The Best UX Design Books for Beginners

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The Best UX Design Books for Beginners Design your own short videos with PixTeller animation editor & GIF maker

There is an incredible amount of fantastic books out there with all the information one could possibly want on UX design. Books have been overlooked for the past few years as so many people are turning to their phones or kindles. But there is something special in sitting alone and reading pages from a book. It definitely focuses you more and puts you in a more intense frame of mind. Reading a physical book allows you to spend time alone, and you get to absorb more of the information you are reading.

So you must look at a product as not only a product, but it is a whole experience for the owner who buys this, from when the product is seen in its box to how the owner can open the product. All of this is vital and is all part of the experience. Below you can find the names of brief descriptions of the best books to learn UX design.

  1. The Design of Everyday Things

    The Design of Everyday Things

    This book may be 30 years old, but it is still as relevant today as it was then. Don Norman, who was called the don of design, is the author, and this publication will appeal to beginners. This book will give readers a simple insight into solutions and making a web product not just look great but function even better. This book will focus on bad design so readers can see what does not work. Don Norman has done an excellent job highlighting all the small details that are often missing in design.

  1. Don't Make Me Think

    Don't Make Me Think

    Another book that was written years ago, Steve Krug wrote this 20 years ago. This read focuses on usability. This book will not take you long to read, there are not hundreds of pages, which is great. Krug uses lots of humor which helps break up the intensity of the topic. Steve Krug's main thought was if the user must think about a certain action or task, then it can be improved. He also believes that less is more, there is no need to confuse the user as most users will skim over the content on a website. So it's best to keep things clear and to the point.

  1. 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People

    100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People

    This book helps people understand how people behave through science. It shows how through this information, you can design better products knowing more about human behaviour. It states that there is some text and imagery that the human brain likes more than others. This book also explains how the brain thinks in simple terms, such as can I eat it? Can I have sex with it? Or will it kill me? This is our basic ancestral brain which looks at things like this. So there are certain images that our brain engages with, so knowing this allows us to engage our customers more.

  1. Universal Principles of Design

    Universal Principles of Design

    By reading through this book, it will aid you in making better design decisions. It will show you how you can interact with your clients more and understand usability vs flexibility. The book explains how a designer in Amsterdam used an image of a fly on the urinals to help prevent leakage from the urinals by 80%. This was called the nudge theory. This book gives readers a design principle on each page. This book will help any beginner get to grips with design theory.

  1. Start With Why

    Start With Why

    The main point of this book is why you do something. So through this book, readers will discover that the important question is not the how, or even the what, but the why is the most important question in any design. The book goes on to explain that all successful companies start from the inside and finds out why we are designing in this way. Through this book, you will discover that clients buy products not for what they do, but why they do things. So through reading such a book, your focus may change to why you do things, as this is of utmost importance.

  1. Seductive Interaction Design

    Seductive Interaction Design

    This book is a great way to get to know the fundamentals of user interaction design. It goes into details about how minor tweaks can make a huge difference in a product. It also shows how psychology plays such a role in seducing customers. This is termed Gamification. Talking of seducing, if you like the idea of seduction, you may have a great time enjoying online dating and learning all the best seduction techniques there.

  1. Hooked How to Build Habit-Forming Products

    Hooked How to Build Habit-Forming Products

    This book opens your eyes to how psychology plays such a vital role in what we do and how clients react to what you sell. The author Nir Eyar goes into detail about causing triggers in people, which is what causes them to do things such as stay on Facebook for long periods or Twitter. The book gives good information on why we do certain things and how we fall into habits. It is possible to cause an external trigger to get attention back to your product, such as an email or ad. This will always bring the user back to your product.

Final Thoughts

With this list of UX design books, you will uncover the essentials of design and all that come with it. The information that you will find is relative to everyday use and can help you design better with more usability for the product. UX design takes an idea and creates a meaningful experience for the user of the product. This is from the function of the product to the usability of the product.

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