Why You Need a Graphic Designer for Your Dropshipping Business

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A dropshipping business is unique in its way. It is a retail fulfillment method that does not require the seller to store the products. Instead, they purchase the items from another supplier and ship them directly to the buyer.

The seller acts as the middleman in this business type that's how dropshipping works.

Why a Graphic Designer, for Your Dropshipping Business?

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But what makes a customer buy an item from a dropshipping business?

Let's admit it; we always end up judging a website's appearance, especially if it is not well-designed.

One study says 75% of users admit linking the company's credibility to their website's appearance. And it is true. There is something about the website's design that makes it more appealing to customers.

It is the reason why you need a graphic designer for your dropshipping business. They are well-versed when it comes to creating attractive banners and images for your business.

1. Importance of Graphic Design in Dropshipping Business

Importance of Graphic Design in Dropshipping Business

It may not seem likely it, but how your online store looks can make or break your business. Here are more reasons you need graphic design for your dropshipping business:

1.1. First impressions matter

First impressions matter, so it's essential that you have a nice facade when people visit your website. It's looking at a pretty storefront, and it instantly attracts you to browse for items that you might like.

The same way works for an online store. The design sets the tone for your shop, and it could eventually give you a higher conversion rate.

1.2. Consistency is credibility

You don't want to carry a reputation that says you only have a stunning landing page design, but the rest of your website pages are mediocre. You also have to match it with your essential services.

You have to be consistent with your design and content that your customers will want to explore your shop some more. It's one way to gain the trust of your site visitors.

1.3. Efficiency in summary

Make sure your information page isn't fully loaded with unnecessary stuff. You must be able to get to your point right away by the way you present the details. It can be in the form of a wisely-designed infographic, or it can be a group of texts written straightforwardly.

1.4. Creativity kills competition

It quickly gives you the upper hand when you invest in creativity instead of obsessing over your competitors. It quickly gives you the upper hand. Why bother comparing yourself to your competitors when you can focus on the content creation for your business?

It could set you up for success while enjoying coming up with new ideas on prettifying your website and social media pages.

1.5. Your message matters

Graphic design should not be all about the power of the system. It has to tell a story, and it has to carry your brand's ethos. You have to connect with your customers right away by giving them the message you want to convey.

Your graphic design has to communicate beyond words.

2. Design Tips for Dropshipping Store

Design Tips for Dropshipping Store

Suppose you are curious about where to start improving your website design. You must consider these six essential things during the whole designing process of your dropshipping store.

2.1. Design for mobile

Most people are using their phones for just about anything. For communication, for research, and now, for shopping. Hence, you have to optimize the experience for smartphone users.

That's because it's the customer segment that you want to tap.

Consider the website's responsiveness so that customers won't abandon your site when they experience slow browsing.

2.2. Simplify the user navigation

Don't overdo your menus. Categorize your features and items according to your preference and make sure that it's easy to navigate. Put the most browsed items on the first page so that they see the first ones when they visit your site.

You may also add suggested items on the side so that your least favored items will still have a chance to be noticed by your customers.

2.3. Add product information

Make sure all the information about the product is located on one page. You can't expect your customers to go around looking for the product information.

Some of them don't have the luxury of time, so be sure to hand the details to them in one go.

Your graphic designer must communicate all the product information without wasting too much space.

2.4. Ask only what's necessary

Some customers don't like it when you ask for too much information. Aside from requiring more time and effort to fill-up the form, some want to keep their private information.

The way around it is to simplify your forms and only take the necessary information to fulfill the order. There's no need for you to know their gender, that's for sure.

You can also make an option where they can save their information and autofill the items the next time they shop in your store again.

2.5. Implement trust badges

You must display your trust logos on your site. It's one way to let your customers know that you're an authentic shop that offers a legitimate shopping experience.

Just be sure to remind your graphic designer to blend the trust logos with your website's overall design. It has to feel like it was put there with good intention and not just randomly stashed there for everyone to see.

2.6. Refrain from using too many ads

Ads are helpful for any location. It provides additional income for your shop. But, you don't want to scare your customers away with all the popup windows and the annoying flashing banners.

It will push them away. So if you plan on putting ads on your site, carefully select the ones you like and save the rest for next time. It would help if you also placed them in areas that won't hinder the customers' shopping experience.


Your dropshipping business will go places when you consider getting a graphic designer for your site. It is a significant investment that will help you achieve your goals and bring your conversion rate to a whopping success.

Until next time, Be creative! - Pix'sTory made by Jake Rheude

Jake Rheude is the Director of Marketing for Red Stag Fulfillment, an ecommerce fulfillment warehouse that was born out of ecommerce. He has years of experience in ecommerce and business development. In his free time, Jake enjoys reading about business and sharing his own experience with others.

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