How AI is Reshaping the Digital Marketing Industry

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How AI is Reshaping the Digital Marketing Industry Design your own short videos with PixTeller animation editor & GIF maker

Technology iteratively shifts at intervals that aren't always predicted or expected. Even though in the sixties, Gordon Moore noticed a relationship with tech hardware that predicated exponential expansion, the way in which that would hit the market was quite variable. Today, in 2021, decentralization has facilitated expanded remote operations, and IT is still developing.

Cloud computing and the Internet of Things, or IoT, have facilitated globalized "Big Data", in which endless—virtually endless, anyway—amounts of data can be processed in real time, giving insights into trends that reveal things otherwise unknowable.

Accordingly, the marketing game has totally changed. One area that is very considerable right now and which dovetails from shifts in cloud tech, as well as IoT, is Artificial Intelligence. Through algorithms, upgrades, and varying design schemes, AI is swiftly changing how products or services are marketed.

In this article we'll briefly cover several ways the market is shifting and what you might want to do about it as a business.

  1. 1. Social Media, AI, and Trends in Algorithmic Marketing Tools

    1. Social Media, AI, and Trends in Algorithmic Marketing Tools

    One of the most important ways where AI helps businesses market is regarding social media and related algorithms. There's too much activity going on for people to monitor things directly. What happens is, varying trends are categorized by artificial intelligence. That AI helps populate ads that match trends of social media users, increasing conversion likelihood.

    Trends that are massive can be automatically identified in real time. The greater your ability to make use of such AI, the greater the likelihood you'll be able to expand sales right as a trend breaks like a wave on the shore of business.

  1. 2. Utilizing Cloud Analytics For Increased Effectiveness

    2. Utilizing Cloud Analytics For Increased Effectiveness

    Analytics help you predict trends and make marketing moves when traffic is at a peak. Essentially, when you're most likely to have an effective impact, you can capitalize on outreach. Cloud computing solutions with DMI provide the latest in analytic options to maximize the effectiveness of varying outreach campaigns.

  1. 3. ChatBots Surrogate Staff And Are Convenient For Customers

    3. ChatBots Surrogate Staff And Are Convenient For Customers

    ChatBots can immediately interact with site visitors, giving them the impression real people have their interests directly in mind. If you go to a website and immediately a helpful ChatBot with intuitive AI begins interacting with you, it's possible you may not even realize you're talking to a machine. A lot of people don't.

    The ChatBot basically acts as a bottleneck gatekeeper. Suddenly you're able to funnel customers in precisely the direction you intend. That can compound your likelihood of making a legitimate conversion. As ChatBots have become more popular, they've also become more refined. They're definitely worth exploring—here's a list of the twenty best chatbots for 2021.

  1. 4. CRM, Automation, and AI in Reference to Email Outreach

    4. CRM, Automation, and AI in Reference to Email Outreach

    Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, commonly sends out emails in an automated way that can include default templates, and a variety of back-and-forth interactions. Basically, they function sort of like ChatBots do, but through email rather than Instant Messaging (IM) windows in a web browser.

    As yet, the technology for CRM automation isn't quite at the highest possible AI automation levels, but it is definitely on the horizon. Many businesses are already able to make conversions through CRM. As AI optimizes its effectiveness, you can expect an expansion in refinement across CRM options.

    Something else that makes CRM quite desirable is the level of customizability it brings to the table. You can essentially set up your CRM option and let it go, configuring it in such a way that you only have to interact with certain customers in the event that they respond to the automated outreach.

    Now that's said, it's better to give them a little more in-depth attention as it's possible to do so. Still, you can save a lot of time while seeing a lot of return on your investment. As AI begins to take over CRM, you can expect this trend will get even more integral.

Final Thoughts

Social media algorithms commonly utilize AI to monitor how users interact with varying platforms, and capitalize on those trends. Cloud computing incorporates AI-based analytics which can be used to optimize outreach. ChatBots utilize AI to surrogate customer service. CRM can use AI, though as yet, this isn't done widely and could be a breakthrough.

These are just a few ways AI is changing the marketing game today. While some of these will likely become more successful than others, it's recommendable to adopt options like this, so you're ahead of trends when such techniques pick up momentum.

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