7 Interesting Facts About Graphic Design Careers

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7 Interesting Facts About Graphic Design Careers Design your own short videos with PixTeller animation editor & GIF maker

Are you about to master the profession of graphic design? In our article, you will find exciting graphic design facts and everything about the profession.

  1. What Does Graphic Design Mean?

    What Does Graphic Design Mean?

    Graphic design is a visual communication tool. It is the expression of ideas, meanings, and values ​​through images, fonts, and video - this is the most attractive modern specialization. If you need a more detailed description of a given direction, for example, for coursework help, you can ask experts to write my paper. In this case, you will get more data about graphic design and make yourself free from complex research.

    A graphic designer is a specialist engaged in creating visual compositions using the means and methods used in typography, painting, photography, and layout. The main activity of a representative of this profession is to give information a specific visual appearance, accessible for perception and understanding by the people around him.

    A graphic designer is a conduit, an interpreter between the creator of the informational message, the representative of the target audience for which it is intended. The specialist applies the tools and methods used in visual arts and typography, computer and digital technology, and modern software.

  1. Interesting Facts About the Profession of a Graphic Designer

    Interesting Facts About the Profession of a Graphic Designer

    What are the interesting facts about graphic design? We have collected seven surprising facts about this profession. If this information is not enough for you to inspire an academic paper, then use the assignment writing help from graphic design professionals with years of experience. If you are going to take a graphic design course and are in doubt, these facts will help you make a residual decision.

  1. The Demand for Graphic Designers Increases Every Year

    The Demand for Graphic Designers Increases Every Year

    Many companies offering various services or products are looking for professional graphic designers who can promote their services or products and increase customer interest in the brand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2020, the demand for graphic designers has grown by 13% and will increase every year by several percent. It is worth remembering that there are several types of graphic designers, and in each area, there is a lack of experts. In connection with the arrival of the coronavirus, many offline companies began to develop websites to promote services, and each of them needs a unique design.

  1. You Don't Need To Study Five Years To Be A Graphic Designer And Have An Academic Degree

    You Don't Need To Study Five Years To Be A Graphic Designer And Have An Academic Degree

    Graphic design is a creative profession, and you do not need to attend an educational institution for five years to master this direction. If you have the skills to match colors, develop graphic designs and understand the essence of design, this is enough for you to start a career. We recommend it is compulsory to take several courses in graphic design, as you can improve your knowledge. Note that clients are most puzzled by the quality of work, but not by how many years you studied - if you are a master in design development and meet all the deadlines, firms will be happy to cooperate.

    If you have difficulty understanding the topic, you can contact the experts in this field and say, "write my paper for me" - the writers will provide professional advice on all incomprehensible issues and create a document that can surprise the reader, so you can easily represent all the interesting details about graphic design.

  1. You Can Be A Freelancer And Not Depend On A Boss

    You Can Be A Freelancer And Not Depend On A Boss

    Being a graphic designer means being your boss. You don't have to send your resume to companies - you can post information about your skills on special job search platforms or create a Linkedin profile. Clients themselves will look for you, and if you were able to interest them with your portfolio, orders would come mountain. Note that getting a full-time job as a graphic designer in one firm is almost unrealistic - companies consider it expensive, and most often, it is a one-time project. By promoting yourself as a freelancer, you will increase the chances of moving up the career ladder.

  1. You Can Have A Big Salary

    You Can Have A Big Salary

    According to Payscale, the entry-level graphic designer salary is around $ 40,600 per year or $ 3,380 per month. This is a pretty decent salary because an entry-level graphic designer does basic tasks. The salary for a senior graphic designer is approximately $ 60,000 per year or $ 5,000 per month. If you are professional and complete tasks as quickly as possible, your salary can range from $ 7000 per month. The income perspective is beautiful.

  1. Niche Designer More In-Demand

    Niche Designer More In-Demand

    You can choose one niche in which you will provide the services of a graphic designer, for example, on the topic of sports or for custom writing companies. Many companies believe that graphic designers working in only one niche do the job better. Graphic designers with common knowledge are less in demand.

  1. You Can Become Famous

    You Can Become Famous

    In the history of graphic design, many talented and extraordinary personalities have made a tremendous contribution to the development of this professional industry. One of the most prominent figures in the history of graphic design is Leo Burnett - a brilliant image maker and founder of the world-famous advertising agency Leo Burnett Worldwide. Burnett was one of the first to propose the shortest and easiest way to create effective visual compositions, preferring lively and vivid images and abandoning long boring slogans. Among his clients were such legendary companies as Marlboro, CocaCola, McDonald's, Pillsbury, and Walt Disney. Thus, graphic design is the way to become famous.

  1. William Addison Dwiggins Invented Graphic Design

    William Addison Dwiggins Invented Graphic Design

    William Addison Dwiggins is the father of the term graphic design. He was a successful American designer, working on posters, brochures, advertising layouts in newspapers and other periodicals. In 1922, William Addison coined the term "graphic design" and used it to refer to various types of printing work such as book design, illustration, typography, type, and calligraphy. The term was destined to gain distribution only after the Second World War.

  1. What Are The Pros And Cons Of Being A Graphic Designer?

    What Are The Pros And Cons Of Being A Graphic Designer?

    Each profession has its pros and cons - graphic design is no exception. Therefore, you need to be very flexible in this profession so that the minuses do not interfere with your career.

    • • You can work anywhere. If you are a graphic designer, then you can work anywhere. All you need is a computer and internet access or a graphics tablet.

    • • Free schedule. Working for yourself, you control your working time: you can work 12 hours or 2 hours - it all depends on the workload.

    • • Wide range of clients. Work with clients who value you and your work. You have the right to choose.

    • • Unlimited creativity. Do whatever projects you like. Create a corporate identity, logo, study printing, develop websites, a mobile application, or go in navigation systems.

    • • Quick start capability. You can start your own business without any initial capital. It would help if you had a place in the coworking space, a website, and a computer.

    • • The ability to have a personal brand. Invest in your future by building a strong personal brand in graphic design.
    • • High competition. You will have to work hard to gain experience and build a portfolio. Be prepared to put in a lot of time and effort in the initial stages.

    • • Large workload. Be prepared because you will have to engage in business promotion, drawing up contracts, documents, payments. You will need an invoice, a seal, business cards, a website, and much more.

    • • Uncertainty. Uncertainty awaits you in everything. You will have to rely only on yourself in everything. If you are willing to take the risk, then you need a little luck, patience, and a lot of strength.
  1. Is Graphic Design A Good Career?

    Is Graphic Design A Good Career?

    The graphic designer is needed in such areas as Necessary skills every graphic designer should have:

    • • Development of Internet projects.
    • • Development of computer games.
    • • Filmmaking.
    • • Design services.
    • • Information design and mass media.
    • • Publishing and printing.
    • • Advertising and marketing.
    • • Public relations.

Final Thoughts

Consequently, being a graphic designer is a good career. You can develop in many areas - you will know all about designing, keep abreast of the latest innovations, developments in the IT world, and become an indispensable assistant for many companies. By tirelessly developing and improving in his field of activity, mastering related professions related to graphic design, you can, over time, significantly advance the career ladder and take the director position.

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