What is Conversion? Quick Ways to Boost Conversions for High Revenues

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What Does Conversion Mean?
Conversion is a modern marketing term used to define a point where prepared marketing messages have performed their desired action. Conversion is the customer's next best step, taken to either get one step closer to the final purchase or the step taken to ultimately get the purchase done.

What Does Conversion Mean?

While running any generic to an eCommerce website, an increased conversion rate is a key thing to have, in order to keep growing your business. Online retail businesses are not just pursued with the intent to maintain the rankings, traffics, their core purpose is to place user-personalized marketing campaigns in a way where the conversion rates are increasing without fail.

Now you know what conversion does conversion mean, here are the few ways how conversions are titled as.

Conversions can be in any form as following:

  • • Newsletter signup
  • • Visitors opening the email
  • • Users clicking the CTA
  • • Form filling
  • • Engaging with the site - (page count, site page time, visits to certain pages)
  • • Submitting information
  • • Raising an inquiry via the contact form
  • • Calling on a given number
  • • Whitepaper or case studies download
  • • Video download
  • • The ultimate conversion - buying the product/service for final
  1. What is Conversion Rate?

    What is Conversion Rate?

    The ratio of the total number of conversions done to the total number of visitors you aim to engage in.

    Suppose you prepared a marketing ad for 20,000 people and out of them only 500 clicked the ad, then your conversion rate would be:

    500 / 20,000 X 100 = 2.5%

    Conversions can be in any form as following:

    • Marketing Channel Conversion rate - Here the conversion from targeted marketing channels is measured & compared, which helps to distill the channels that are most effective for a certain business to target.
    • Traffic Conversion rate - Here the sources of traffic generation for your website are measured & observed which source has helped in generating your lead or final conversions the most.
    • Keywords conversion rate - Here the highly-performing keywords are tracked.
    • Page conversion rate - Here the different web pages are compared & contrasted to observe which pages are doing well and which ones aren't
    • Marketing Campaign conversion rate - Here your placed marketing campaigns are measured & tracked to identify how well or poorly they have performed.
  2. Why are conversions so important?

    Why are conversions so important?

    Conversions matter as they define the effectiveness of the business's marketing funnel. Conversions help the businesses to bifurcate the audience who are willing to buy their product and those who are not. It helps to analyze the touchpoints where the visitors before turning into customers are mostly found and active and thus gives businesses a scope to improve their current marketing funnel in a way that leads could be pushed to the sales funnel.

    It helps to identify the bottlenecks in the buyer's journey and gives enough time to get rid of those bottlenecks so that ultimate conversions are not stopped.

    For example, a customer shopping through your eCommerce store has started the checkout process by filling the form (a conversion to reach the final purchase) but due to the exhaustive process of form filling and checkout, he abandons the cart. Here you get to recognize the reasons why users are leaving before buying anything - here you can analyze your checkout process and make it more interactive and easy to process to bring those users to the ultimate conversion.

    Thus, knowing your conversion rate is important as it gives you clarity on how your marketing funnel is doing, who your actual buyers are, and help you eradicate the roadblocks that are stopping users from becoming your actual customers.

  3. What is Conversion Rate Optimization and why is it necessary?

    What is Conversion Rate Optimization and why is it necessary?

    Conversion rate optimization is a set of efforts done to help the websites increase their conversion rate - by either increasing that website traffic or by improving the marketing funnel in a way, people get tempted to get near to final purchase or actually result in final purchase.

    Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is important as it helps to attract wealthy returns to the site owner. It allows you to minimize your customer acquisition cost in the form of running paid ads or marketing activities, by helping you extract more value from every new visitor or the ones your website already has. By having CRO, you can increase your revenue per visitor, easily get more customers, and ultimately have high yields.

    For Instance: If your business landing page has a conversion rate of 10% and receives 2000 visitors monthly, it means your page is doing 200 conversions per month. If you improve the elements of the landing page by conversion rate optimization services and bring the conversion rate to 15% from 10%, then your conversions will increase and jump to 300. You can keep on doing the improvement activities with the help of conversion rate optimization services and can each time see a drastic uplift in conversion rate.

    The companies who are always doing well are the ones who keep a gauge on their website or app improvement by CRO techniques and keep conscious observation on their conversion rate to grow their customers & business overall.

    Now you know what is conversion rate optimization and why it is important, let's learn a few ways on how to establish your conversion goals.

    • Establishing conversion Goals

      Establishing conversion Goals

      Conversion rate optimization starts with the process of understanding the conversion goals, it initiates with pinning the outcomes you would want to get from your business. Here are some of the conversion goals based on industry type:

      • E-Commerce - To increase add-to-carts, shopping cart competition rates, final product sales, newsletter signups, or more.
      • Travel - To have increased booking conversions, social media shares, ancillary purchases, or more.
      • B2B - To generate queries, leads and end up with ultimate purchases.
      • Media - To have increased pageviews, content engagement, social shared, newsletter subscription, or more.

      You can have any conversion goal as you want, you can have just one goal or can have plenty of, before going for the conversion rate optimization services.

    • Best & Instant ways to Boost your Conversion Rates

      Best & Instant ways to Boost your Conversion Rates

      Here are the ways you can increase your conversion with your conversion rate optimization services providers:

      • Check your landing page design - Conduct A/B testing or multivariate testing to identify the right web design, layout, colors, copywriting that will persuade the users the most to become a lead or buying customer.
      • Draft compelling to click PPC ads - Write PPC ads with keywords or messages that are related to the intent of your target audience.
      • Ensure your marketing ads have all that your landing page promises - Ensure your ads are reflecting only what your business or landing page has to offer. Whatever activity you are wanting to complete - be it newsletter signing, whitepaper download, purchasing - ensure that it is not complex like a jigsaw puzzle.
    • PPC Conversion Optimization

      PPC Conversion Optimization

      The optimization of the conversation rate does involve improving the landing pages with accessible information, buttons, and lead capture forms, but it actually starts with getting the right viewers to your website.

      • • High website traffic doesn't guarantee that you will get the converting prospects.
      • • Draft the compelling PPC campaigns with the user's searched keywords, messages, and CTAs towards your main website.
      • • Do a proper keyword study and optimize it in your ad copies to get the qualified traffic that is most likely to be your customers.
    • Landing page Optimization

      Landing page Optimization

      The quality of your landing page is directly proportional to your conversion rates. Landing pages of poor quality or that are irrelevant to the user's search intent can cost you losing leads, drop-in page quality, and will in conjunction increase your pay per click, cost per action, and would even drop down your Google's ad rankings. Thus, it is important to carefully know of where your landing page is headed by following the few best practices of framing a quality landing page:

      • Write compelling headlines - keep the headlines of pages in connection to the keywords offered in the PPC ad - relevant to the search query of users.
      • Clickable & easy to access call-to-action - Place your CTAs in the locations where users' eyes would travel, keep them crisp, to the point, and bigger enough to be clicked.
      • Precise and the user's targeted copy - Write to the point communicative copy, with no voluminous para, use bulleted list the most, use keywords targeted in the ad copy.
      • Keep minimal yet appealing web design - Prepare the design of the website as minimal & uncluttered, keep more white spaces, don't use flash, have the perfect balance of imagery, video & text, follow a consistent design that doesn't interfere with the browsing experience of users.
      • Have minimal yet purposely lead capture form - Don't make your lead capture form to be heavy and difficult to process. Keep them minimal & short.
  4. Other important Conversion rate optimization tactics

    Other important Conversion rate optimization tactics

    A few other important conversion optimization tactics that you can adopt with the conversion rate optimization services providers:

    • • Ensure your website loading speed is as fast as lightning thunder.
    • • You have the crisp, short & easy to perform checkout process.
    • • Web pages are optimized with quality content, images, and other media.
    • • The website is responsive to users.

Final Words on What is a Conversion Rate & How to Boost it!

This was a deep-dig on "what is a conversion", "why conversions are important", "what is conversion rate", "what is conversion rate optimization" & why it is important, and few techniques on how to skyrocket the conversion curve.

Conversions are important for any business, they are the bottom line for any business defining their success or at least clear areas to reach their final success. Gauging and monitoring the conversion rate is important to see an ultimate uplift in the revenues.

Increasing the conversion rate is not a cakewalk, it requires dedicated time and resources which are only available with the specialized & professional Conversion rate optimization services providers.

If you are a business juggling to get the desired conversion rate, the next best step is to consult the best Conversion rate optimization services around - who could help you understand what conversion means and what is conversion rate optimization best techniques to follow through.

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