Five Promotional Tools that You Can Leverage for Free to Increase Your Web Brand Recognition

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Building brand recognition and establishing your web presence takes time and effort. You are likely competing against players in your niche that have a generous marketing budget in place. This shouldn't discourage you. However, if properly executed, you can compete with them even if you have fewer resources in place.

Five Promotional Tools that You Can Leverage for Free to Increase Your Web Brand Recognition Design your own visuals for marketing purposes with PixTeller
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Thanks to the increase in doing it yourself solutions, you now have access to a lot of free resources to increase your brand recognition. Here are five tools that every marketer should know.

  • [1] Sender

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    One of the most potent ways to entangle potential customers is through email campaigns. A well-thought-out drip campaign executed through email can heighten your brand recognition, establish your business as an authority figure, and increase conversions.

    Try a free tool like Sender to create beautifully designed email templates and to automate the delivery process. To get started to import your email list, define email flow and frequency, and design your newsletter template. As soon as your content has been added, you can activate your campaign with the click of a button. Their analytics also gives you great insight into data like delivery rate, open rate, and more.

  • [2] Render Forrest

    Render Forrest Screenshot

    Marketing methods and promotional tools continuously evolve. What works today doesn't mean it will work tomorrow. A popular and effective way of increasing your brand recognition recently has been through the use of promotional videos.

    Forrest offers a free, sophisticated yet intuitive video maker application. To start your branding video project, choose a template. Whether you need an explainer video, logo reveal, presentation, slideshow, or animated video, you have a template.

    Once the video template loads in their web-based editor, you can fully customize it by adding your logo, brand colors, content, changing music, images, and more. As soon as you're done, you can publish the video to your preferred video sharing platform like YouTube or Vimeo for instant brand promotion.

  • [3] Business Cards

    Business Cards Screenshot

    This article focuses on increasing your web branding. Your overall branding needs to be reliable and consistent, however. If your print branding and offline branding are poorly executed, it will negatively impact how your brand is perceived. Make sure your traditional branding and promotional tools like business cards are on point.

    Business Cards offers a free design application that enables you to make printable cards in less than five minutes. Once you select a template, you can upload your logo and contact details. Customizing the layout and style of the business card design is intuitive and straightforward. Once you are happy with your design, click download to access the files in printable format.

  • [4] Later

    Later Screenshot

    Of course, one of the most effective ways of increasing your web presence and boost brand recognition is through social media. Ideally, you'll be represented across all of the popular social media sites and publish content actively.

    Creating content, managing the accounts, and setting publishing schedules is very time-consuming. To lessen your workload using a free social media post scheduler like Later. The process is easy, create an account, link your social media handles, and set up your publishing schedule.

  • [5] Crello

    Crello Screenshot

    Your web and print-based promotional efforts are only as reasonable as your brand assets. If you are releasing poorly designed items that aren't in line with your branding, you'll have a hard time establishing a recognizable brand.

    Crello is a web-based graphic design solution that allows you to design anything from banner ads to presentations to Instagram posts. You don't need to have a colorful design background to leverage this tool. Select what you want to design and then choose a suitable template. From there, you can fully customize the look of the design and import your content.

    Any of the designs can then be downloaded in a high-resolution format so you can rest assured that your design will look sharp and consistent across web and print.

  • [Bonus] PixTeller

    PixTeller Screenshot

    Here's a 6th bonus tool that also needs to make this list. PixTeller lets you create beautiful animation videos, amongst other things that you can use for brand promotion.

    Making your own animated video content with their easy-to-use application takes no time and doesn't require any animation design experience. PixTeller editor lets you create custom edits from the position, color, size, filters, and more.

    Once you are done with your project, you can download it as an animated GIF, WEBP, or MP4 and start sharing instantly.

These five promotional tools plus PixTeller (bonus) will allow you to create a professional brand presence. As you continue to implement graphic design pieces throughout your marketing campaign that is consistent with your branding guidelines, you'll start to build brand recognition.

Brand recognition, in turn, will make you stand out from your competitors, which will allow you to compete on an ongoing basis.

Until next time, Be creative! - Pix'sTory made by Ada Fuller

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