Logo Evolution of 3 Industry Giants: What's the Reason?

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Logo Evolution of 3 Industry Giants: What's the Reason?

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Technology is like the time that does not wait for anyone and evolves its functionalities from time to time. Logo evolution is the central part of any industry, either it is food or technical premises. Companies change their logos to walk beside the trendings and to build strong connections to the clients. BBC spent $1.8B, and London Olympics spent $625,000 on their logos to enhance brands' strength and aura.

There is a pyramid of font companies used for their modern logo design. 365 logos used San Serif, 90 logos used Serif, 11 Logos used Script, and 32 Logos used San Serif & Serif. Facebook, Netflix, and Pepsi used to revolve around San Serif and Serif to pluck up the spark of their logos.

Except for representing the core communications, modern logos are the identities of the company. The article will reveal the three major giant companies that constantly change their logos to build strong brand affection. Modern logo designs have been changed under the company's variations regarding strategies, themes, atmosphere, and sales mantras.

A Snippet to Logo Evolution in Tech World

A Snippet to Logo Evolution in Tech World

Ranging from Starbucks to Coca-Cola, every company shapes its logos to stand out smartly. New algorithms always demand evolutions in the entire system base to boost the company's technological waves.

Heavy televisions have now turned into smartphones and laptops. Still, hardware does not fulfill the full functionalities. Software is the second element that helps companies grow their brand appearance with themes, strategies, logos, and other essential functionalities.

The modern logo has a worthwhile and unconventional image in the tech world and has become an essential factor over time. It shines out to represent companies core values and its image to the client to make them connected.

We will reveal the top 3 creative modern logo design evolution that is stuck in our minds and conscious as big brands. These three are the biggest names in the tech world; why did they change their logos? Let's break the ice and find out the core reasons behind the mystery.



KIA is the most dominant name in the car industry and is known for its safety. The company was founded in 1944 and is rooted in South Korean origin. Kim Cheol-ho is the founder, and the company is setting a record to keep making their cars from tensile steel that dares to keep people safe during accidents and mishappenings.

Initially, the company made bicycles and motorcycles. Later started making smart cars ranging from sophisticated looks to ultra-modern sports versions. The company has spread its wings and became part of Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group, known as its fifth-largest vehicle manufacturer.

Kia has changed their modern logo design six times, ranging from 1944 to the present. Logos have been changed according to the company's strengths and trends.

  • 1944-1964: The initial logo was black and triangle-shaped, representing the KIA in it. Kia started making bicycles and motorbikes in that technology era.

  • 1964-1986:The company changed its criteria, started making cars and changed its logos due to technology. The new logo is made up of a Green colored circle with a line over it.

  • 1986-1994: Kia again changed its logo due to company policies, and the last logo was not fulfilling its image as a brand.

  • 1994-2012:The new century changed everything, even KIA's logo once again. Now the company stands as a big car manufacturing company. For the first time, three colors are included in the KIA's logo history in the shape of a red circle and the KIA written in red syntax.

  • 2012-2020: The next evolutions have nothing more except minor changes that cannot be noticed.

  • 2021- Present: The new logo is stylish, modern, and runic. The K-I-A script is joined to represent a modern look to a logo.

Companies changed their modern logo due to its evolving strength, inspiration, passion, and popularity in the tech world. Logos are the doorways that dare to captivate the audience's minds for years. KIA's CEO, "HO SUNG SONG," said,"Kia's new logo represents the company's commitment to becoming an icon for change and innovation."



Burger King is the name of aroma. The company was founded in 1953 in Miami, Florida, USA. James McLamore and David Edgerton founded the company. Burger King is an American multinational hamburger fast-food chain with 17,796 branches worldwide.

The company has an extended logo evolution phase and always tries to develop fresh ideas that dare to create a robust brand image and extend brand awareness worldwide. Ranging from 1953 to the various present logos served Burger King and boosted their sales pace instantly.

Burger King revolves around seven different modern logo designs to date. There are very major changes in the logos and place the company at success paramount shortly. Let's dig deeper into the logo inceptions of Burger King.

  • 1953-1954: The initial logo looked like the sunrise with black and white textures with a bold text under its logo. It was a start, and the logo was remarkable for that era.

  • 1954-1957: After some initial years of generating massive revenues, the company put some funky elements and released another logo. It was entirely changed from the first logo and turned into a funky and straightforward written text representing BURGER KING.

  • 1957-1969: The third logo had a new colorful vibe for the first time. It was a comic, and a comic character is sitting on the written text BURGER KING. The company released its slogan under the logo as "Home of the Whopper."

  • 1969-1994: The next modern logo design determines the audience's mind, and the company comes up with a creative logo and extension of yellow-colored Burger shape for the first time. The text was inside the burger shape. It looked so cool with fewer color details.

  • 1994-1999: The successive evolutions had no significant changes except yellow-colored turned into orange this time. The text was a bit concise and squeezed with the same font.

  • 1999-2020: The next logo folded in the technologies and looked yummy like its name. It now has three colored combinations: light orange in burger-shaped, red in text, and blue in outline circle.

  • 2021- Present: The new logo again has an old vibe of the 1994-1999 logo. Both logos are the same, yet the new one is slightly compressed with less orange color saturation.

The primary reasons behind the massive logo changes were variations of trendings and technological evolutions in taste buds. Logos have been changed according to the companies' ups and downs, changes in the century, and taste extensions in the food world.



Almost every human heard the name Coca-Cola. On 8th May 1886, John Pemberton founded "Coca-Cola" at Jacobs' Pharmacy in Atlanta. Coca-Cola is full of life, diversity, and creative variations representing the extensive logo evolution more than seven times.

  • On January 31, 1893: Coca-Cola released its first logo and exhibited the "Trademark" in the tail of the "C."

  • 1890-1891: Coca-Cola released the additional "revolving alphabetic" to make their logo more creative.

  • 1941-1960s: The "Trademark" changed its place from tails to the inside area of the logo.

  • 1947-1960s: Coca-Cola released the "Red Disc" logo sign in their advertising for the first time.

  • 1958-1960s: The next logo represented the arch or fish-tailed logo design for advertising.

  • 1969-2003: Coca-Cola again put some creativity by introducing the white wave under Coca-Cola's logo to embellish it wisely.

  • 2007-Present: The company's current logo is much thinner and looks so cool, representing the smartness of the era.

Final Thoughts

Modern logo design evolution is the primary part of the tech world as it increases brand awareness among its followers. Logos always have the strongest and creative reasons behind the entire logo execution. They reflect the brands through their minimal images and dares to generate heavy organic sales.

Every brand has the logo's revolutionary stories to embrace success at priority. It's a good idea to release new and innovative modern logo designs from time to time to make your brands more highlighted and remarkable in the tech world.

Until next time, Be creative! - Pix'sTory made by Fahad Rafiq

Fahad Khan is a poet and author by soul. He always revolves around innovative notions to bring massive change. He is rubbing off his creativity as Digital Content Producer at Techxide. He is passionate about his poetry and art, also believes in filling out all the wrongdoings by all the right doings.

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