5 Best Practices for Drafting Perfect Newsletter Design

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5 Best Practices for Drafting Perfect Newsletter Design Design your own short videos with PixTeller animation editor & GIF maker

The number one question hounding email marketers today is how to draft newsletters that prospects will read. Even if you concoct witty content, sometimes the design is not up to the mark and vice versa. The amalgamation of text, type, layout, color, and imagery must come together in the right intensity to help you create an eye-grabbing newsletter.

After all, well-designed newsletters that have something valuable to say return a relatively high open rate than those sent just to stay in the lead's purview. The point we are trying to make here is simple, do not underestimate the power of formulating beautiful newsletters.

  1. The Purpose of an Email Newsletter

    The Purpose of an Email Newsletter

    Before learning how to create engaging newsletters, it's critical to understand why we are making them! Newsletters have multiple uses. Your brand might draft one:

    • • To launch a product
    • • Report on new features
    • • Drive-up sales by deploying time-limited offers
    • • Educate prospects on a particular feature of a product or service
    • • Boost traffic to your website or social media pages.

    Brands that indulge in effective email marketing personalize newsletters to the needs of their prospects and themselves.

  1. Creating Great Newsletters: Best Practices

    Know that more than 70% of companies leverage email newsletters as often as they like to communicate with both prospects and customers.

    But are they all experiencing the same level of success that you can, with the help of these 5 best practices to design one? Perhaps not!

  1. Always Begin Your Newsletter with Appropriate Branding

    Always Begin Your Newsletter with Appropriate Branding

    Your viewer must immediately figure out who the newsletter has come from. This helps them gain a reasonable idea of what's to follow and what to expect from your future newsletters.

    Instead of having them fish out the sender's name, provide your company's logo in the header with the right color and font. Doing this also improves a reader's brand recall value.

  1. Make Sure Your Newsletter is Mobile-responsive

    Make Sure Your Newsletter is Mobile-responsive

    It's no secret that prospects today prefer checking emails on smartphones as opposed to laptops. So much so that several brands follow a mobile-first approach when it comes to designing newsletter templates. And, you should too! Optimizing them for smartphones requires creating them in a way that they fit on a single small screen. A viewer shouldn't have to zoom in or out too much as that causes distraction.

    Also, the CTA buttons need to be the right size – not too big, not too small, and the text and imagery should not get cut off the screen. If you want your prospects to interact with your newsletter by filling a form or making a purchase, they need an interface that allows them to do so with utmost ease. Something only possible if you've designed your newsletter, especially for smartphones and other handheld devices.

  1. Embed Videos if You Can

    Embed Videos if You Can

    Studies reveal that integrating video in your email newsletters improves the click-through rates by a whopping 65% and open rates by 19%. You can achieve this feat by incorporating short video clips of your product or service.

    Crisply formulated marketing videos make for engaging viewing. You can also personalize them a great deal for different prospect segments within your email list. You can have video testimonials of previous clients talking up your brand. There's very little you can't do when there's a video embedded in your newsletter.

  1. Carefully Consider the Overall Layout

    Carefully Consider the Overall Layout

    Starting your newsletter with a block of text is a strict no-no. Give the viewer one or two images placed on top and bottom or side by side, and serrate content around it. Remember the adage; a picture is worth a thousand words. So, choose them carefully to design a noiseless and minimalist layout.

    Don't pick images just because they look gorgeous. Choose the ones that help readers understand the purpose of your newsletter quickly.

    Introduce a banner right at the beginning and ensure your CTA buttons are hard to miss. As mentioned above, they must compel the reader to take the action you want - be it buying a product or subscribing to your blog.

    If you don't have enough time to design your templates from scratch, you can use stunningly crafted newsletter templates by Pix Teller. They are free and cater to every format across diverse digital platforms.

  1. Bonus Tip: Write Compelling Subject Lines

    Bonus Tip: Write Compelling Subject Lines

    Your email's subject line is indirectly related to your newsletter. How? If you don't write it well, the readers won't get to the newsletter. Countless readers decide whether they want to open your email or not based on how effective and personalized your subject line is.

    Furthermore, if your newsletter doesn't correspond well with your subject line, you can bid that lead goodbye, perhaps forever. Writing a compelling subject line is often not the same as writing a great one to make your email work better.

    An effective line provides insight into what's to come instead of what feels good to read. Therefore, your newsletter is not a stand-alone feature. This is why draft the newsletter and your email subject line in one cycle, rather than separately.

Final Thoughts

Before we sign off, here is a quick recap of the best practices for crafting stunning newsletters:

  • 1. Always begin your newsletter with appropriate branding
  • 2. Make sure your newsletter is mobile-responsive
  • 3. Embed videos if you can
  • 4. Carefully consider the overall layout
  • 5. Bonus tip: Write compelling subject lines.

With these golden tips, you can truly leverage the power of email marketing. So, what are you waiting for! It's time to chop-chop!

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