How Digital Marketing Automation can Get You Converting Leads

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What is your go-to-move to get leads? You simply wait for years to have one...oh! or you simply buy them?

If your answer is the latter one, better you should stop doing that. Leads that are bought are hollow and give you nothing but false promises. If your idea is to increase ultimate conversion rates, you need leads that are not hollow (the paid ones). And increasing conversion rates are only plausible when you have an effective approach & manner for them.

Well, ever wondered how best-in-class brands always manage to get healthy leads? It's because they root for "Digital Marketing Automation".

49% of companies are already using Marketing Automation technology.

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What exactly is this Digital Marketing Automation?

Digital marketing automation involves tools & software which automates & streamline your business's marketing & lead generation efforts - which you and your website's marketers are managing yourself.

It basically helps to enhance your business's ability to produce quality leads or prospects without involving traditional & prolonged marketing & sales tactics.

So the most common form of marketing automation is email marketing automation, where your entire process of email marketing is automated - right from preparing your subscriber's list to sending behavioral emails.

What exactly is this Digital Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation lets you gauge your prospects from touchpoints like social media, website, emails, and sends them personalized experiences so that they can show interest in enquiring about your products & services.

Such automation tools help you automatedly generate leads and give your marketing team enough time to reach out to those prospects with a free mind and convert them into long-term customers.

Let's understand how Digital Marketing Automation helps with effective lead generation - {with an example}

Imagine your business is into online organic food delivery services. And you have a great footfall of customers - which includes all sorts of "I am watching my diet people" - famous keto & Dutch diet lovers or diabetic patients.

To capture more healthy leads, you decide to make a legitimate digital marketing plan. In which the ads are getting success and you are seeing massive amounts of visitors on your website & other digital assets. You see some are walking till the end of the sales funnel, while you see some ditching you in the middle.

Now you want to target those who left your site without ordering. And to rope in prospects who drove away - you decide to go for email marketing. And since the task of drafting customized & personalized emails at different stages seems taxing, you decide to go for email marketing automation software.

Understand how Digital Marketing Automation helps with effective lead generation

So you pick an email marketing automation tool, which:

  • • Streamlines your mailing activities
  • • Send emails to your prospects based on their browsing habits (oh, you ditched your cart loaded with scrumptious "Quinoa and Cucumber Noodles Salad" - want it now?)

And when you adopt that kind of automation, you start getting great responses from the people because you are giving them information, what just they needed. You are now starting to get those prospects as "curious leads", who can now easily be converted into customers.

This is what just an email marketing automation does for you, imagine what the entire digital marketing automation will do for you.

How Digital Marketing Automation Exactly helps with Lead Capturing?

How Digital Marketing Automation Exactly helps with Lead Capturing?
  1. By keeping the prospects engaged with targeted communication

    Marketing automation tools or platforms:

    • • Tracks the prospects' interest in your products & services.
    • • And even tells where your prospects are in the sales funnel.

    Based on the above-extracted information, it gets easy to send personalized & targeted communication or offerings to prospects until they are inquisitive and convinced to buy that product.

  2. Transferring the perception of prospects to the sales team

    Apart from managing the marketing campaigns, the automation tools help to get valuable information about the prospects.

    The tool helps the sales team to know the prospects' behavior - like what they have been doing on the website, which page they opened, which blog post, video, case study, they read --- which helps your sales guy while making a knowledgeable & impactful introductory call with the prospects.

  3. Measuring the effectiveness of marketing efforts & ROI

    The tool helps in measuring the effectiveness of each campaign in a realistic light.

    • • Provides insights on the strategies deployed to get the leads - like identifying landing pages where users converted as possible leads the most.
    • • Analyzes blog posts as well as social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter.
    • • Gives development reports on the advertisement campaigns.
    • • Gives a well-researched analytical report by keeping the crucial focus on ROI.

    The digital marketing automation tools help with a lot of hard to manually handle aspects like lead sustenance, grading of activities/inputs, market segmentation, lead generation.

    Besides all the lead-related aspects, the tools equally help your brand with customer relationship management aspects as well --- customer retention, managing of ROI to achieve a balance between customer satisfaction & profits uptick.

Case Study of Best-in-class Brands - Who did their Marketing Automation right!

Here are the few brands that did digital marketing automation for lead generation & customer retention.

  1. 1. McAfee

    The famous computer security software brand quadrupled its conversion rates via marketing automation. And generated quality leads for its sales team by segmenting the customers & giving them personalized & right information during the buying process.


    • • Conversion rate quadrupled
    • • Quality improved
    • • Sales & marketing team aligned well
  2. 2. Paper Style

    The eCommerce brand for personalized products like greeting, invitations, etc, by using marketing automation was better able to target its customers and send them personalized emails.

    The brand got:

    • • 161% increase in an increased rate
    • • 244% increase in opening rate
    • • 330% increase in revenue via automated emails
  3. 3. Thomson Reuters

    The world's leading source for news & information of professional markets used marketing automation to reorient its sales & marketing teams, improve customer segmentation & targeting, and email campaigns.

    As a result, the brand got:

    • • 175% increase in revenue attributed to marketing
    • • 72% increase in conversion time (leads were converting quickly)
    • • Leads sent to sales increased by 23%

Marketing Automation Tools - That are Useful & Effective

    Lets you send targeted messages & communication to your prospects (based on how they interact with your business).

  2. Hubspot
    Inbound marketing tool that turns your outbound leads into inbound ones.

  3. AdRoll
    Helps you retarget your customers via re-engagement over Twitter, Facebook & web.

  4. Marketo
    Drives revenue and customer sustenance through lead management, mobile marketing, etc.

  5. DialogTech
    Perfect for voice-based marketing automation; boosts ROI with call automation & analytics.

  6. Oracle Eloqua
    Lets you plan and place automated & personalized marketing campaigns.

  7. LeadSquare
    Captures leads from online campaigns, inbound emails, website, chat, phone calls & more.

Final Thoughts on How Digital Marketing Automation Helps with Leads!

"The best-in-class companies are 67% more likely to use marketing automation."

The uplift of automated marketing tools in the market has swapped the idea of marketing business online. Today we don't have to manually see and manage each marketing outreach. It's all automated & streamlined. We, just as website owners or marketers have to let those tools & software get us the lead, and later our sales team knows how to act on them.

Instead of investing in the paid leads, it is best to invest in these automated tools; because when we buy leads, we will never know what our prospects are wanting, we won't know whether he/she will convert to a customer or not, we won't know the whole story, we will just know their name & their product requirement - but of what kind, nature, intensity (that we will only know when we have invested big business dollars & a couple of phone calls or email exchange).

Automation tools along with Digital Marketing services are the best way to monitor & manage the would-be customers' needs & their requirements right from the time they interact with your brand for the first time.

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