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UX Testing - Which Methods and Tools to Know Design your own short videos with PixTeller animation editor & GIF maker

Want to improve your website & its user experience? Well, you need a lot of UX testing. Honestly speaking, there are plenty of UX tools & methods out there, which could make it hard for you to choose the best one, especially knowing that there are too many features & options available in today's world.

However, in this post, we intend on making things simple & easy for you. This is why we have done some research & come up with the best sources that you could collect on any corner of the web & improve your user experience. We also understood the best tools so that your products can benefit the best. So, without further ado, let's explore some of the best UX tools needed for your business.

  1. Why Is UX Important?

    Why Is UX Important?

    UX testing is important as it helps you understand how users are interacting with your website. On the basis of the results, you can always make the necessary changes. It is also important for you to be sure that the website or the app you use can help you navigate tasks with ease. Otherwise, people will easily leave your website and visit a competitor's website. The biggest purpose of this usability test is to gather data required to identify usability issues & find ways to improve the design of your website. Your company can benefit a lot from usability testing as it indicates troubled areas for users if they are getting confused or stuck.

  1. Best Methods For UX Testing

    Card Testing

    Card Testing

    Card Testing is one of the most effective and efficient methods to understand and determine how elements of your website can be organized. You can build a website hierarchy and meet all your specifications with the help of navigations. Initially, you won't know the order of the cards. But as you test, you will be able to understand better. For example, take a look at some jumbled card graphics. Every card will contain details on its reverse side. This includes product descriptions, informational content, support pages and more. You could also ask the users to categorize your content. For this, you can keep columns and rows. The columns will stand as an indication of categories and the rows will show importance.

  1. Under Moderated User Testing

    Under Moderated User Testing

    Several experts think that unmoderated user testing is quite useful. This is because people generally feel a lot more comfortable with sharing their feelings openly when they don't have anyone harassing them. This is quite true to some extent, but you also have to leave space for users to make errors. Running towards unmoderated and moderated experience testing can make results and accurate.

  1. A/B Tests

    A/B Tests

    A/B testing is also useful when it comes to UX testing. After all, it lets you compare two different versions of marketing assets, collect results from the target audience, and identify a winner too. You could change just 1 element on the email or page and you could push both the versions live. In the end, you will get to know whichever one performed better. It's just like having two book covers. You could make the test a lot more practical by changing nothing more than its color.

  1. Best Tools For Successful UX Testing

    Crazy Egg

    Crazy Egg

    Crazy Egg offers some great services to its customers. It provides several amazing tools that help you understand all sorts of mistakes and errors you might have made in UX. It also helps you correct them before you slow down on the momentum. You could start by running records of users. Heatmaps will help you understand where on every page your users click, while scrollers show where you must keep scrolling. You could also check the CTA right there. Crazy Egg will offer you other reports so that you can nail down your best user experience. Over a period of time, running more tests will help you understand your customers changing needs and adapt to them.

  1. HotJar


    HotJar offers you some key features that make UX testing a piece of cake. It comes with an excellent recording feature so that users can see the exact behavior of participants as it lets you create surveys, which also gives users praises listed on G2. Apart from that, it also is beneficial for several users on how easy it is to set up. Google Tag Manager also has HotJar that waits for your ID. It also takes a few moments to set things up. Once things are ready, you could prepare the study and wait for the magic to happen.

  1. UsabilityHub


    Usability is quite different compared to different usability testing tools. Unlike several people, usability comes with a special focus on the features you can use to test for your web design. This includes live products like apps, websites and email campaigns. This tool is not used for building or testing prototypes or any kind of design used within its early stages. Instead, it helps marketers and designers improve and innovate on the product even after it has been released. This makes quite a benefit as it helps visitors get feedback on their websites.

  1. ClickTale


    ClickTale is a great option when it comes to testing tools. It offers experience in mobile and web that makes the user experience a lot easier. The platform records user behavior with complete detail and clarity, offers ways to process information, etc. Users see what participants have done depending on the chronological breakdown, recording and actions within apps. Users may also obtain heatmaps. The platform offers crash trend reports that show users how and what causes this crash. The users won't just get to see how these crashes occur but also the incidents that lead to such crashes.

  1. Optimal Workshop

    Optimal Workshop

    Optimal Workshop might be a little less popular, but it can be easily overlooked. It comes with a range of testing tools that serve various ends, and once it is combined, it can offer powerful insights into the design. Their Treejack feature also tests detailed architecture with products. You could also test wireframes with the help of their excellent features, which makes it easy to catch issues before they become huge concerns. It also offers online surveys, card sorting tests and other research facilities.

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