometimes but isn’t that reliable. So for this purpose, screen printing is the most beneficial.

  • • Overall Appearance:

    Screen printing has a very versatile final look, so does digital printing has. The most crucial factor here is the color. Screen printing procedure is the most versatile when it comes to various variations in the color of ink and other technical capabilities. This is what makes it expensive.

    The special blue and violet colors of the digital printing look the best overall surfaces since they glow in the dark and give a UV sensitive color touch. Even in this case, screen printing has a better ability to match the required color with a perfect visible spectrum and accuracy.

  • • Manufacturing Time:

    Screen printing has got a very complex and sophisticated technique, so it takes time. Whereas digital printing is the most instant, it can print multiple things at once in minutes. So if you need the most speed, digital printing can prove to be best.

  1. Things that You Need to Consider Before Selecting Your Printing Type:

    The factors that are needed to be analyzed before you choose your best procedure for printing are listed below:

    • 1. Budget
    • 2. Quality
    • 3. Color
    • 4. Material
    • 5. Special procedures
    • 6. Variable data
    • 7. Time consumption
  2. What is Screen Printing?

    What is Screen Printing?

    An adequately organized stencil is used during this process of screen printing. The provided printing surface is applied with ink in the form of various layers one after another. One surface is used for one color that means that a different screen is used for each new color that we apply.

  3. Usage of Screen Printing:

    This screen printing technique can be used on diverse materials, including textiles, plastic, and latex. It is said to be very versatile. No pressure procedure is involved in this kind of printing, so it is widespread in industries that manufacture things like balloons, clothing, shopping bags, and wallpapers.

    It is the most practiced printing even in the printing press, Dubai.

  4. Screen printing has the following advantages:

    Screen printing has the following advantages:

    • • It is very suitable and cost-effective if you have a large bulk to be printed.
    • • It has a perfect replaceable and movable design that allows the print to move from a different angle.
    • • The more prints that you make out of this, the more cost-effective and cheaper the printing becomes.
  5. Disadvantages of Screen Printing:

    Screen printing has the following drawbacks:

    • • It becomes an expensive procedure when multiple colors are required.
    • • Screen printing requires a huge investment at the initial stage.
    • • It can only design one design per batch.
    • • Many times the colors can mix with each other.
  6. What is Digital Printing?


    This kind of printing has lasted since the 90s and has kept improving and advancing himself. The most updated version of it even involves complex computing.

    Firstly an image or design is designed on the computer screen, then it is analyzed and sized, and its repetition is decided. After this, it is converted into a form and is directly printed on the required material's surface. It may be in the form of laser many times.

  7. Usage of Digital Printing:

    Industries mostly use this kind of advanced procedure for direct mailing and coupons. It is for the sole purpose that a very modern and crispy finish is obtained.

    It has a much complex and detailed approach than the screen printing process. This method is being used by the clothing and accessory industry at the printing press Dubai very frequently since it allows personalizing items and is a quicker alternative.

  8. Advantages Of Digital Printing:

    The benefits of digital printing methods are listed below:

    • • It is the most instant and fast option if you have significantly less time.
    • • If you have a small print order, it can be the best choice, being very cost-effective.
    • • It is the most flexible option as it allows changes where required.
    • • It is best for personalized printing accessories.
    • • It provides a very sharp and crispy finish.
  9. Disadvantages of Digital Printing:

    Digital printing has the following drawbacks:

    • • Many times it does not match the required color scheme when printed.
    • • It causes cracks in the folds since the ink does not absorb fully.
    • • It is an expensive option if prints are required in bulk.
  10. Comparison Between Screen and Digital Printing:

    Comparison Between Screen and Digital Printing


    • This subject depends upon the number of prints that you wish to print taking an instance, if you have an order of a very few prints, screen printing will not be very suitable since the initial setup is costly.

    • If you require prints in bulk, this will be a very suitable procedure considering the long run.

    • Contrary to this, digital printing can be the best choice if you have a small number of orders. This can prove to be your cheapest option.

    • Another exceptional situation can differ in case you wish to use multiple colors. Price is greatly affected by the factor. Usually, the cheapest kind of printing is black and white. And in case you want to print multiple colors, screen printing is not a very good option since you will require a new screen for each color.

    Quality of Print:

    Screen Printing is known for the best versatile and vibrant finishing than digital printing. This is mostly seen while printing over a dark surface.

    • However, Digital Printing works best when a detailed working is needed with a thin workout. It is the best for sensitive kind of sophisticated designs.


Hopefully, the whole blog covers all the points that one needs to know regarding the best suitable printing. Concluding, comparing, and contrasting all the factors as a conclusion, it can be said that screen printing is more recommended than digital printing. So now, what is stopping you from making your decision?

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