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11 Creative Ways to Leverage YouTube for Your Brand's Marketing Design YouTube images for your business with PixTeller YouTube Thumbnail Maker

YouTube has one of the fastest-growing numbers of viewers across the world. In the USA, almost 96% of the users are in the 18-24 age group.

This is a significant number. With a large part of the population viewing YouTube content, marketers need to revamp their marketing strategy to be highly visible. They need to implement the right hacks that would boost their brand marketing.

Some key takeaways would help you as a marketer to leverage YouTube content for the marketing of your brand. Find some of the creative ways here:

  1. 1. Collaborating with influencers

    Influencers can play a crucial role in promoting your product or service on this platform. Many viewers like to listen to the opinion of the influencer as they admire them. As a marketer, you can use this to your advantage.

    Below you can see the video of Lauras Views, the Brand Ambassador of REN skincare:

    She promoted the beauty products of the brand with her style.

    An organization should understand that any YouTube influencer has an audience for a reason. They know what would work on this platform. So, it is necessary to give them the right creative freedom to work in their own way. It would be best if you trusted them to witness their tactics, significantly boosting your brand's sales.

    And, before that, ensure that the influencer is excited to promote your brand. Without the right enthusiasm and likeability, it's unlikely they could give their best in promoting your product to the other person.

    So, how do you do it?
    In your first approach, make sure that you have to be as enthusiastic as you want the influencer to be about your product. You can have a special discussion with them, explain the USP of your product so that they can develop the tactic to showcase the USP in the best possible way; they can even give ideas to improvise the features they think would improve the brand promotion.

  2. 2. Recreating the case study content to an informative video

    Ever-thought of recreating the case study content into video?
    Yes, it can be done.

    Case studies are valuable content, such as the real-time challenges faced by the client and how you resolved it. Due to lack of time and patience, many of the prospects do not read this valuable content, which, in reality, could help their business as well.

    So, should you let it go to waste?
    No, make professional video content of these case studies. Also, if possible, include some client interviews, to make your YouTube video content look genuine. The majority of the audience would be attracted to client interviews as they find their authentic experience and trust.

    In reality, case studies are informative content that provides adequate information about a specific scenario, and the B2B audience likes to watch educational and informative content. A visual touch to the case studies would help in reaching out to a broader audience.

    You can also create a whole documentary revolving around your product or service. Just, as the Content Marketing Institute created a documentary revolving around content marketing, as shown below:

  3. 3. Video content to tell your brand story

    Storytelling is an art. You need to build the right structure, create enticing characters, weave content that would hook the audience for a longer time, state the mistakes, lessons learned, etc. all these help to touch the emotions of a common audience.

    As a marketer, you need to balance this art with a marketing approach. Tell the story of your brand, the initial days, the challenges, how it was resolved, etc. This all should align with the needs of the viewer. If the viewer could not empathize or relate to your story, they would immediately opt-out.

    Many brands have curated emotional stories to connect with the audience and witnessed success. You can always use PixTeller video story maker and enhance your audience.

    The video below is an excellent example:

  4. 4. Keep it unique

    Most of the viewers like to watch original content that offers something different. Make your content off-beat that does not follow the sea of content already there on YouTube. You need not make it weird, but anything surprises the audience would make them stay longer to watch the content.

    The surprise element could be the unique features of your brand, that other brands do not have. People would watch it to find out how that feature would make their life easier.

    So, bring the right spark to your content. This element could be the right arsenal for your marketing approach leading to increased sales and revenue.

  5. 5. Keep it short and precise

    Any lengthy content could ward off the audience. On YouTube, where most of the audience watch to comprehend the message within a few minutes, you should follow the strategy of making short videos. As you can see in the below image, videos below 2 minutes raked the most views.

    Videos under two minutes generate the most YouTube views

    Videos under two minutes generate the most YouTube views

    One should list the complete information about a product or service, so that only the essential points can be summarized with the right creativity, in the video content message.

    As known, a short and sweet message is the right tactic to connect with the audience!

  6. 6. Video content optimized for SEO marketing practice

    The video content that is not optimized for SEO would take your marketing approach in the wrong direction.

    As a marketer, why are you creating content?
    Because you want to outreach the right audience quickly. So, shouldn't you make it easier for these audiences to find your content?

    You would always prefer to have the content that quickly comes in the search results of the audience. For this, include the right keywords, descriptions, metadata, and others.

    When the audience could see the content with the implementation of these SEO tactics, half of your job is done. They have landed on your content. Now it's the turn of the quality content to engage the audience.

  7. 7. Entertaining your audience

    In the quest to provide valuable content, do not forget to entertain the audience. YouTube audiences are more inclined to the fun content, so develop the right strategy by taking the audience on a roller coaster ride of useful and exciting content.

    This would help you to win the trust of the audience, thus giving you the right promotion.

  8. 8. Product demo videos on YouTube

    A demo of your product could give you the right attention. You must know when there is a visual depiction of any content. Anybody would like to watch it than reading it. Use this viewer's mindset to your advantage.

    You can check PixTeller Animation Editor features explained below:

    Develop your product demo videos with the right content, if possible, include all the features and description of the product. A precise explanation in the video would keep the viewer engaged. Also, the step-by-step instruction as a guide would help them in understanding your product better.

    What else do you want as a marketer?
    It would be the best promotion of your product, with the showcasing of the valued features. Even after they purchase, it would not be challenging to use, as they have seen how it works on YouTube.

  9. 9. The right time to post even the video content

    You would have heard about the right time to send emails, and do you know there is a right time to post even videos?

    First draft the plan, which part of the global audience you want to target, then as per that time zone you have to post the content. You should know every audience watches content at a convenient time. So, make it easier and helpful for them.

  10. 10. Allow the audience to choose their content-type

    This is possible!!!
    There are varied preferences of the audience, some like serious content while others a little fun. So, develop the content in different styles. As you can see in the below example:

    Taulia - Allow the audience to choose their content-type

    Taulia, a financial technology company based out of California, trimmed its content into business style content and the other into a funny one. The B2B audience can now browse and choose whichever video they want to watch.

  11. 11. Be consistent throughout the video

    While creating videos, ensure that you are consistent throughout the video. There are times when you deviate from the main message which you want to convey to your audience. This could confuse your audience.

    To avoid such a scenario, draft a plan, how you want to approach the audience, what would be the first points to put forth, etc. The message conveyed to your audience should be comprehensible, so that they can have a brief idea about your product or service.


Sometimes, you need to think out-of-the-box to create video content for YouTube. While they are the B2B audience craving for the right information and knowledge, but remember this audience landed on YouTube channel as they like to watch videos than reading content.

Make your videos as appealing as possible to hook this audience and give your brand the right exposure.

Until next time, Be creative! - Pix'sTory made by Robert Jordan

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